A Shopping We Will Go........My Actifit Report Card: September 18 2022

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Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by! 😁⛪️😎👍

It was a gloriously sunny 🌞 day-perfect for leading worship at church ⛪️ this morning. During the first song, I had a tremendous ‘frog’ thing going on that left me dropping out in places during it, trying to clear my throat. Two good things came of it. First, I never missed in playing my keyboard despite the struggle I was having, and second-the congregation kept singing despite my dropping out and in! To hear them continue on was awesome! After the song ended ( it was Sound of the Saints from a God’s Not Dead movie) I got a drink and that cleared it all right up thank goodness ! 😇

After church ⛪️ we came home and gathered the list of items and our shopping 🛍 bags 🛍 and headed out. First stop was Cash-N-Carry, where I get coffee ☕️ barista supplies. Then, it was off to Costco, so up the expressway 🚗we went! Here are a couple of Christmas items. They were interesting, but a bit pricey.

Of the two, I’d rather have this one but wouldn’t pay the price tag for either!

Then off to Home Depot to look 👀 for an outdoor light 💡 fixture and found a matched 2-pack set. Then off to Walmart to return a gallon of paint 🎨 that we didn’t need and pick up a few items while there.

Then we headed up The Guide, to grab a burger. By this time, I was feeling almost under the weather. Just bone tired! Leading worship always drains me, but then all the stops for shopping added to the fatigue. I gave half my burger to @silvertop, and I headed us to the coffee ☕️ drive through for a much needed mocha frappe. I usually drink decaf, but gladly inhaled the caffeine from this one! I feel a bit revived now. At least enough to not lay down and go to sleep 😴

On the way home, two beautiful sunset shots were acquired. Both are from a little different angle. First shot is the one at the beginning of this post, and here’s the second…….

Tomorrow finds us going for our weekly long hike. Jan will join us.

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy your week ahead! Please continue to 🙏 for 🇺🇦


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