Blurt isn't growing because new users can't sign up!

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Blurt is trying to grow, but requires people already have an account to make a new account! That's right, you can't get started on Blurt unless you are ALREADY started on Blurt! This explains why we are having such trouble growing as a platform and community - we won't allow any new members to join! Blurt blockchain is blocked! I see this as a massive problem, and identifying problems is the first step in solving them, so let's spread awareness of this issue so it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Most of us never signed up from scratch here on Blurt, but had accounts set for us in the genesis of the blockchain, when it split from Steem 2 years ago. We simply logged in with our account name and posting key, so we don't know what it's like for potential brand new users. I decided to check it out, in an effort to find out why Blurt isn't growing, and here's what I found.

New users on Blurt.Blog will be taken to this signup screen.

"Several account creation services" are actually just 2.

The first is, which looks like this:

Clicking the left side opens this screen:

Required is a Blurt account and private active key, both things a prospective user does not have. This is a dead end because there is no way to proceed without an account and password.

Clicking instead on the right side opens this similar screen:

After selecting which currency (BLURT or STEEM) to pay for the new account with, the potential new user is taken to this dead end:

A Blurt wallet and private active key is required, both things a prospective user does not have.

The second (and final) account creation service is labeled SocialGraph Foundation, and opens this page:

Once again, a Blurt account and private active key is required of the prospective user, making this another dead end.

Echo Chamber

Blurt is more-or-less an echo chamber, meaning an isolated community that can't bring in new information. We are communicating only with each other - new ideas, members, and knowledge have difficulty finding a way in. This is one way people can become cut off, with reduced collaboration and progress, and it effectively censors everyone on the platform. The internet is about connecting, but if we deny any new connections, we're actually working against ourselves, isolating ourselves in a dangerous ideological loop.

New members are required not just for growth of the platform and currency, but to ensure we are not an echo chamber.

It appears we have a blockage or bottleneck which prevents us from growing. I believe that all organisms (and communities of organisms) either grow or they die. In other words, Blurt is currently set up to wither and die, because it is not set up to encourage growth.

Potential solution

Other options for account creation - ones that don't require an existing account - must be available and accessible. A new user should never encounter a dead end when trying to join up!

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for everyone who is trying to join Blurt, finding they must already be a member if they want to join! And the worst part is they are not permitted to make posts or comments, to notify us of the problem, so most of us aren't even aware this is going on. Their voices are silent, and they are not able to interact with members here in any way, but they're out there by the thousands, I guarantee you. They're reading this post, right now, and saying "Yes, that's me! Somebody knows I'm here, even though I have no voice! Maybe this will lead to a way I can join and finally be heard?"

Here we are in our echo chamber, not allowing new members or ideas, even preventing new investment in our token, and completely unaware that it's happening because we only allow members to speak.

But you have seen it yourself. The only "new" members we get here are secondary accounts of existing members, family-members or friends of existing members, a trickle of Hive users that get forced out by the downvote cabal, and spam/farming accounts set up by existing spammers and farmers. When was the last time you saw an introductory post on Blurt that said "I randomly heard about this blockchain on another site and decided to come check it out!"? People may indeed be hearing about Blurt, but they're not signing up. They can't. If they could, there would be some evidence of that by now, but there isn't. Month after month go by, and it's just the same core group of a few dozen regulars!

Normally, I prefer to focus on my own content-creation, and curating with my BLURT investment/savings. But that strategy ultimately will lead to my failure, because I'm speaking into a closed system that stifles growth at the very point it should be encouraging it. Our content and our investment here is being squandered. Therefore, I must take a break from my regular content-creation, to raise awareness of this ongoing fundamental failure. Nothing else matters until it is resolved.

The path forward is to find ways to bring in new members without requiring them to already be members. Perhaps the free market can find suitable solutions, now that the problem has been identified? It doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) a centralized top-down solution. Open it up and the marketplace will find ways around this blockage.

Thank you for helping me get this message out to as many within our echo chamber as possible, as this is the first step in getting free of it.



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I like the idea of a zeal, its like people here know how stupid a DPOS blockchain can get, I am so thankful all the spam communities from hive are not here too, even the weed hashtag was ruined for me by spam posting fan boys who contributed nothing even though they think their blog was a hot topic, mean while the voters are getting paid out to vote for them.

I joined from scratch using paypal. I think I only risked that $3 because I was trusting enough of one of the founders to do so. But I very much get your point. Not all the world even has paypal. And what I get from most of my friends that I have even signed up is that it is too complicated. But to be fair they really haven't tried.

