Blogchain earnings are small potatoes

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I calculated recently how much I make, combining my investment returns and content-creation on Blurt, and it's 84 dollars per month (minus fees). That's pretty small potatoes!

As far as I know, I'm a fairly high-ranking investor (about half a million BP), and one of the more prominent content-creators, so I'm probably making more than most people here. Which means none of us are really making anything. Not at current prices (0.007 USD) anyhow.

It occurred to me that trying to make money in this environment is a bit like trying to grow vegetables in a backyard garden. It takes a LOT of time, energy, resources, even risk... and the reward is usually not very substantial. The above potatoes were grown in my back yard this summer, and I ate them yesterday. Sure, they were tasty, but the amount of food I actually got from that segment of my yard (and regular weeding/watering) was pretty minimal.

Most non-gardeners are quick to ask "why not just do what I do, buy cheap produce from the shop?!" And they have a point. This isn't a very convenient or economic way to get food. Gardeners all over the world are aware of this fact. And yet, there are still billions of people growing food in their back yards! It's not economical, but there are upsides non-gardeners aren't aware of. For example, if you grow it, you know what went into it (fertilizers, pesticides, etc). When I grow my own food (and medicine), I do it 200% organically, which means NOTHING except dirt, water, air, and sunshine! No products or chemicals go near my garden. I grow using the methods I've learned from other gardeners and from experience. There's a certain pride in putting food on the table, from seed to soil to plant to plate. That first tomato of the season, right off the vine, can bring about tears of joy. Gardening is good for the body, the mind, and the soul. Give me a garden and a good internet connection, and I need little else in life.

But it's true, the amount of food you can grow in a back yard (even with advanced techniques) is limited. Most people only produce 5-10% of their caloric needs with such a veggie patch.

And yet, it can still be worth it. Sometimes the smallest potatoes have the best texture and flavour!

Perhaps the Blurt experience can still be worth it, too?

Sure, I'm only bringing in enough monthly to buy a couple bags from the local farmer's market with my investment, posts, comments, and curation rewards. Small potatoes indeed! Especially when the cost of living in my province (BC Canada) is about $4000 per month for a couple with 2 children. $100 here or there is not going to make a difference in my world, unfortunately. Which means I'm working a part time Blurt "job" (20+ hours a week) AND investing my entire crypto savings, and getting almost nothing in return. Much like growing food in the back yard. In both cases, I continue at it, despite the amount of time and energy I'm putting in, and how little I'm getting out.

That's an option, until it isn't. My personal situation is about to change - unfortunately, I am looking for somewhere new to live. But rent availability here is next to zero (the worst ever measured), and prices are higher than they've ever been. Recent changes at the Canadian central bank mean homeowners are selling in a rush, and rental prices are skyrocketing. I've rented for a long time, but this is the scariest rental market I've ever seen... and now I've got 2 little babies, meaning I need a 3 bedroom place, essentially impossible to find at any price.

That means it's going to be less likely I can grow food in my back yard next year. It also may mean I'm no longer able to justify the time and energy needed to maintain my presence on the blogchain. Jobs that take up a lot of time and don't bring in much pay are really just hobbies. Hobbies have to be set aside to make way for productive work, especially when times get tough.

So while I see benefits to gardening, and to participating in Blurt, both may soon become impossible to justify.

Which is too bad, because I really like those potatoes!


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Growing your own veggies and organically would be a great thing as with the country you live in it certainly is worth while doing with the high prices of everything there as for me living in Thailand it's the complete opposite with veggies been so cheap over here and even the organic ones if your wanting them.

I like potatoes😁

They're pretty frickin' good! And you get that "comfort food" feel from them. I think a lot of people consider them plain, because they are boring-looking and white. But if you pay attention to their flavour, they are downright delicious. Especially deep fried..... just maybe not quite as healthy that way... or is that the salt and ketchup I dump on after?

Potatoes are healthy, you are right the unhealthy part is salt, ketchup and the oil.😆

I saw a documentary recently about a village in Japan where centennials are common. They had a 92 year old who didn't look or behave a day over 50. They attribute that to their lifestyle and eating potatoes.

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I know that everyone here hates Hive and Steemit or even Blurt these days. People also hate Actifit. I know that everyone also hates cross posting but at least with Actifit you can post to all 3 platforms with one post , … you don’t even need to write about your daily activities… just post from there and you earn all 3 plus Afit, POB, VYB, Bee, Waivio, Cent if you use the correct hashtags … convert them to Bitcoin on the dips and You and your wife and your kids will be earning $1,000 a month in no time. Am I just another Farmer ? I guess I am, but it’s nice to grow your own food and feed your family. Diversification is the Key.


