Give them the old one two jab!

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Head on over to skype and join the role playing group and learn how to handle the court in your favor through the socratic method. Contact frankrizzo3 on your skype contacts and get started up on owning the justice you deserve. While your at it, get the right tools to hone your skills even more and have the upper hand in defense and in prosecuting your own case.

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This course will save you hundreds if not thousands in court fees and attorney and lawyer bills. Force them to tell you the truth and make them not be lazy in their work using THEIR rigged game against them by knowing the rules of the game. It's actually more easier than you think. No need for law school, all you need is to know what elements actually apply to your case.

When I was still living in the USA I was charged with the bogus crime of aggravated identity theft all because I refused to comply with their made up rules and because I challenged jurisdiction. I was given 25 counts to start which had me lookingnat 25 to life in prison and with over 2 million dollars in fees.

To me it was about damage control and with the aid of the course above, i managed to drop all counts but two. By this time I had already spent many months in jail and with the threat looming over me of having my family torn apart by these thugs, i finally gave in, signed a plea deal and was then deported after 4 months of prison time. Certainly beats 25 to life!

During my time in the prison life, I managed to give word about these tools and many they were that jumped at the opportunity to re-fight their case once they saw they coumd get their sentences redused. I witnessed 6 who put in the real effort and was out before I was when they supposedly still had 5 or more years to go all because of some sloppy lawyer work!

Don't let that be you.



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