An Intriguing.......... NW Cascade Wanderings

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I have always had an interest in the old Edison bulbs. I never actually got to purchase one until a few years ago as we had changed all of our lightbulbs out for LED, so no incandescents here. However, with the progression of LED technology, the lights became better.

When we were out at the garden store the other day, they had a display with curly filaments. This particular bulb was not LED, but it looked pretty. I guess I’ll have to wait until they figure out how to do a curly LED light in the old Edison bulb style.

The doc is on vacation, but we had a fill in doc I’ve not worked with before. I made an assumption that he worked quicker than he actually does. My bad…… He’s a very good doctor; very nice, but a bit slower than I’m used to. Consequently, I was an hour later leaving work as he was an hour behind. I have already altered the schedule availability for next week to hopefully resolve the problem we had today. 😎

Here’s some eye candy from previous hikes and/or shopping expeditions.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and please continue to pray for 🇺🇦


All pictures taken by me. MojiPop created in MojiPop app.

Picture taken by me and altered by cliptocomic app

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