Significant price move for BLURT

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Bitcoin is surging and Blurt is along for the ride! Not only are we back above half a cent, but the price is higher than it has been in over a month!

This move comes on large volume, although admittedly it looks very related to the overall crypto market lifting tonight, so who knows what the next few days will bring.

Here's a monthly chart:

Clearly a significant move, regardless of what comes next. The chart has been impacted. Notice the low of 0.0029 a few days ago. We're almost double that right now!

We can put this jump into perspective, and show a logarithmic chart of BLURT's price from day one:

It could do another x10 from here, and still only be back to where it was in February. It could go x20 and still not be back to its previous all-time high!

It's a nice move, but we're still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down in the dumps. Every journey begins with a single step, so we're on the right track. Hopefully more people (including investors) clue in to what a hidden gem Blurt is, and get involved soon!


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Ctime is buying a lot of it but I think it’s pushing others to jump on which is good

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Awesome, @ctime is the King of Blurt.

Looking good…



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Volatility and another new high, very nice...
I would love to see a sustained bull market in cryptos, but I think they're too tied to stocks, and stocks are going to have more problems as the economy unravels. But maybe BLURT can break free and have a bull market of its own, if it gets adopted more widely or if some other platform links/partners with us. I feel it's undervalued. Show me a platform that does the same thing we do? Nothing is quite the same as Blurt. Hopefully the insiders will make good decisions, and more developers and investors get involved.
It will be great to see the price in the multiple cents range again, and then beyond.

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Impressive news
Hope it gets pumping

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If everyone buys a little everyday we will be back to .04 usd in no time.
I’d like to see $1 some day.

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I always predicted 1 dollar

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We have a ways to go, …. but if everyone on Blurt buys $1,000 worth of Blurt we will get there in no time.

Nice charts! Hopefully this is the start of the move we've been waiting for. It's down a long way, but that could turn into a good thing, if those who earned/bought at these lows hold until it's up, they'll be happy...

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So far, so good.... a bit volatile but nice to see it holding pretty well!

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Blurt to the moooooon !!!!!! 🚀📈🌕
I think Wil is back on a buying spree...

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Sure am! 😉

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