Farming the blockchain is stealing from those of us doing it properly, so no, I do not endorse such behaviour.

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By “Farming” I mean diversification into High Yielding products … Plant tomatoes , lettuce and Zucchini if you want a really good Salad. … don’t just plant potatoes. If you have a potato crop failure you will starve to death. There are lots of very excellent High Yields out there. BYT, HBD, SBD, DTC, afit, APX, Leo, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc ….

This post caught my attention because i share similar fate with you or even worst. I am jobless and when i heard of blurt and my friend got some earnings as part of the blurt core team member, I felt that i could even make a living here posting and i even asked for help here but unfortunately i realized I was not making any headway regarding making a living out of proceeds from blurt. Most people perceived me as a begger and they ignored my posts. I am happy i learnt that i was never going to learn how to make a penny from here but if it comes then its fine. Now I'm picking up a Dev program soon so that i can be more useful on the Blockchain too.
However I'm still here.
Maybe trying to share your little potatoes Lolz..We hope that the prize of blurt will go up again and even higher

Thanks for sharing your story in my comment section. It sounds like you have some potential good news coming, if you continue to get involved and create content. At least you have a functioning blog, and wallet, and platform to communicate through. Hopefully some tokens also come your way.

Yeah sure. I will be posting on updates as soon as i begin proper learning. Web3 development is quite rare here in Africa and there are a few training centres but i need to get the basics of web development first then I can proceed to web3. I won't relent until i can build a complete web3 project

I am just a newbie here and I do not want to be demotivated. Still, I see that this platform has a lot of good potential and it's really a good platform to begin your blogging life. As for the rewards, I do not know how much you get there.

You forgot to mention that if you grow and eat your own veg it is more nutritious therefore you need less of it. There are ways to pack it in and have an abundance in a small yard. Growing vertically packs much more in. Buying low grade cheap veg means you become malnourished and crave more food because your body is not being nourished, it is only filling your belly for a short time. Hence all the obesity. Fat people are actually starving. Ever noticed how it's the poor people who are obese. How many rich people do you see with that problem?

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A great many rich people are obese! Many of the elites weigh hundreds of pounds.
Also, are you seriously claiming vegans have an obesity problem? Eating "cheap veg" is not anyone's problem. Most people are fat because they eat crap, not because their veggies aren't nutrient-dense enough.
You're right that homegrown plants are more nutritious, that's one of the considerations that makes them worth it. We know what goes into them and what doesn't.

I do actually know vegans with weight problems yes. Veganism is not a diet and sadly a lot of vegans do eat crap just not crap from animals lol. I am one of the exceptions but have only recently come to see the importance of eating right as well as ethically.
I don't see as many rich people (real rich people) as poor people with true obesity tho. Show me all these fat elites. Maybe I should have used the word elite rather than 'rich'.?

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Have you seen anything about Carnivore Diet? Last time I saw anything, seemed like meat was superior to fiber. Fiber caused digestive issues in people whereas meat on!y or heavy meat didn't.

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The 'carnivores' are delusional psycho's and if you're trying to get a rise out of me it won't work. Had my fill of run-ins with the likes of sv3rige.
Fibre is essential, that is not up for debate. Just coz something makes you feel better doesn't mean it's doing you any good. That is allopathic thinking. It will come back to bite them down the line.

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Carnivore are delusional psychos why? What qualifies someone as a delusional psycho? Do you generally get triggered by facts and logic which contradicts your "pins" you so proudly show off in public?

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I don't get triggered by anything, I'm a grown up. What 'pins' are you talking about? Showing off? I'm the last person to show off. I have no clue what ur on about.

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Carnivore are delusional psychos why?

What qualifies someone as a delusional psycho?

Do you generally get triggered by facts and logic which contradicts your "pins" you so proudly show off in public?

Bullshit? You're not triggered? Could've fooled me. What pins, what pins indeed.

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Critical thinking and Facts!

Have you looked into it? What benefits does fiber have?
Do you know that there's numerous different people who are carnivores, from hunter tribes to Alaskan Inuit and the Maasai? If fiber is essential, why don't they need it?

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yes I've looked into it YEARS ago back when the weirdo carnivore movement was suckering in young gullible lads who believed all that bullshit you just spouted. For one The Masai are NOT carnivores they're omni. There are no people who survive on meat alone except maybe the Inuits (part of the year only) but they are not long lived or healthy.

