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Dear Blurt community,

Time has gone by really fast, it wasn't long ago when Blurt was just an idea that only existed as code on a repository.

We made it two years, Blurt survived despite many setbacks and attacks, a testament to all those who supported and lived the dream.

Blurt Origins

Blurt was launched on the 4th of July 2020, by founders @jacobgadikian, @megadrive, and @baabeetaa to be an alternative to the negative environments existing on Graphene-based social media, where downvotes were used as subjugation tools. Blurt was meant to foster positive reinforcement and be the only Steem fork keeping community balances intact.

The founders created the SocialGraph Foundation, a crypto DAO represented by the flagship @socialgraph and @initblurt accounts holding an approximate 15% founders' stake allocation, not out of line with most startup genesis structures.

The foundation evolved over time, @rycharde and @saboin were both onboarded to the steering council, each at different intervals after @baabeetaa withdrew from the project in September 2020 to pursue other interests, losing us our Graphene versed C++ developer, that had to be supplemented with ad-hoc contractors on a best-effort basis.

Since Blurt was born in a time of war between Steem and Hive, the foundation coded in the @blurt.regent account which had no curation power, instead only consensus voting power of approx 50% of the network powered up stake, this was to help in preventing the consensus takeover while the chain was still vulnerable.

The Regent account was never initially used until recent global threats came into play, instead, the foundation accounts protected consensus and continue to do so now while crypto markets are depressed and more vulnerable to 51% attack, especially in the cases of POS and DPOS.

The origins of Blurt were not without trials and tribulations, almost immediately upon launch we found Blurt to be under attack by an account aptly named @social, at a crucial time when the Blurt price was ascending to circa 0.20 USD, this account sabotaged the launch by continually spamming the chain and blog with animated .gifs of swinging male appendages, this was labeled the Rooster Attack. The attack served to slow down adoption and tanked the price to pennies on the cent.

The attack however served to teach a lesson that "fee-free" blockchains always have a cost, being free to the end-user means making it expensive for the node operators, this isn't sustainable in depressed markets and could be the death of the chain if it becomes prohibitively expensive to operate. Fees were implemented as a witness parameter to ensure that the chain state footprint remains small.

This fell in line with @jacobgadikian's passion for embedded devices and the desire to have Blurt operate on Rasperry Pi's for the ultimate in edge-of-network computing. Just before we managed to roll out and announce this feature, the chain was under attack yet again, with what we dubbed "The Xmas Attack", whereby an attacker spun up 60+ nodes, each spamming the chain with multiple witness property transactions filling up blocks and bloating the chain, we believe this was done to prevent the RASPI rollout and it certainly did hamper any media spin or PR that could have been planned as the foundation was focussed on triage rather than launch and promotion of this achievement.

The remedy was to enshroud the blockchain in a Zero-Tier VPN, with clients installed on each witness and RPC node, this provided the ability to isolate malicious nodes and protect consensus nodes, by acting as a permissioned network. This was the only option we had at the time to prevent chain bloat while a patch and Hard Fork were being prepared.

Our then front-end and RPC node maintainer, who also operated didn't like this solution (but didn't offer alternatives), and unfortunately decided to leave Blurt and down his infrastructure which led to Blurt front ends and RPC nodes becoming broken, luckily @saboin stepped up and worked with @megadrive to spin up our own infrastructure with less reliance on third-parties who could decide to quit at any time. This was a time-consuming process that took over six months.

Once the repairs were done we started adding improvements with the help of @tekraze who became a senior developer on the foundation team. Improvements included adding 3D avatars to Blurt which are interoperable with VR chat and various virtual environments, allowing bloggers to extend their profiles into the metaverse, this was a forward-thinking initiative taking Blurt into a world-first metablog status well before Facebook announced its intention to enter the space.

The foundation also has other members who perform support roles of user account onboarding, Instagram management, Twitter marketing, spreading of good vibes and community work, as well as other tooling such as api's for the Ecosynth rich list, RSS feeds and deployment of the Blurtkeychain apps.

The foundation also maintains good ties with Probit, Ionomy and Hive Engine, being able to intervene during outages. In addition to key diplomatic relations to liaison with the Whalevault developer and various contacts on Hive and Steem. @megadrive and @jacobgadikian continue to grow their networks into Cosmos (via Notional) and the EVM space (via Gamestate) and both made possible the airdrop on the Blurt community, the first time any Steem-based Graphene chain has ever received a major airdrop.

