Move 'em on, head 'em up!........My Actifit Report Card: September 17 2022

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Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by today! 😎👍🐮🐮🐮🐮……….

Move ‘em on, head ‘em up! No, it isn’t rawhide, but more on that in a moment.

I was really tired last night and slept completely through the night! That is unusual for me as I wake at least once during the night, around the hour of 3 AM and sometimes more often. Being Saturday, I lazed in bed for a bit and headed eventually for a shower. I made us coffees ☕️☕️and spent 30 minutes sipping and reading. That’s how I like to start a Saturday and figure I’ve earned the right since I’ve worked the previous 3 days. 😎👍

Then I worked on some continuing education. Once I passed the first test, I then switched to creating the PowerPoint for church ⛪️ tomorrow. After that, I worked on cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes.

Then, we ran through the music 🎶 for tomorrow’s service. It went well. 🎹😁

Back to another continuing education module which I scored 100%! 👍

I texted Jan and we met out in the road for a hike. It was a beautiful fall day! We were met at a neighbor’s driveway by another neighbor wanting to know if we knew how to herd cows! Nope, we replied but went to see just where the other neighbor’s cows had gotten to. They were at the yurt 🛖 as they wanted all the lovely tall grass!

There were two of them enjoying their illicit snack! One of the kids got me a cedar bough and I began yelling ‘ho’ at them while gently switching their rear ends. I got both of them moving away from the vegetable garden 🪴 but not out or back home. I needed a longer bough as I wasn’t aiming to be kicked! We all pretty much gave up after that. The owners of the cows were coming to wrangle them back. By the time we came back from the hike up to the off grid cabin, they were back in their pasture. I guess I can now add ‘herding cows’ 🐮to my list of things I’ve done, lol! 🤣. Always an adventure!

We continued on. Here’s the view up just before ‘The Hill’ going to the cabin.

Same yellow flowers as before, however the bee 🐝 this time isn’t as fuzzy looking as last time. It almost looks like a cross between a bee 🐝 and a wasp.

So just before sitting down to write this post, I went out to water 💦 some plants 🌱. I found this guy after I watered him well!🙀 I think he enjoyed his bath!

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy your evening. Please continue to 🙏 for 🇺🇦


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