Blurt Promote me with Dickson !

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In this meeting we had a had one of the funniest show, where @dicksonbem participated in ''Blurt Promote me !".

The participants were : @clixmoney, @chibuzorwisdom, @iykewatch, @imransoudagar, @tekraze, @beckie96830, and others.

The show was very hot, only a few participants were ready and learned about @dicksonbem very well. Then the competition get even harder between @imransoudagar, @chibuzorwisdom and @beckie96830. And only one last question decided who's the winner.

As well a very funny blurt anecdote were shared in the show about the coal list. And if you'll watch the show you'll find out. Hilarious one and we laughed a lot. 😂

The winner of the show was @chibuzorwisdom.

So, 100% of the rewards from this post will go to him !

He's the founder of @blurtconnect-ng.

The next week, the host will be @ultravioletmag. So, you can learn about him, comment him, follow him, so you'll be ready to answer questions about her !

And the other week after, the host will be @judexex. You have two weeks to learn about him. ☺

And if anyone wants to be the host and to be promoted this way, please contact us here : , or write in the comments that you want to be the host.

As you see two weeks are already reserved. ☺

You're always welcome to join our telegram group here :


As well welcome to DCC community.

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I wasn't actually there 😜

It was indeed an awesome show. I really enjoyed it

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