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Blurt now supported on WhaleVault and

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thank you kindly, and I appreciate the sentiment and the donation!

I hope you all find these apps highly useful for blurt chain as well. And keep in mind you can also gift tokens from most graphene-based chains to other users directly from discord as well via any discord server that supports WhaleBoT.

That includes blurt, hive, steem, whaleshares, eos, bitshares, and more, all from a single keychain extension and app!

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WhaleVault is a nice program and I would use it exclusively but it does not work for some operations on some websites. For example, the Blurt wallet gives an error when trying to power up funds. I need to log in with my active key to do that operation. It also does not seem to work on PeakD with my system.

All in all I really appreciate the program, thank you for your work!

Powering up has always required active key though hasn't it?

WhaleVault worked fine for me for powering up Blurt this morning. I'm not sure what I did differently if anything. I had unlocked the WhaleVault before trying to do any type of operation though, (usually I just unlock it when it prompts me at the time of the transaction.) It does store the active key as well as the posting key.

WhaleVault required several updates to accommodate recent changes to the Blurt chain, so it's likely you were having problems with an older version before receiving an auto-update.

As for PeakD, it seems PeakD was using several higher level Keychain methods that most sites don't generally use, since those same operations can be performed with lower level functions.

The latest update of WhaleVault adds support for those additional methods required by PeakD (requestVote, requestPost), so you should now be able to vote and post directly from PeakD via WhaleVault as well!

Awesome! Thank you much, it is great to see the progress and bug fixes.