Some Kinda Funny A.I. Avatars And Videos I've Used To Try To Advertise Some A.I. Tools

in ai •  3 months ago 

This first one is the weirdest!! HAHA. I want to make more messed up avatars like this in the future!

Holy that is sooo messed up. Love the weird mouth and alien eyes, I made this on, it make the most realistic A.I. generated talking heads I've seen so far.

This is another one I made on d-id, it's an anime character. I didn't try to make it perfect or anything, just trying it out

This is the most popular video I have posted so far, I got this one from . I kinda like these avatars. You can come up with the characteristics and then actually mint them for use! I already hit the limit of 5 mints so far. I like these, even if the voice is less realistic.

So yea this is it so far. It makes me think I can make avatars to talk about all sort of topics and all kinds of promotion. I'm having fun with it!! When I come up with something pretty crazy or weird I will post it.

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