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Facts aren't "bullshit".

The Maasai are a pastoralist tribe living in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Their traditional diet consists almost entirely of milk, meat, and blood.

  • The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic thrived on fish, seal, walrus and whale meat.
  • The Chukotka of the Russian Arctic lived on caribou meat, marine animals and fish.
  • The Masai, Samburu, and Rendille warriors of East Africa survived on diets consisting primarily of milk and meat.
  • The steppe nomads of Mongolia ate mostly meat and dairy products.
  • The Sioux of South Dakota enjoyed a diet of buffalo meat.
  • The Brazilian Gauchos nourished themselves with beef.

You're bullshit

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I also do this for investment and diversification. Sometimes, I trade without being greedy and it has gone well for me, I have accounts on Steemit and Hive although I write little on the latter... they have not persecuted me like many because I am practically invisible to the vast majority, and I think that is Okay.

I don't know how much I generate here at Blurt, but I see it as a long-term investment, and as @drlobes says, it will depend on the recipe you use the use of the small potatoes

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One way to track your Steem-Hive-Blurt weekly earnings is with the Actifit app… If it is accurate then I am earning $114 per week from my posts via Actifit.


Do you mean that when using the Actifit App it is automatically published in the 3 chains?

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Yes… if you select your post to be published on all 3 chains…


Those are some nice tators bro!

I came to steemit 5 years ago, just to give me something to do and make a little something. Over the long haul that has worked out more than well for me as I've sold a lot when the price was up over the years.

Still not much has changed for me here on Blurt. It gives me something to do. I make a little something, and there is a chance that I can make a lot different when hive was 10 cents and people were leaving in droves. That's when I doubled down.

I understand if you can't spend your time screwing around on here. But I can assure you your lack of presence will be missed.

It seems Steem was only viable for insiders or those who started at the very beginning. I started in mid 2017 and couldn't make a cent, even with my large following and nonstop high quality content. It wasn't until earlier 2022 I finally started to bring in enough to make a cash-out worthwhile, and then of course the cabal struck and sent me to $0. I have never met a content-creator who wasn't an insider or early adaptor say they make decent money on the blogchain. Edicted (over on Hive) may be one of the only content-creators in this entire ecosystem who isn't with the cabal (although he's probably what most would call an "insider") and earns good rewards. Even he can't rely on his blogchain income to pay the bills. It does not appear that content is valued very highly.

Stop by, I'll cook you up some spuds! I have several more plants that still need digging up.

Looks like Im one of the first you now now then. Actually I too was not making shit, back in mid 2017 around when I started. So I networked with @lukestokes, around july of that year if I recall correctly.....he started up voting me like 7 dollars a day.....then from there I was off to the races. Im obviously anything but associated with those cabal scumbags. They sure had their hands full with me and my cabal post earlier this year... .lol...yes, if I make it to your neck of the woods, more tators please! Hahaha

For me so much about succeeding blogging on the "blogchains" has not been about my blog posts so much...but more about commenting, and offering people up some value there...either a laugh, a bit of info, some words of encouragement, positivity....naturually that is my way of communicating...I ve always been a plvery friendly happy go lucky kind of guy joling around all the time. I think it s encouraged people to want to support my blog over the years. That is probably the real key to my success blogging.

Yes, comments aren't just for the direct communication or the potential payouts, they're also to help advertise your blog. In fact, it's one of the only on-chain ways to advertise your blog.

You are very right. I stopped posting on this platform sometime ago because of the earnings but I believed that my account will grow and that is why I am motivated to keep writing on here. I hope it improves as time goes on.
About the potato, it looks very big. How many weeks did it take to grow in this big way?

Quality content and consistent effort are both very important for growing on the blogchain.

These potatoes took 3 months to reach this size. The harvest in the photo is from 2 plants. Each of those plants began with half a potato (as a seed), so 1 potato has turned into several. But it's still fairly slow, and requires a patch of soil (or a bucket etc). I understand why many people just buy potatoes from the shop... although those usually don't taste as nice.