Although no longer frequently active on Blurt, @jacobgadikian retains OG co-founder status and remains on retainer to help rescue Blurt in the event of chain outages and attacks as well as potential future expansion into Cosmos if the opportunity becomes feasible.

The Blurt SocialGraph foundation remains dedicated to the success of the Blurt chain and community, we don't believe there are sufficient human technical resources outside of the foundation at this time that can navigate attacks and technical threats as seen in the past. We do hope this will change in future and that Blurt could become a thriving creator and technical community.

We don't believe Blurt is currently in a strong economic position to remove our stewardship and open up the community to takeover by other groups of centralised power, either known or unknown. The @blurt.regent account may be subject to renewal if the security of Blurt warrants it, in the meantime it will lose its efficacy on the 4th of July 2022, however the foundation and member stakes will continue to protect the chain and make informed decisions over time of when and how to uncouple our influence as we see the community mature in capability and intent.

Additionally, as a further protection measure, the Blurt chain is under license as defined in the document with the requirement of 5% of the new chain supply and 5% of inflation being attributed to the @socialgraph account, when blockchains are derived from any part of the Blurt codebase.

Good Vibes Message:

The Blurt community has its own voice, and it has been a big part of the strength of this network, so it is important to recognize all the effort they put into creating original content every day, contributing to our ecosystem.
Blurt is where families meet, become friends, and grow together and it makes us happy to see how the members in our ecosystem strive to give of their best, sincerely thank you for your trust and support.


The Foundation Team

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Great work @tekraze Awesome Teamwork~!

My 1st Bpud~! 🤬 And BLURT'S 2nd Birthday~! 🖖


2nd Pi Giveaway 🤬 500 π REWARD for the 1st person to Complete the 1 Hour Onboarding Blurt & BUILD Challenge ⚔️

Happy second anniversary to Blurt, it is not easy after all the battles, yet it conquered. Blurt will continue to stand strong and i pray that love 💕 will bind the members of this Blockchain together, because i know when there is love among us we will be able to fight our enemies together without fear. United we stand and divided we fall. Happy 2 birthday anniversary to my Dear Blurt. 💕💕

Felicitaciones a la plataforma Blurt!!! He ido y venido pero aquí estoy compartiendo contenido y recuperando amigos. Particularmente pienso que Blurt es una generosa oportunidad para compartir e interactuar. Gracias y feliz aniversario!!🎂🥳💃🕺

Many Many Happy 2nd Anniversary @blurtofficial. And unlimited Success for Every Field In Happy Life. Butt I Am Very Happy For Blurt Family Part this. My Best Wishes For @blurtofficial And God Bless You. Happy Anniversary More And More Success. We Love You #BlurtBlog. I Am Very Thankful #BlurtBlog Part for This Great Plate Form.

And We Pray For You Next Time Repeat For More Anniversaries Enjoy. Say That All Ameen.

Your Beloved :: @arslanaj

happy 2nd blurt birthday, hopefully more advanced and successful in the future,, we are always loyal and consistent in working on this platform.

Centralized government says: "You need us, to keep you safe."

Happy Blurt Anniversary!!! I am very happy to be here with the whole community and continue creating content. Let's keep growing😃

Happy Anniversary Blurt community. I am very proud that the community was born. Many talented people and users are giving help by this community. As a member here in this platform, you have my 💯 support and continue to help others.

Kudos to all officers, admins and curators, communities and members here in blurt platform.👏👏👏

My dear Blurt, we have been through many situations together and soon we have a new anniversary, which we will also celebrate with joy, because Blurt has his own voice and we have all grown together.

In these two years I have been able to meet wonderful people that I keep in my mind and my heart, and it was only possible by being here at Blurt, for that alone in my heart I have a great feeling of gratitude, and I share it with all of you, because if you all Is we come together to share a positive vision, we can make Blurt a wonderful place to share.

Happy anniversary and good vibes.😘

Happy 2nd anniversary, Blurt!

