Standard farm and farm management practices

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Salama Laikum, I am starting with my sincere greetings and thanks to everyone. Today's topic is to highlight the beautiful moments of nature, so you can enjoy them accordingly.
In terms of production, people choose different ways, some make farms, some make gardens, some do different types of work. All these works are done by a specific person, a farmer, with a specific place to eat, a pond, poultry, etc., and these farms are an income of the farmer. The main source is how to collect the farm. A family is a well-organized production management, and consumption unit in which the integrated economic production process of products such as crops, animals, fish, fruits, plants, etc. is carried out, which is influenced and regulated by the natural, social, and environmental environment. Let us now come to agriculture Agriculture is the activity done by well organized management in a specific area including the farm for the economic production of crops, animals, fish etc. Farming is the farming family whose members live together. Corner Farms The main features of two types of farms are the five that produce income or just the basic needs of the family are called self-sufficient food.
However, in this case, there are many characteristics of the farm. The characteristics of an ideal farm are five. They are briefly described. Khana is a farm management director under the leadership of which decision-making and management work is completed. The farmer family is this Khana. This is a certain plot of land. Commodities 3 Farm system production is not possible without products Farm crops, fish, fruits, agricultural machinery etc. All the product interactions are the lifeblood of the farm system.
The main characteristic of the farm system of totality is not that all the above things work together as a whole, it is called a production system because all but one of them will be inactive, but the evidence of the characteristics can be more or less increasing production, which is the characteristic of the system. Considerations for laying out an ideal farm are that the selected site should be elevated and almost flat so that it is free from flooding in the absence of rain during monsoons. The land should be provided with sufficient light and air without leveling. Soil acidity should be between 6.5 to 7.5. Ten soil and gravel soil are more suitable. There should be opportunities for farming community in future.
In order to make agricultural development sustainable in a new area, it is necessary to understand how the news is produced and how the rural farmer takes responsibility for the use of resources by the family and society. etc. differences can be seen in equally important factors such as land ownership, market system facilities, etc. Actors prevail. Besides, society's values, knowledge, skills, technology, etc. also influence the production of blacksmiths. Pick up is possible.
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