Buzzzzz...............My Actifit Report Card: September 12 2022

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Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by today! 😎👍🤗💨

Yes, it does appear to be fall here! We got some relief from the hot 🥵 and humid temperatures today, which was especially appreciated for the wildfires. We have another one brewing closer to home this time. They say it’s 40 miles east of Lynden, Washington. We are about 12-15 miles east of Lynden, so we are between the fire and the town that’s mentioned. They say you can see it from Mt. Baker, on the ridge north of it. That’s close, but I don’t see any danger for now if at all. From here, you see nothing.

The Bolt Creek wildfire is still raging, but with less wind, cooler temperatures and more humidity, there is hope. See @silvertop’s post for a video link where 2 guys headed out for a Saturday hike 🥾only to find themselves hiking for their lives! Scary stuff!!

We went on our hike 🥾this afternoon; Jan came with. The air quality has improved dramatically, so I’m guessing with the wind die down, that the smoke cleared somewhat of its own accord. We are down to a rating of 63-considered moderate compared to yesterday’s 197!! If you breathe in, you can sometimes just get a hint of a smell of smoke. No masks 😷 for hiking 🥾 today!😁

The first picture is of Bear 🐻 Hollow. An amazing amount of leaves 🍁 are on the trail!

Jan actually found a total of 2 hawk feathers 🪶 on Bear 🐻 Hollow, in different spots.

I found this busy little guy 🐝 really working this golden flower! The flower is comprised of many little blossoms to make the bigger bloom, and he was bee-ing 🐝 very thorough!

After we got done with the hike, 🥾 we decided to go to church ⛪️ and do a little work on the sound system installation.

Since @silvertp and myself are the only ones who use in ear monitors, I have found an affordable 2 unit set which I’ve ordered for us. I think that this will be much nicer than using the wired version. It will remain ours so that if we ever need to pull the unit, we can. We run the same sound system here at home as we are installing at church. 😁

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy your evening! 🙏🇺🇦

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