The Symbionts team has updated the JoinBlurt website. Users can now pay with Steem, Blurt, or pay with fiat using PayPal.

Hoping to see more people joining Blurt now. No more echo chamber and no more dead ends.

Please check it out and share your experiences with the new signup page.

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I think you either have to get someone who thinks donating 10 BLURT to people they don't know will improve BLURT to the point that the amount of BLURT power they have will appreciate more than the loss of all of that BLURT they spend on account creation. Otherwise it is reliance on altruism.

I think a credit card option would make things more accessible for most of us. As for cryptocurrencies, there are like six top coins that are used the most. I'd say these are BTC, BCH, LTC, Ethereum stablecoins, DASH, and DOGE.

If you know anything though, you're not going to use Ethereum or BTC network to buy something selling for 10 BLURT worth. Doing so is like sending a SWIFT transaction to buy a hamburger. The fees are out of alignment for that kind of thing. That leaves four.

Why, it's a clever little leprechaun!
Good points made.
One thought... is 10 BLURT the lowest we can go? Is there any way to start up basic accounts for, say, 5 BLURT? Or maybe there's a way to do it essentially for free, as with Hive's system. The only amount needed for each new account would be the initial amount in its wallet (so they can make their first posts/comments).

Nice post. I like your post.

Lets grow Blurt!

Well, all I can say to the issue is that I used the left option with the 3 bucks back then to join with my account and it all worked out for me... but I agree with you... It isn't the best solution... 👍

I'm just saying there's got to be at least one way a person can join Blurt without already having an account.

My advice would be a free account with a retention time of 12 - 18 months for example.. That meins no transfers an no withdrawals for one / one and a half years...

Sure, something like that might be doable, and might work to allow free accounts while keeping out spam and farmers.

Honestly, I though I was the only one facing the issue. I tried bringing more people in but they were unable to sign up. I hope the developers do something right about this

This post seems to have brought the issue to the forefront, so hopefully progress is forthcoming.

I was onboarded here by someone who already has an account. I tried using my steemit username and password but it doesn't work. I guess most newbies who were onboarded were through that way. (of course, to make the account mine alone I changed passwords)But I am so glad you have seen this issue. Newbies will contribute a lot to the community

This is bloody ridiculous!!!
I tried at the start to bring new people in, even offered to set up an account for them. Maybe someone could set up an entrance booth website somewhere to do just that until this is fixed.
It makes me wonder if my thoughts on us being kettled here was right? Either that or the devs havn't a clue?

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I can't really set up a website, but I wouldn't mind helping people on a case-by-case basis. Maybe I'll do a post offering to set up accounts via email, or something? Surely a programmer could write something up to help automate things.

You would think so wouldn't you. The main reason people won't leave fb is they know how to use it, the blockchain is completely alien to them. I joined steemit in about 2018 and had no clue about keys. I never saved them, never knew about the wallet. Never knew about the fork and having an account on the forks. Someone gave me my hive account already set up, this time I learned about the keys. I set up my own blurt account but it had taken me 4 years to learn how to do that.
It's just too complicated for most people. Until it is sorted we are in a bubble. Good thing is I can still share my posts and people can come and see them they just can't comment.

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I guess we have to make due best we can, and advocate for things to be done better in the future.

Spock just asked Jacob about this on Twitter:


my sister just tried to sign up. I've no idea what she did. How do we find new sign ups? She's a technophobe lol. I can't believe this bullshit!!

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I hope this is from ignorance and not collusion...

If it was ignorance there should be fast and immediate action from top down...

If collusion... then not much may change...

Well we should soon know now eh!!

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I have been posting about this issue too... but I did not even realize HOW BAD it is~!

I thought it was just an Onboarding Selection Process where you guys only wanted knowledgeable Blockchain advocates to join... and that's why I've been promoting OpenSource Onboarding via Turntable.FM to help educate potential new Blurtopians what they need to learn just to get onboard BLURT~!

I'm even offering Free Crypto from other Blockchains to get new people onto BLURT but I did not know they are probably ALL HITTING A WALL when trying to register on BLURT~!

2nd Pi Giveaway 500 Pi REWARD for the 1st person to Complete the 1 Hour Onboarding Blurt & BUILD Challenge

@Megadrive started a Dev Group Chat on Discord and asked me for suggestions but then nothing ever happened... that was over 2 month's ago now... WTF?

Here are some previous Blurt's about it...


Blurt Open Source Learning Management System and Onboarding Dapp Model featuring TTFM Turntable.FM as a 'Case Study' for any GitHub Open Source Dapp currently running on Web3.

