Free BLURT Voting Service

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Free BLURT Voting Service

Receive my vote for your posts. I will upvote your posts for free once a day. Just browse to and ask.

How it works

Drop in the form field the address of the post you would like to be upvoted, and wait. It can take some time.


  • You can request one vote once a day per author or IP address
  • Comments will not be voted
  • It's free of charge and without guarantee
  • Bots, spammers and other abusers will be banned

No need to upvote, comment or repost this post but it would be nice to do it if this free voting service pleases you.

Three Blockchains

The Free BLURT Voting Service is an improvement of the Free STEEM Voting Service, starting on May 11, 2019. It works now on the three blockchains.

Continual improvements will be made. Please don't abuse of the service or I will stop it.

Don't hesitate to use the free voting service for yourself or to reward others.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE BLURT!
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This is really great. Will start making use of it.
thanks a lot for giving the opportunity to get free vote daily.
I want to know that is there any more way to get free vote except discord. Thanks

You're welcome :)

This is a smart post . It is very generous of you.
very nice initiative especially for New person, who need some push and encouragement.I thank you by heart for your marvelous post.

So nice way to encourage someone! Great persons possess great works. And you are one them. I am not flattering but express thought and gladness. Thank you for bringing this special tool!

thanks a lot for giving the opportunity to get free vote daily.
I want to know that is there any more way to get free vote except discord

Very generous of you, great idea!

I operate the same on Hive and Steem. I plan to write a post about the ROI, better than with @qurator.

very nice initiative especially for newbies who need some push and encouragement in order to remain as a user of the platform.

This is really great. Will start making use of it

Pretty cool! I should steal your idea 😂😂😂 jk


Ideas everywhere :)

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Awesome .... shared on Twitter with 11,200 people. #blurtlove

Thank you so much!

Esto es genial! Ya lo estoy usando!

Wow, great. It's good service. ❤If possible also install the service on discord as a bot...

Thank you @zahidsun, good idea! I never wrote a Discord bot before but it looks easy to do following these instructions:
This could make my service more popular. But, on the other hand, that will rob my website of traffic...

This is a cool service, we are likely going to setup a ban list on our foundation gitlab for all curators to use, I will link it to you when we have it setup and hopefully you will consider integrating it.

Hello 👋 sir
This is a important point of blurt

Thank you very much @megadrive. Yes, I would be glad to add your ban list to mine.
I will sometimes review the votes that my service cast and remove my vote if it is abused.

The value of the vote will decrease if the service becomes popular. I guess the usage will make a good balancing in the vote value.

Really nice free voting service 👌

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Twitter #posh

Nice service!
Thank you!

You are welcome. Thank you for your support.