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Introducing Blurt.Live

December 2020 was the month when the idea of came into our mind. There were several frontends running at that time for this beautiful platform out of which few have gone now. We had only one frontend running that was the one that is by the foundation itself.

So in December 2020 there was group created by @jacobgadikian and @megadrive that had three witnesses from India @imransoudagar , @kamranrkploy , and , @zahidsun. So the initial ideas behind was to run a frontend with this name that will be handled by Indian witnesses. Basically a frontend that will be ran by people of India.

Unfortunately the idea did not lived long as we soon had a attack on our blockchain where the attacker was successful in signing off empty blocks on the blockchain , the attacker tried to bloat the blockchain and then a team of twenty witnesses fought against that attack to protect our blockchain. Those were some hard and tough days and we hope they will never come back again.

Last year was really a busy year for us.

@kamranrkploy was in his final year of Engineering and he also got married in the same year itself after completing his studies.

@imransoudagar was busy with the state elections as he has been the part of INC for sometime now.

@zahidsun was dealing with some personal and physical health problems and thats why we were out on working on this idea any longer.

We started @Powerclub and it received a great response from the people. Everyone are loving what we do at powerclub and now we have decided to take one step forward by reviving the idea of

logo (1)_20220130210344588.jpg

Thank You Tekraze

While many of the people who were developing blurt left there were only few who stick here and gave their best in making this platform more beautiful. First of all we would like to thanks @saboin for all his efforts , he has done a lot for the platform. Still we had no one who was a frontend specialist so that’s why the frontend development was quite slow for BLURT.

Then came @tekraze , this man along with @saboin changed the blurt since his arrival here. The issue with reblurts was fixed that was there for more than year on blurt

Update : It was fixed by @jga so thanks to him and credits goes to him , it was a node error and not a Frontend error .

Tekraze has come up with many additional features , we can now see the dollar value of the rewards being earned by people on post and comments.

There is a Dapp section that was recently added where people can see all the Dapps for blurt then the emoticons feature and many more.

@tekraze has also helped @blurtlatam team with the frontend and he has been the person because of which is live. So we would like to thank tekraze from the bottom of our heart.

It is our honour to announce tekraze as our latest team member and now we are four of us i.e kamranrkploy , imransoudagar , zahidsun , and , tekraze.

Our future plans

At the moment we want to keep this a secret as we have been discussing about what we really want to do for but don’t worry we will surely be out with an announcement about our plans very soon.

Support us by voting for our witnesses

Thank You

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Im request to blurt plateform please support to eachother
Specially new user

can you tell me a bit more about it, you mean as sin so we can go live?

wow this pic is gorgeous

Consider repping it at your show? It's an original!

Waw!!! What a Great and creative mindset. All thanks go to you @blurtlive, @tekraze, @eastmael, @saboin, @jga, and @blurtatam. You have done nobly. Bravo!!!!

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Welcome. Hopefully the server is smooth and safe. Stay afloat in any situation.

Thank you @blurtlive, @tekraze, @eastmael, @saboin, @jga and @blurtatam for developing alternative frontend, its really awesome and useful for us blurt users.

Congratulations on the launch of the new Blurt frontend, hopefully an alternative frontend for the Blurt Blog for strengthening the whole community.

Wow another front-end! That's excellent news for the entire Blurt community. The more front end, the more options for us.

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Blessings, getting a different front is more likely that the platform will grow in different parts...

Wow this is great. Thanks to you and your team for such wonderful works.

Just a clarification in order to give credit where credit is due, the reblurt fix was a Blurt node issue, not a frontend issue, and it was @jga who fixed that feature.

Congratulations on launching your new frontend and on the continuing success of @powerclub!

Thanks for clarification @saboin , just made update to our write up.

Congratulations on launching your new frontend and on the continuing success of @powerclub!

Thank you 🙂

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Cool... From now on, I'll be using a lot for posts, comments, etc...

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Amazing! I was smiling just reading through this. A mention of a name on this post is an evidence of a long term hardwork especially with the person of @tekraze Way to go by adding him to the team.

I love the latest feature he brought - Emojis 😃 and I believe he has more in store for the growth of this platform so long he has our support.

Glad to know about this frontend, I'll be making use of it so I show my support as well 😊 little support I know, we will keep growing.

Kudos to all who made this possible 👍

Great news … more Front ends the better. Great work everyone.