What is LMS [Learning Management System]?

iSpring 17K subscribers

An LMS is a software that delivers online courses to your employees, providing them with fresh data when it's not possible to gather in one place.

Now ANYONE with a Smartphone can Build their OWN BLURT Open Source Dapps via Turntabl.FM simply by copying the Libraries Already Built in the BLURT Quantum Party Channel of Turntabl.FM.

And NO PROGRAMING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED to Get Started in the Dojo Today~!

BLURT makes Top 10 List on Turntable.FM

Good timing... Premier in progress now... (Low Res. High Res available in a few hours)

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I really have no idea why this gets in the way when an easier way can be done. I don't remember paying anything when I first subscribed to this type of platform: Steemit.

Perhaps they are avoiding a gigantic wave of spammers who only come to empty the platform to sell in the market and this will cause the price to go much lower... to the level of the titanic possibly, but something in which we must all agree agreement is that there "must" be a better way for someone who knows nothing about content platforms to easily access it.

If there is no way for a new user to do it without problems, at least there must be an address where he can be redirected and helped, not only to open his account, but also to receive the necessary help so that he can pay for his first publication or your first comment. One way would be for the introductory post to be totally free.

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You are focusing on an issue I didn't even bring up in my post - the monetary cost of buying a new account. I chose not to talk about that and instead focus on the even more important issue - only members being able to create new accounts. Let's stay on topic here : )

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Yea you are right,this should be edited

Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @asifniazi01.

Oh great that you brought this up! Because I was thinking maybe there was a very good reason this issue was left like that.

Someone helped me open an account and I was surprised why it was like that until I joined and even started to use my account keys and blurt to open for my friends... And I just accept the normal status quo of onboarding new members.

It isn't so cool to lose interested persons at the stage where they need an already registered member to get into blurt... Something has to be done about it and I trust the developers and all those in charge of making blurt better to give a response to this soon 😊❤️

Well done, keep blurting... It gets easier when things are said out and something is done about them, thanks for this.

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One solution is that the site should include a link to the official blurt discord server where a potential member can get some assistance for their account creation.

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I even think that blurt account creation should be free. And we should have a special team to welcome those people, help them with some blurt to pay fees, and to guide them step by step. The free account is to make people learn. Or maybe even 100 blurt should be given to them to play with. If the devs are afraid that those 100 will be played with to withdraw, maybe that should be kind of temporary blurt that could be used only for fees. Live virtual blurt or something like that. Anyway, I see this issue very important. Because we can't onboard users by ourselves always, they may come from the traffic allocated for us from our promotion. And if someone notice us and try to join but can't and move to something else, that means our promotion is worthless. I don't like to see the work of @blurtcast for example burned that way. Thanks for raising this issue. Reblurted !

I agree and believe this would be a good investment, as I'm aware the money needs to come from somewhere to do just about anything. Thank you for bringing these ideas to the forefront.

I would like to see what team thinks about giving away free accounts to new people.

About the free blurt to new account i think that is a good idea and as you suggested that if there can be blurt that can only be used for paying fees. If something like that can be developed it will be great but i think developers (@saboin , @tekraze ) can only answer to this question that even if possible how much time it will take to build a function like that.

I rather think that we can give 20 blurt initally to the new account and then observe if that person is really using blurt to perform activities on blurt and not selling them in the market. If the person is genuine he can be given some more blurt accordingly once his 20 blurt are about to finish.

This would be possible if only that amount, or any other amount, was given to the new account as a delegation until it has its own Blurts.

This way there is no risk of someone new selling on the market

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That's perfect the solution is there. Just like steem they were giving 25 delegation to the new accounts. But in this case they also need to write something to start. Without fees, it's possible to do. So, after the introduction post they should be sent some blurt to be active. It's hard to know if the person is willing to run with that or to stay, but they need to learn how to do things. Maybe the idea of a virtual blurt that will be impossible to withdraw is the only solution. Anyway, I hope devs find a solution.

it's impossible to know if someone gonna sell them or not. It's impossible to talk to everyone joining. There are a lot of scammers who may profit from that. But being afraid of scammers and closing the door to those who maybe active here in the future is not right. That's why maybe letting new accounts comment for free for a while maybe a solution. Only a few people will buy blurt to start writing and posting here. But a lot may use it if it's free for them at least in the first days to try and understand what's all this about. And of course when they join they have to have an automatic comment explaining to them that they will have to pay fees after. Because there are so many free social media to join, and people will not get it why they need to pay to be active. Even me I didn't understand that when I was new in blurt, that's why I just get the airdrop and left for months. Only after when @offgridlife explained to me that those fees are dust comparing to the earnings, I start being active here. I think people will think the same, they will understand that blurt worth it only if they understand that fees are dust comparing to the earning. That's why we need a solution for that. Otherwise, like I said our promotion is worthless. Or will bring a very low results. And that's not that nice.

