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Micro story contest

Hello everyone! Dear readers; @blurtlatam is pleased to invite the community in general to participate in the "Micro Story Contest". You can make your best story and share it with all the users who make life within the #Blurt platform. Share your posts on Twitter, get positive votes and compete for the best prizes on the platform

For this contest you must use your imagination, The author must create a micro story from the following attached image. You can write it in the genre you like the most, horror, fiction, drama and others. It is important that the author takes into consideration the elements that are part of this image for his writing.



Contest Rules

Additional features

  • Extra points if you use the Frontend Blurtlatam.com

Only publications that comply with all the rules of the contest will be eligible for the prizes


  • 500 Liquid Blurt, which will be distributed to the first three places as follows (50%, 30% and 20%)

  • 100% positive votes will be awarded to publications that comply with the contest rules.

  • 50% of the profits obtained in this publication will be distributed in Blurt Liquids to all those participants who comply with the rules of the contest.


Thanks for sharing your post on #Blurt. Your effort means a lot to us.

I invite you to vote for @blurtlatam as Witness / Witness



Concurso de Micro relatos

¡Hola a todos! Estimados lectores; @blurtlatam tiene el agrado de invitar a la comunidad en general a participar en el "Concurso de Micro relatos". Puedes elaborar tu mejor historia y compartirla con todos los usuarios que hacen vida dentro de la plataforma #Blurt. Comparte tus publicaciones en Twitter, Obtén votos positivos y concursa por los mejores premios de la plataforma

Para este concurso deberán usar su imaginación, El autor debe crear un micro relato a partir de la siguiente imagen adjunta. Puede escribirlo en el género que más le guste, terror, ficción, drama y otros. Es importante que el autor tome en consideración los elementos que forman parte de esta imagen para su redacción.



Reglas del Concurso


  • Puntos extras si usas el Frontend Blurtlatam.com

Solo las publicaciones que cumplan con todas las reglas del concurso optaran por los premios


  • 500 Blurt líquidos, los cuales serán distribuidos a los tres primeros lugares de la siguiente forma (50%, 30% y 20%)

  • Se otorgarán votos positivos al 100% a las publicaciones que cumplan las reglas del concurso.

  • El 50% de las ganancias obtenidas en esta publicación serán repartidas en Blurt Líquidos a todos aquellos participantes que cumplan con las reglas del concurso.


Gracias por compartir tu publicación en #Blurt. Tu esfuerzo significa mucho para nosotros.

Te invito a votar por @blurtlatam como Testigo / Witness


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Hello everyone! Thanks for this contest which I came across few hours ago. Here's my entry and Twitter link

Thank you 🙂

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Finally, I also got succeed to participate. Here is my entry:

Hi here is my entry: Blurt Link

Twitter Link:

Greetings Community.

Here my participation in the Micro stories contest:


And my Twitter post:

Twitter 1
Twitter 2

Here is my entry . Thanks for the opportunity

1520349937120301056?t=DQ4T9lfz4iN5wFzz7iZ_-Q&s=19 twitter metadata:Sm9zZW1lbmRlel8xMDEwfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0pvc2VtZW5kZXpfMTAxMC9zdGF0dXMvMTUyMDM0OTkzNzEyMDMwMTA1Nj90PURRNFQ5bGZ6NGlONXdGeno3aVpfLVEmcz0xOXw= ~~~

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone, this is my first entry. The story was related to myself, I hope you will like it.


This is my twitter info;


A good idea this contest!

Blurt ON!

This is a perfect contest.

I have a lot to talk about this image. Expecy entry soon.

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Buenas tardes, aquí mi participación, sea de su agrado.
Mucha suerte para todos los que participen.

1519464857350901760?s=20&t=P9MW6wXc1vzV1GSVgDtGKg twitter metadata:TWVyY2VkZXNNYXJnYXJpfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL01lcmNlZGVzTWFyZ2FyaS9zdGF0dXMvMTUxOTQ2NDg1NzM1MDkwMTc2MD9zPTIwJnQ9UDlNVzZ3WGMxdnpWMUdTVmdEdEdLZ3w= ~~~

Thanks for the opportunity 😊 glad I'm able to participate. Here's my Twitter post link below👇

micro story contest ~ tweet

I so much like this contest and I will make sure I participate in the content

This is a new concept and i like it sir ..
Because It would be nice if people share their own story.
I am also participate in this contest

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Amigos, les dejo mi entrada para el concurso, les deseo mucha suerte a todos.


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Thank you for holding the contest. This means a lot to me.

You are In. Congratulations

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Thank you.🤬🤬

Great! But I have a question. "Microfiction" implies the entries should be very short. While 200 words might be few for some writers, it's quite a lot to write a story with. So is "more than 200 words" a typo?

Minimum 200 words for the publication. You can do 500 words if you wish, but not less than 200. You can write in any genre you like. Welcome

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I like contests, I like taking part in them. I participated in your previous contests and again I'm going to...

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Very creative contest! This contest will bring many quality posts in the community. Thanks blurtlatam for organising this contest.

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Nice. Would be nice to see people bringing their creativity to this one. Well Done

Qué maravillosa oportunidad para despertar la imaginación haciendo algo que nos encanta dentro de esta plataforma, dígase escribir. De verdad que me voy a animar en participar.
What a wonderful opportunity to awaken the imagination doing something we love on this platform, namely writing. I'm really looking forward to participating.
Saludos a todos, espero que se estén bien.
Greetings to all, I hope you are well.

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