A happy blurt Anniversary to all of us 🎊
We'll continue to overcome every challenge that crosse's our path.
Blurt to the moon 🚀🌒

Happy 2nd anniversary BLURT. This is first anniversary I enjoy because I joined this year with blurt. I hope we willdo better on this platform and this platform grow more up and up.

Happy anniversary to us
Blurt has been very good and helpful to me, I have made many good friends here on blurt.
#Happy2yearsanniversary to blurt

Happy Anniversary!

Good Vibes Message:
The Blurt community has its own voice, and it has been a big part of the strength of this network, so it is important to recognize all the effort they put into creating original content every day, contributing to our ecosystem.
Blurt is where families meet, become friends, and grow together and it makes us happy to see how the members in our ecosystem strive to give of their best, sincerely thank you for your trust and support.
We support this voice!
Wishing all the best! Thank you @megadrive @saboin @jacobgadikian and @tekraze. All of you who made the #blurt success!

happy two years anniversary my dear blurt

Happy 2nd birthday blurt🎉🎉
Congratulations from bottom of my heart 💓💖
Let's wish Blurt to move forward on the path of further development without any worries 🥰👍

Happy anniversary Blurt. I'm excited to be part of the Blurt family.....

Happy 2nd anniversary to blurt
It feels great to be part of this amazing platform
I know all block chains have their inherent challenges, but I believe with time, everything with get better on blurt.

Blurt on.

Happy one-year anniversary blurt...Time passed so quickly...

Congratulations on two years, I'm just starting on Blurt. I hope to grow little by little with original content, but above all that I feel comfortable creating it.


Happy 2nd birthday blurt, hopefully it will progress and develop, I feel a very high family here

What a beautiful community I hope to grow and learn more on here

Happy 2nd Anniversary Dear Blurt!
I have found you an awesome blockchain.
I wish you grow more and be safe for frauds.

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I think that this was a well structured response and basically what I expected. The regent die off was not as big of a deal as it was made out to be. But there is a lot of fear in the system right now and it did bring up some other questions. And some people are bad at projecting their questions and fears into accusations.

I think that transparency is something that can be worked on and improved upon. But as a leader of many businesses other peoples priorities are often not your own and going that extra mile can be difficult when you are busy jumping from one fire to another.

Happy 2 years and I have been here for 1 of them. We hope for more prosperous years to come. And I can see it will never be without its conflict and drama.

Funny, I just activated a BLURT block producer server without knowing that we were going to celebrate the 2 years of this blockchain 😂

downvotes were used as subjugation tool

Thats an understatement @logiczombie

Thank you for this piece, I didnt know much of this until now. @megadrive deserves accolades for his consistency and steadfastness. Please what was the nature of the agreement between the foundation and the co-founders? Again what is the role of @double-u

Double-u is a community member like everyone else, he was a whale until he sold off. He wanted to be considered to be part of the foundation but we didn't move forward with that.

Now i understand better his plight. Blurt is better without these bad energies


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Are there any plans for more transparency as well as community involvement in voting on projects from the Dao? I think the legitimacy of these topics were tarnished somewhat in the non stop press that the Foundation has been on the receiving end of from certain whales.

I was always under the impression that the community had some input into the Dao based on links and then more recently the wordage found in the original statement by the regent account. It was only in the last week that I saw the community is not given any input at all into the use of the Dao nor an accounting of any of its disbursement.

I think it would go a long way if the community is not to be given a voice in the use of the Dao for there to at least be some level of transparency in reports such as the one that was made some time back.

I've been on the record since the initial post by double-u that the stepping aside of the Foundation would be a move towards destruction, so I'm glad to see an official statement putting that issue to rest.

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Is Blurt Foundation registered foundation? Does it have legal status?

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You can buy it here. Https://

I believe you can also buy

Are you interested in owning these ?



That's not what I'm asking for

Hmmm. It seems like you are. What’s the blurtitout link all about ?

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Happy Anniversary (July 04 2020) ….
Very Happy to be part of the #blurtphoto Community and a few others.
It’s been an awesome 2 years. Keep up the good work !

Happy anniversary to us all @blurtofficial

We are still young and lots of time to grow, many problems we will face ahead particularly in these depressed time in crypto realm and I am confident that we will get through all of those that threaten this platform so that we can continue to express our freedom to share what we can contribute from what niche we belong to.