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Guess who and drop your entry in the comment section of this post.


Rules of the contest

  1. Reblurt this post.
  2. No editing of answers
  3. The first five (5) participants that guessed right, wins.

The post is renewed everyday.

       Aim of this contest

This contest is created with the aim of helping us identify ourselves. Lets get to know each other, and also meet people we do not know on the blockchain.

30 Blurt will be shared equally among the five winners, each receiving 6 blurt.

For today let's identify the person below


The correct answer to yesterdays guess is @leifasaur

Winner of yesterday's guessing game

  1. @oneray - 6 blurt
  2. @merit.ahama - 6 blurt
  3. @darakshan - 6 blurt
  4. @nomi01 - 6 blurt
  5. @asifniazi01 - 6 blurt
    TOTAL = 30 BLURT 🤬


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@yakubenko is the name of this beautiful girl.

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This should be @yakubenko 😍

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Please re-blurt so that your comment will be counted