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I'm @clixmoney along with @ultravioletmag we created @blurtcast.

We do many things on our shows, one of the best shows is the quiz. That was the idea of @ultravioletmag. It's her show you can say. But this week, she's busy, and she asked me to run it. I prepared 13 questions, and other questions were by @petrapurple.

Those are my questions with answers :

  1. Who talked about videos in blurt ? [Embed video] - @tekraze
  2. Who was the first blurt star ? In Blurt Promote me - @imransoudagar
  3. Who was the second blurt star ? In Blurt Promote me - @dicksonbem
  4. Who's the artist in @blurtcast ? - @ultravioletmag
  5. Who is wise in blurt ? - @chibuzorwisdom
  6. Who likes something special in blurt ? - @imransoudagar
  7. Who is helping the wise ? - @beckie96830
  8. Russian girl I interviewed ? - @blogika
  9. Cool game in blurt ? - @gamestate
  10. The username of my wife ? - @cherilay
  11. How many comments @bestkizito gets ? In LET US TALK - 148
  12. The name of curation show ? - Blurt Showcase with Blurtcast
  13. The newest partner of @gamestate ? - DeNet.

Those are the questions of @petrapurple with answers :

14- @hangin shared a photo for the ‘Monday-REd’ colour challenge, where he and his wife were out, and she was wearing a stunning red dress. WHAT WAS THE OCCASION, WHERE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN? (ANSWER: New Years EVE, 2020)
15- In her Monday Colour Challenge post, @riverflows showed us her car. WHAT KIND OF CAR DOES SHE HAVE? (ANSWER: Landrover)
16- What hot beverage does @bloghound likes to drink, which she refers to as “love in a cup”? (ANSWER: coffee)
17- Where did @ultravioletmag go to see the flower installations? Clue: ‘……in Bloom’ (ANSWER: Chelsea)
18- @jerkoff made a post about him inviting two of his favourite ladies from the UK. WHO ARE THESE TWO LADIES? Clue: it’s not @ultravioletmag and @petrapurple (LoL) (ANSWER: his mother and his sister)
19- Who had a very close encounter with a snake this week? (ANSWER: @princekeys)
20- What's the mentioned month in the post of @offgridlife [Blurtmusic Holiday Playlist: National Rose month 🌹] (ANSWER : June)

What did happen in the show ? :

Usually we let the audience answer the questions by raising hands. But some people joined without video. So, we asked people to say the word ''blurt'' to answer. Even that didn't help that much. That's why I come up with an idea to write a ''+'' in the chat and then to answer. Of course, I trusted everyone to turn on and turn off their microphones. But even though I had to ask people to write that ''+'' again and again. It's not an easy task. So, in case @ultravioletmag accepts the deal, so we will use the same system in the next quizzes. But the next time I'll even mute everyone and let talk only those who wrote the plus. Because :

  • First, I need to save my time and @ultravioletmag's time.
  • We need to make shorter videos, so people will enjoy watching.
  • It will be easier for me to edit, so I will not leave the video as it is.

Editing videos may take hours. And I'm not even paid for that.

My payment is to make everyone happy. It's hard to do that. But, I'll keep doing my best. Yesterday I realized that no matter how hard or good you do it for people, always someone will be not happy about something. That's why I'll just keep doing it, and in case I made mistakes, so just bear with me. We are people, we are not perfect.

I think setting some strict rules is what will make more people happy.

After all, it's just a game. The life itself is a game !

Thanks a lot for the participants. I decided to share the rewards in the following way, so everyone will be happy, including me !

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Congratulations on the blurtcast. I have not participate before but I believe to join the next time


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I also want to join but telegram is ban in Pakistan so we could cast in Twitter or discord i wanna talk about #blurtstep

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It was really an awesome show and still remains one of the best shows on blurt for me... I think everyone was happy. Cheers

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Great effort, just followed!

Cool. I hope to see you in our shows. :)

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You really did so much work in putting this post together so well @clixmoney.
Blurtcast is doing wonderful in uniting blurt members virtually.
Thank you so much for the rewards.

You're very welcome. Thanks a lot for you as well who's doing so much work for blurt. And if you know most of the answers, it's your deserved reward from the work you do. Let others catch you if they can. ☺

I think it was an awesome idea to share the questions here. Hope you guys had fun! 😘

Yeah, that will help more people to notice what we're doing. It's not only for fun, and to make people happy, smiling and laughing and relaxing. But also to promote others, and I told in the video, that in case someone wants to promote something, they can reach us and one or two questions will be about the thing they wanted to promote.