I do have to say, I think I find myself on Blurt only because I had the old account from steem otherwise I'm not sure I would have gone trough this hurdles to register an account, I guess I'll never now now...

So it seems that new members only come if someone who is already inside Blurt brings them and for the fee. After this, you have to help him with more Blurt so that he pays the publication fees and comments 🤷‍♂️

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If you go on Discord they do create an account for you for free and maybe tip you something for your first post. But if a new comer finds out about Blurt and wants to create an account on his own, it's going to cost him.

So, that is the information that we must promote through the networks. If we direct new users to that Discord channel, they will get their account without so many liquidity problems

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Wow I had no idea people outside of Blurt can't join if they don't have someone else in Blurt already that can get them started. We will fail if this issue isn't solved as you mentioned.

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Thank you for rising this question. I know it seems like users without Blurt can't join Blurt but this wasn't the case always.

In the screenshots that you have shared above you can see Symbionts mentions Crypto/Credit Card as a mode of payment.

But unfortunately there was a bug and it was removed recently and the Symbiont team is looking at the issue.

The Symbionts team had the fiat option and it was removed very recently because of a bug in the payment system.

You can read their announcement around 9 months ago where they announce that they have lowered the fees and added Steem as a mode of payment.

Apart from Blurt, Fiat, Steem there were a dozen most commonly used crypto tokes including BCH, ETH, and TRX (if I remember correctly).

As of now there are two tokens that can be used to create a Blurt account.

If you visit you can select Steem too.


Users can use Steem to pay and get an account.

Hopefully, the credit card payment mode will be restarted.

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Thank you for the background information.
But what I think is most important is the current situation. My post is accurate (as far as I know) regarding the current situation. Things may have been better in the past, but right now we're in some trouble. Yes, hopefully this can be resolved quickly. Maybe with more eyes on the problem, more solutions can be created. The easier we can make it for new members, the better. Extra barriers (and dead ends) are very frustrating and damaging to a community. Thanks for your comment.

I Truly had no idea how bad this Onboarding situation was...

If it were not for @NPTT holding my hand to get me on board BLURT and DELEGATING some Blurt to get me started, I would NOT BE HERE~!

If a Fucking GEEK like ME can't get onto BLURT without help... We May Be Fucked~! ;-)

I went on digging and has discussions about it. I see that there are people who are creating accounts by sending Blurt from exchanges.

You can see all the accounts that were created by using Symbionts service.

Here's the link:

So, I have two observations one is that Blurt is not an echo chamber as people are creating accounts.

And the thing I like about Blockchain is that everything is on the chain.

The second observation is that the account creation process is a bit tough for someone who is a complete newbie.

The team is about to come up with an easier way to create an account.

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The team is about to come up with an easier way to create an account.

That is great news, we are all looking forward to what you guys come up with. Wish you the best luck with that; and thank you @drutter for raising awareness on this issue.

Okay, but that is a very small number of people who are managing to create an account that way. And they have to be crypto literate and holding cryptos on exchanges. That would exclude even someone like me. Things like that are a partial solution for a small number of people, but not a sign of success in our onboarding situation.

Hopefully this easier way to create an account is successful. I hope there are very few barriers for the user. And others can come up with solutions too.





Can you share the source of this information? Because I personally have onboarded more users than this in the last week or so.

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You can see all the accounts that were created by using Symbionts service.

Here's the link:



These numbers are from the Symbionts account creation service. There are other services and ways people can create accounts.

There's the official Blurt signup and there are hundreds of thousands of accounts that were inherited from Steemit.

So, keep your excitement down and look at the numbers on the Blockchain. I can only share the numbers of active users on the platform, you as a developer can pull the complete data from the Blockchain.

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Please also understand that I am YELLING in all caps at this SITUATION and not directly at you @imransoudagar

I had no idea it was this bad~!

So Let's See The Current Monthly Count~! Now~~! 20 Total ??? 30??? Do you think 30 a month is enough to Grow & Build Community?

I agree that as of now only Steem and Blurt can get you an account. The team is working on a better and easier way to get a Blurt account.

I appreciate you bringing this up. I hope it will be solved soon.

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Please check the solution I have in mind in the comments above.