Uh-Oh........Oh No!.......My Actifit Report Card: September 22 2022

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Happy Fall everybody! 🍁🍁🍁

Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by today! 😎😁😅

I went to work early today to try to get a handle on the leftovers from yesterday. I came-I saw-I conquered! Things were moving along at a good pace for all of the other things I needed to do until……..

All of a sudden, my computer had no internet! So I went up front to the other one to see if the modem was down. It wasn’t. Then, when I got back to my computer 💻 it was frozen. I reluctantly hard shut it down. I waited a few and then turned it back on. Nothing 😳 After a couple of attempts to get it going, I called the doc to ask him about how to boot in safe mode. I’m a Mac person and know about it, but this was a Windows 11 Dell computer. After he told me how, I proceeded. It made it to a certain point and gave me an option to reset to factory settings either keeping my files or not. Long story short, I believe it is dead. 😔 Black screen-nothing else.

It’s going to make tomorrow hard as we are booked and the computer 💻 up front is a large tower-not movable. Room for only one person at that station and there will be two of us vying for the same space! I’d take my Mac but the office software isn’t compatible with it.

Enough of that! I’ve got no easy solution for tomorrow-ugh!!

That’s gonna be it for now. Wish me luck on tomorrow’s functionality! 🙄

Until next time……….please continue to 🙏 for 🇺🇦


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