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Blurt CN点赞项目开始运行 Office Announcement of Blurtcn Curation Program


blurtcn3 months ago


重磅!重磅!BlurtCN点赞项目开始运行了!Blurt官方代理给公共账号@blurtcn 100W的BP来支持Blurt cn区优质博主和优质文章。

点赞团由@honoru, @softmetal@shenchensucc三人组成。我们将会为Blurt华人博主的优秀中文文章点赞。我们鼓励以下类型的文章:

  1. 华人博主的自我介绍
  2. 中英双语文章

我们欢迎各种中文文章。发文请加#cn标签。请注意抄袭是绝对禁止的。点赞的文章和点赞的力度由点赞团根据Voting Power和其他因素决定。点赞三人团拥有最终解释权。

It is our great pleasure to announce the launch of BlurtCN curation program. @blurtcn is an delegated accout from the Blurt official team with 1 million Blurt Power.

The aim of this program is to vote high-quality Chinese posts on Blurt. The curation committee of Blurt CN program is formed by three people, @honoru, @softmetal and @shenchensucc. The following type of posts are enouraged:

  1. Self introduction posts by new Chinese language users.
  2. Dual language posts (Chinese and English).

We welcome all types of posts written in Chinese. Please use #cn tag. Please note that plagiarism is strictly prohibited. The curation committee decides what posts to vote and in what percentage, depending on the available voting power and other relevant factors.


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