I'ts not lucylin dumping fake tokens on exachanges

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Stop blaming @lucylin for BLURT price drop.

Two months ago I have stopped investing in BLURT but megaverse and his team didn't stop selling "printed tokens".

That's the whole secret of the "BLURT market collapse"

Lucylin is innocent, start using blurtlatam and read his posts with understanding. He is not my or your enemy. In fact, he is one of very few, who keeps me on this "wokechain".

btw, my upvotes are much higher when you post from blurtlatam

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Now this is the conversation I would like you to have with the people you think are doing it out in the open. Hearing both sides in a calm way. @world-travel-pro do the refereeing. It’s important a bit investor like @ctime gets his voice heard and his answers. Not just pushed under the rug.

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And this is what I most want to see. If everything were focused on airing differences in a more empathetic way, I think communication would flow much better.

I believe that if the great minds at Blurt worked together to improve and grow the platform, we would go further and faster. The differences? Sure, these can be fixed behind the scenes, since dirty laundry is washed inside the house, not on the roof.

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absolutely I think its a lot of online stuff, like wtp says if they were all in a room together I doubt everyone would be telling everyone to fuck off lol

All I can do is encourage the parties involved which are far above me in the pecking order to speak cordially and not call each other c%nts! That would definitely not be cool ;)

Other than that people can see the conversation unfold as it is below, see @megadrive's comments and draw conclusions of their own. Again I would just encourage all parties to speak freely but respectfully in hopes to learn and come to an understanding. I really don't think either side is trying to screw anyone here....

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I am sure that many microscopic users like me on the platform are willing to intervene in these matters to give their opinion, but the fear of not receiving upvotes on their well-crafted posts prevents them from taking one side or the other. Reconciling the parties will be my biggest job even if my voice cannot be heard since I do not influence at all unlike other users like you, who in addition to having time in these tasks, are recognized and respected by many people. To be "viewed" I have to write on their posts, lol.

Is this bad? No way, because one of the pieces of advice I received from you a long time ago was: "Make relationships with other users" and this has brought me to know the problems that we are trying to solve, at least, peacefully. Here we are and here we continue.

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I actually don't have a side just particular values, as you'll see I have defended luclyin and at other times called him out, called out mega drives communication but recently said how much he has changed and matured in communication, I tend to be incident specific over taking sides.

Exactly. I'm the same as you. I just come from a business and money management background.

I think its ok on blurt its worth so little no major fear of losing out 2 dollars lol

Thank you so much @oneray. I totally get what you mean. If you come down on one side or the other, or you support someone who does, you yourself very well may kiss some nice upvotes goodbye, forever. And that does certainly suck, part of this acknowlegment is why I'm constantly pushing for a mindset of understanding that not everyone is going to share the same opinion but that does not mean they are total a piece of shit; and at the end of the day we are all in the same boat together.

Thanks for taking the time and I've got a feeling people are not going stop supporting you if you politely share your views on different things.

I hope so, my dear traveling friend 😊

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I was about to say that most of the issues I see is ppl telling ppl to fuck off on important issues. People should readily answer investors questions and investors should ask a bit nicer there is a huge break down in communication all over.

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I swear to God that at some point in my time with Blurt, I came to think that "shit" was a heavenly place because we were all sent to that place, if we thought differently, lol.

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Exactly. In the comfort of your own home, alone, behind your keyboard...it's just so damn easy to tell someone to go fuck themselves. It's the same psychology of road rage, by yourself in the bubble of your own car, people feel ok to swear and yell and give the finger. But when sitting across the the table from someone in person with a suit and tie. Naturally there is a motivation to be respectful and even try to sway the other person into liking you. There is a great advantage to that, and people should breath some awareness into it.

Please link me the transactions where I and our team have sold tokens, you may notice, Jacob, saboin and I never power down so what misinformation are you spreading?

This seems to be a deflection from the real truth linked to me today:



Do you remember the time when I was buying? 3K-8K daily trading volume on Hive Engine only + other exchanges. Now it it is $25-$150 daily. I wonder what have you done with all those money. Maybe you should buy back a few millions if you care about Blurt. You and your team made about 0.5-1M? dollars (I wasn't the only one who was buying your fake tokens at that time)

You showing me screen with transactions for a few bucks? Shame on you. You better shut the fuck up.

