Quick Visit to Lady J Maharagama

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As we had more time, and we are already in Maharagama, I proposed him to visit some shops. We weren't planned or ready to buy anything, but still, I wanted to 'See Items'.

I had seen some videos about 'The Lady' Shop Maharagama. As I have heard it is a shop with household items and also clothes.

I really wanted to go to the shop and check what is available. Google map helped us to find the place easily. It is a very big mall with multiple floors. Also had a huge ground vehicle park. This place was so bigger than I assumed. Also, there was a huge crowd.

The floor we entered had a huge collection of household items. I was crazy after entering from the door.

At the entrance, there were plenty of artificial plants, live plants, and also pot designs for interior decorations. There were clay pots, plaster of pairs of pots, and many more. Prices are quite high compared to prices we normally find on Facebook.


Then there were beautiful clay statutes also use for decors and also cane boxes and items. Their prices seem lower than the prices I saw at Galle.


Then there were electrical items and also plastics too. I purchase a rechargeable torch which I wanted to buy already. Eventhough I loved many items I didn't find them worth buying here. Because I could buy some of the similar items for a lower from Galle or pettah. But maybe the quality can matter.




I wish I would have lots of money to purchase some stuff but all these are really expensive. The upper floors consisted of clothes, we didn't visit there. There was a phone shop inside the mall and the basement reserved for small fancy items and some cosmetic items.

Actually, I got plenty of ideas here and also learned how much more you should earn to go for my dreams :| . This visit was very useful.

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