Rub-A-Dub-Dub.........My Actifit Report Card: September 13 2022

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Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by! 😎👍😁

I headed out to ladies Bible study this morning only to find the road barricaded and closed. So I turned around thinking I’d go towards Sumas and then cut back towards Everson down the Goodwin Road. At that intersection was the same thing-road closed. I had no alternative but to go straight. I found myself winding through the back country roads of Nooksack. I eventually wound out to Highway 9 which then got me back on track to get to the study. Wasn’t planning on a scenic route, but it was nice! 😁

At Bible study, we Googled to see what the problem was. There was a natural gas main with a leak big enough to evacuate the Great Northern Lumber Mill directly beside it! 🙀

After our study on worship, I then went to the grocery store 🏬 to pick up a couple of things, then the post office 🏤 for both mine and the clinic’s mail and then…..rub-a-dub-dub!!

With all the dry weather over the past few months and the smoke 💨 and ash from the fires, 🔥my car was disgustingly dirty!!😳 I headed to the local Nooksack car wash!

This is a total self serve car 🚗 wash 🧽 but is fairly new. I opted for the Platinum touch less wash.

For the first time ever, I had to wait in line! Usually there is no one about! Then it was my turn.

This does an undercarriage thing and then begins on the car. 🚗

The foam reminds of the carpet padding we’ve put down before.

It’s topped off with some nice RainX protection. When it was done, I felt so much better! The car 🚗 is red again!🤩

This one’s for you, @silversaver888! My car wash isn’t as elaborate as the really nice one you go to, but it gets the job done! 💕

This coming Sunday finds us leading worship, so I pulled music 🎼 for us and we dragged out the equipment and ran through the set. It went pretty good. 👍 Jan had made plans with her friend to go hiking today, so it was just me and @silvertop for the afternoon hike. We headed up to the off grid cabin.

Then we set out to the library 📚 to pick up season one of Yellowstone.

Tomorrow brings work, so that’s gonna be it for now. Take care and enjoy your evening. Please 🙏🇺🇦




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