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At the moment you are reducing morale, slowing progress and FUDding your own bags (and those of the whole community)

1 post and 2 comments in a 2 month period lowered morale? Wow. Why don't you admit the truth? This blockchain never had investors, double-u, mariuszkarowski and I, plus few smaller ones - that's all. You, however, never listened to us, there were only promises and promises, and then personal attacks

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I would say you should shut it yourself first, your posts instigate and then you get abusive when someone responds dispelling the misinformation. How about working with us for the betterment of Blurt rather than being grumpy?

This comment deserves a standing ovation. Brother... you are my idol!

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if not burn then multisig fake tokens and we'll take Blurt to the moon

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What if you take one step at a time? War can be won when battles are won. So it seems to me that everyone's experience is important to look at. I would like to be able to read an article with your well-founded proposals where those who know about this matter can freely intervene. 🙏

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So you are currently either holding back or suppressing Blurt just because you have a gripe on founder stake issued? If multisig it would only be with Core members, Jacob, myself, saboin and rycharde, there are some risks with multisig and does slow down the ability to react to issues and make payments, Jacob also was involved in the team of a project where all the multisig tokens were lost due to an error setting up the multisig.

Since your tokens equal the same size as one of the Core accounts should we multisig yours too for peace of mind of the rest of the community?

In any event Blurt doesn't have a multisig UI tool, we don't have as much tooling as hive and steem.

Multisig + one key for me. These funds can be delegated to blurtbooster but cannot be sold on the markets. All payments will be done through proposal system.

BTW, I have a simple formula that will even out all the economic "inequalities" resulting from the current reward pool distribution system and eliminate initiatives such as upvu, curation trails and bidbots, because they will no longer be financially viable

What is impossible on Steem or Hive we'll make here. It's so simple I'm surprised no one has come up with this idea yet

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How can I setup blurt witness?

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I'm sorry but multisig would only be by Core team if it is ever implemented. It would be giving you even more power since you already have 20 mil in control, you would then be able to veto another 40 mil and ensure you always have a controlling say. We also aren't compatible on a business level given the past altercations and FUD created against us, if things were approached professionally from the start instead of a subterfuge campaign you might have been one of the foundation members, but going forward I do want to work with you but you have to be realistic that being one of the multisig is too much to ask.

That's great that you have a solution, let us know and we will see how feasible it is to implement.

I loved this thread. I keep learning from you and @ctime.

I think any ideas that work to improve existing gaps and push the platform into a better position would be wonderful. I love this platform, although nothing has been done to me in the others, this is where I am learning.

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I’ve personally made nothing check my wallet, I never power down or sell, jacob doesnt, saboin doesn’t, not sure bout the rest but they are entitled to for the work they do. Please get facts correct.

Check my powerdowns. I'm selling 25K weekly and nobody wants to buy it. What about all powerdowns and transfers from fake accounts? Initblurt and socialgraph? Stop reaping off reward pool with your fake stake. Burn it or multisig. Stop the scam!

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Powerdowns going straight to monthly payroll of Core Team, paid as power up, at least half never gets powered down saboin, jacob and I don’t power down, haven’t checked the rest, but some only get 25k BP per month. You would agree our Twitter is doing well now, that is one of the 25k employed.

The Blurt Core stake is not being sold unless by some payroll members who need to and have the right to. Blurt Core does not sell direct to market. Foundation stake is a common thing in almost every chain even satoshi founder stake, I think you need to rethink your stance or consider migrating to a chain that better suits you.

Thanks for explaining how and where the pay for the maintanence and developement goes, and that you and other's are not even cashing out or anything, that certainly can not be overlooked. Like a kindergaten teacher handing out stars for a starchart, I've up-voted the best of the communication between the both of you. Seriously you guys have to exchange information and get down to an understanding. For the good of all our time and investments. So please continue to talk, and work things out in a cordial way, as that is the only way. Thank you both very much. The community in general is counting very much on both parties to build better relations. I do believe bringing your friend and co-founder @jacobgadikian into this conversation may be a very good idea.

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Jacob is in high demand in Cosmos, Jacob is the last line of technical defense in the event of technical catastrophe, currently @saboin, @rycharde and I are key Blurt Core decision makers.

I'm all for learning more. Thank you for sharing that as well....