Hive was rly useful to me over lockdown, I think combined with the fact it was right at its peak price and I think when I felt I couldn’t be there any longer I had to force myself off as it felt like it was a good source but it was too negative for my mental health being there and making me miserable. It was only when I left that I realise what a bad economy it was, it seems like a small amount of work nets you a good profit but it just ends up taking over and actually just a few months back in the real world I realise how low value it even was in comparison to the time you put in. Also risky as one big whale disliking you knocks out all your years of work. WherAs beIng a free lancer, pissing off one client doesn’t mean much more than an inconvenience. If you rly can just log in, post, look around for 10 mins and leave and get on with a real life career not only do I find it far More fulfilling but then it is also a much better economy too. I think with blurt the idea is to get lots of blurt while it’s very low value and hope for the long term growth. Cashing it out like the other person said all the time to live off will be way way below minimum wage for the effort unless you live in a rly cheap country. I think I’ve not done bad at my peak I made about 2000 dollars from just blogging here for 6 months, it’s now more months and lower lol but... If that was really done in the time I spend on social media then that’s kind of ok. If it ends up encroaching too much it’s not rly. I made this decision a while ago to just rly limit my time here to see it like just using Instagram or something whilst focusing much more on real life socialising and working on my real life projects. I think these platforms are more enjoyed when just done as a bit of 20 min a day engagement and held for a few years, when suddenly it’s a nice surprise of like £10 k or something.

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hehe I would like to say that HIVE were helpful --> but hell it wasn´t it was just the opposite of it, I got a story with a lot of bad luck beginning on Steemit before the rumble take off with the splitt to HIVE and therefore all my buddies couldn´t help me against the downvoting mafia with more than 25 Million SP, I lost every penny from other wales who love my travel and property posts.
But after this bunch of shitheads swapped their loving place from Steemit to HIVE I sold my two stake over there in HIVE and focus again on Steemit, it is hard with all the whales who also move over to HIVE and so no more vote on Steem while selling their stakes there.
Then I made a little bit more with Appics in a tandem with Steemit, but to be honest its not that easy to get ground for an notable income for one who is living in Europe with this high cost of living.
It was in my case never more than pocket money, but hey I´ve learned a lot about blockchain and crypto and many other things so it has its benefits 😎

Trust me I get it with the downvoters I got downvoted for standing up for the downvoted at the end 🤣 it was mentally toxic I am still on steemit too I’ll try and find you there . I was happy they all left to hive but so many went steemit was empty it is building back up a bit tho

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you must not search for me its the same nick @don-t that´s the active account the old major account was the one from @don-thomas but i will not use it anymore because of the past :(

My story than isn´t that different from yours, I was one of the main curators fromthe second largest German speaking community on Steemit for nearly two years, and had all that stress because of the downvoting of one of our founders charity accounts which was attacked by the stupid top twenty Steemit (former) witness PFUNK he doesn´t understand one word n german but he stated that this company what really existed was a scamm just to plunder the reward-pool and not to help others !
This charity organization has more than 150k active members which benefit in the work from the income of the steemit account.
And the second reason for my broke down was that I stand at every time loyal to the guys from Justin Sun when this shit starts, he still have had not done what al this bunch of idiots accused him two years ago !

But we were not the only ones there were more than us two who suffered these educational measures ;)

If ppl spend more time I think they need to make wise trades I’ve taken some out to ionomy in an attempt to trade a bit lol but it’s not rly my thing but if it goes real high I’ll start taking a bit out ready to come back in

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If you need to constantly cash out you will lose a lot comparing that to if you were to keep that gained Blurt and sell it at a much higher price. I'm doing it for fun, I don't have to live out of what I'm making online so for me it is much easier and without any worries.

Also, small potatoes are nice, it just depends on what recipe are you using! 😜

Of course, earning (and buying) BP is better for long tern growth. But at some point, you're going to spend some of it... otherwise why are we earning and buying it? I don't intend to be buried with my BLURT. So at some point it has to be spent. Yes, spending some will slow long-term growth and compound interest. Kind of like spending dollars slows your long-term financial growth and compound interest. But you have to spend at some point.

Spending at some point yes, of course, I was only trying to say that this is not the right time to do it and this not just for Blurt, all crypto prices went down so much that I'm not considering selling anything. One or two years from now things could/should be totally different.

I've been doing the "maybe it will go up next year" thing for a long time now. Sure, maybe it will go up next year, or the year after.... okay.......
Besides, I may not be around in a year or two. I have unmet obligations right now, and my health is fading... for me it doesn't make sense to keep playing the waiting game.

for me it doesn't make sense to keep playing the waiting game.

It's understandable that it doesn't make sense to you, each one of us is in a different situation in everyday life so we have to do what's best for us.

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I often wonder why I spend time here with almost no return at this time. I do like some of the blogs I read and also hope the price will rise.

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