🎊 Thanks to all Delegators, we've reached 2 million BLURT POWER🎉

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Dear Blurtians & BeBlurtians,

A huge thank you for your delegations! Thanks to you the BeBlurt Delegation Program with 85% reward back and manual curation has already surpassed 2 million BLURT POWER 🎉 2,011,680.39 BP to be more precise 🎊


A big thank you also to those who have joined the newly opened BeBlurt Discord server https://discord.beblurt.com

For those who missed the post announcing the BeBlurt Delegation Program including:

  • The development of a delegation management service with:

    • The Program Dashboard
    • The Delegators tab
    • The Rewards tab
    • The Transfers tab
    • Account Dashboard
  • How Manual Curation works on BeBlurt:

    • Multi validators
    • BeBlurt discord bot

I invite you to read it here


How to delegate?

It's very easy to join the MyDelegation BeBlurt program, either you make a delegation from the Blurt Wallet. In this case, the default values of the program will apply.



Or by through the BeBlurt frontend here: https://beblurt.com/mydelegation




Stay tuned for a special post this weekend with a big, surprising news ;)

Original background photo of this post by Pete Pedroza on Unsplash

How to check your BeBlurt version

Beblurt is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) running in your browser so to help you check that you are up to date in the bottom menu the version you are using is displayed.


The application updates automatically in the background but you may have to close and reopen the browser page (or the PWA application for those who have installed it on a smartphone, see this post)

A Ctrl + Shift + R to force a refresh will also work.


BeBlurt frontend Blurt: https://beblurt.com

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I will have to try this front end

I tried using BeBlurt again last week and just got errors. I've been trying on and off for months now, still no success.

Can you please explain how loaning money to you grows the Blurt blockchain? Thanks.

Are you on a computer, laptop, or smartphone? Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS? Do you use Blurt Keychain or BeBlurt's integrated authentication? What kind of errors do you encounter? Do you have a screenshot to help identify the problem?

Can you please explain how loaning money to you grows the Blurt blockchain?

The BeBlurt delegation program is just the first step towards something more global, and you'll get a better idea over the next 3 or 5 posts.

Congratulations! Your delegation program reached this much and more to come!👏

Thank you for your kind words @rubelynmacion :)

You're welcome. I hope you can extend your support to my daily post.🙏

congratulations on your success!!! 💪💪💪

Thank you @acabiba :)

What a great milestone, you guys are doing well. Keep it up.

Thank you, and many thanks for being part of the BeBlurt delegation program 🎊