I am happy to hear suggestions (not demands) from @ctime and work with him for the betterment of Blurt. I would really like it if he could let the top two proposals get funded like before, we don’t want those two key devs to feel unappreciated and leave, taking down infra etc.

If he has ideas that arent aimed at trying to change Blurt Core and how we operate, I’m happy to listen and see if they will work.


I would actually like to see c time apply as witness he believes in this platform more than most and put his money where his mouth was.

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Anyone is welcome to be a witness. I just don’t suggest too many non technical witnesses in top 20 otherwise in the event of chain issues we need the technically competent. Some of our best ones @contrabourdon @alejos7ven @nalexadre @techcoderx @gamer0815 are just outside the top20, of you want to reduce technical risk you want those in top20

That is interesting...coming from a user/blogger standpoint, I wondered why some of these names were in the top 20 before. I'm like look at this guy, he's barely even active here. Why is he top twenty?....I guess we now know why. A lot of information has flowed in the past week. I may have to put together a post highlighting the most important things....

As far not having too many non tech witness, such as myself.....what you say makes sense.... that's why I'll soon be applying for that lifetime witness membership! lol ;)

But all seriousness, I think it's great to have a good mix of investors, founders, techies, devs, business minds, and community leaders of different types and there is room for everyone, especially when expanded out to the top 30.

Ctime is one of the biggest investors here I would really like to see the pair of you actually find a way everyone is happy and to be able to discuss this properly. As one of the biggest investors I think ctime should be given fair honest and open answers to all his questions, which are totally legitimate, as you would expect them as a major share holder. I would like to see less *f words though as that’s always going to just get a defensive answer from the get go. Maybe c time could list all the issues he has and megadrive can give open honest and factual responses and we can go from there without any swear words or fuck offs.

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Right on the money as usual...

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Selling a printed stake just caused this unfortunate collapse, so its psychological impact does affect even the would-be future users.

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Curations 🥓


Es ilógico culpar a una sola persona por la caida del precio de Blurt....

Sería como echarle la culpa a una sola persona por la caida del precio de BITCOIN

Lo que expreso no busca culpar a nadie, tampoco busco enemistades, Solo trato de ser lo más racional, sensato y maduro posible como el hombre adulto de 35 años de edad que soy.

Amo la plataforma BLURT, a tal grado de sentirme motivado a publicar reseñas, reportajes y fotografías que tomo sobre los conciertos de rock y metal a los que logro asistir en VENEZUELA y publicar en mis redes sociales las publicaciones que hago de BLURT

Esperemos que con sensatez logremos entre todos, seguir adelante y superar los problemas que tengamos ^-^

It is illogical to blame a single person for Blurt's price drop.....


It is illogical to blame a single person for Blurt's price drop.....

It would be like blaming a single person for the fall in the price of BITCOIN.

What I am expressing does not seek to blame anyone, nor do I seek enmity, I am just trying to be as rational, sensible and mature as possible as the 35 year old adult man that I am.

Let's hope that with common sense we can all move forward and overcome the problems we have ^-^

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read his posts with understanding

Just to be clear that is why I've been a supporter of his for all my time here minus now. He makes a tonne of sense a lot of the time. But I can no longer support his antagonistic ways of delivering the message.

"the medium IS the message" ~notable

I would like to read a publication where you can read everything that those affected demands.

I had followed the discussions (not all of them because it seems to have been going on long before I got around to writing constantly in a harsh way) but there are a lot of things where there are differences. I just don't know what to do or how to help because I love this platform.

If the voice of all of us who live here is heard... Why not make a publication where what is wanted is said directly? I am not talking about following the insults (sometimes they are funny) but about writing what we demand from Blurt.

In this way, the little ones like me will be able to follow the trail and perfectly understand the points for which this war without a quarter exists.

Is it possible to do something like this?

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The mob mentality, matey..the mob mentality - it always needs a scapegoat !

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Isn't it that all the tokens prices are going down and not only Blurt? Even the fiat currencies of Euro and Sterling are falling if we only to compare them to the US dollar which is being artificially inflated to give an illusion of a strong economy a few weeks before the elections there and before the total collapse of European and British economies?

I was thinking that too but it's gone down way faster and further than others. I don't think comparing the price to dollars is a good idea either, when the dollar collapses then blurt will look good by comparison but will it really be worth more because it is worth more worthless dollars? I think not. Better to compare it with other crypto's value.

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