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  • no blocks or account removals
  • no tolerance of attacks on the network
  • no more regent
  • no censorship
  • no promises of anything to anyone at any time
  • no me pay attention to silly noise
  • no me like “sanctioning” users or buying drones
  • no me think anyone here has any right to any claim on external work of Ricardo’s or mine
  • no market making
  • no centralized control
  • no foundation (as we have always said, it’s just some dudes making some stuff)
  • no corporation

All of these items above do of course make blurt higher than average risk. You may of course do as you please. Crypto is super volatile. It is possible that someone may try to take over or attack. In my view it is better to keep rolling as most likely, these are either noise or protocol weaknesses.

I don’t want to own blurt, and never did. So part of that, is to make the decision to not attempt to control blurt.

I made that decision with full awareness that not everyone would understand my decision but it is still my decision to make.

If someone wants to use a few hundred thousand dollars to try to attack it, that is in my view quite interesting.

I should have a snapshot by end of day, and should anyone try and explodeypoo, I will harden blurt and simply move on. This said, I’m not afraid very much. It is likely it would just continue to grind.

If anyone has evidence of an attack on blurt, please send me a DM on Twitter.

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Hello @jacobgadikian
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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You coming back?

I never left. My deliberate strategy here, is to see if we can make the thing actually run itself. One area where I think that we could improve is having additional front-end interfaces.

I actually do think that the chain can run itself. I think it's been doing great so far and I'm not real worried about a single massive market swing, this is cryptocurrency and that is fairly normal.

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Wow! Thank you very much for your clear words!

Thank you for this comment Sir. But i will really like to understand the position of blurt over the issues you raised above. @megadrive made a post and here you are with contrary. I think you and @megadrive should be unanimously produce a post.

Contrary to what many people say, I do not believe that he and I disagree on any major points.

If both you do not disagree on any major poit as you claim; we should see both of you working as a team. You djsagree to agree. We want to see the resolution of these issues and let blurt be a place for all. Where we can all be happy

I'm sure that there are some people who will never be happy and I'm not worried about that have a nice day

anarchy does not mean "no rules"
anarchy means "no rulers"

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I'm glad of your word... It's because people came to blurt...

Apart from having the freedom to vote for the witness you want..

Hi, I have mixed feelings,
In one hand, NO's are even more than what I've been asking for a few weeks, and I wouldn't forgive myself to the end of my life for considering filing a lawsuit against person like you

In other hand, these are just words not backed by any facts and not translated into blockchain code

  • I'm still forced to power down and walk away.
  • the socialgraph and initblurt accounts still have 45M BP and control the witness ranking (megadrive has keys to both accounts as I understand)
  • witness @fervi is still banned from discord witness room
  • I know that other investors are going to take legal action and at least one of them is in the process of doing it

Why do you feel forced to power down and walk away? Can you explain that?

No one would have any basis to take legal action. They may wish to speak with me before wasting their money and time. Absolutely nothing illegal has occurred with regard to blurt.

Of course. Why would any of those be surprising? Why would we ever do anything else?


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No such thing as legal name , our name is a cartoon character

You are present when the Blurt has fallen to the bottom. Even though you are a founder who should stand in front of Blurt when there is a problem. I think your presence is meaningless.


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If someone wants to use a few hundred thousand dollars to try to attack it, that is in my view quite interesting...



Are you somebody with a history at Blurt? I've never seen you before.
This post makes no sense to me. If this is Blurt-related, please explain. If this is just a spam post or completely irrelevant to Blurt, please ignore my comment.

He is the co-founder.

This is like a post from someone who just woke up from sleep.

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He's "THE Dood" in my book 🤬🥓

Unlike Dan... Or Ned, he uses the Blockchain.

Good guy 👍

Blockchain good.
Same person as "Megadrive"?

Totally separate individual from mega.

Okay, is there somewhere a person can learn about who is involved here, their role, what/how they are paid, all that kind of stuff?
I've been here 2+ months and still don't really know. Decentralization has its drawbacks... for example we don't seem to have a central spot with basic info on the owners/leaders/foundation/etc.
Ranty ranty rants. :P

This is great Doc!
Your paralleling mine and others thoughts through your superPower of Ranty Rant!

I'm building my own Foundation over this. It's going to have blackjack and hookers.

Please keep up the great work here on BLURT because Quite Frankly, the NoDV and KilobytesFees makes this variation ov Our STEEM accounts far better than Steem and hive.
But I do Still pop on STEEM and hive to compare. ... Bet me that THEIR devs copy Some of these details for their own someday.

The Peggy Dollar thingy on hive is a Crypto scam organized by all the Private, select group that has been exposed by @world-travel-pro.

STEEM is its own story 😬

But BLURT is where a few of us landed this year and it's destined to be a great chain for THAT reason alone. It needs great Players like you and Your tribe staying Active and NIPPING back when need be.

I'm just some retarded scifi writer, but I have a nack for picking horses that win...
you're My pick bruv,
for the win!


Awwww, thank you for the support!
Just saw the price hit 0.004 USD, whooooooeeeey! Fire sale!!
"It's going to have blackjack and hookers."
Great, but I'm not very good at blackjack!

Neither am I for some reason 😎

Hello sir. Seriously bravo!

I have some concerns:

I would like an explanation to the nature and purpose of @blurtwatch account which was created by the namemaker account, which is controlled by a handful of people whonhave access to the account creation bot on discord.

Who created it? And why?

Also thank you for speaking up against freezing accounts.

This sounds like an excellent front-end interface change, and you should speak with members of the community who are interested in implementing it. I am deliberately placing the onus of the software development on yourself since you are requesting the feature. I will do that for all requested features at all times in the future.

Thank you for the clarifications - I've been away so won't pretend I understand all the politics - but I most certainly stand against censorship and the freezing of accounts. My stance against both being one of the key reasons for my being here and sharing my work on the platform.

I think that what I described here is very simple and direct and ultimately the correct course of action.

I am very happy that you are finally taking a stand.
Many people (including me) have trusted and invested in Blurt because they trusted you.
When you retired, Blurt changed too and now we are at that point,
where people are being expelled from the blockchain and threats to freeze accounts have been made.

Since excerpts from the Witness Discord were published, I was able to find my name there as well.
I'm being accused of bullying people by Megadrive.
Nothing is further from my mind than that. However, it must be possible; to criticize people and their behavior who spout their venom on Blurt and are conspicuous by only selfish behavior.

Blurt started out so positively.
It had so much potential and now we all have to see that Blurt is no different than Steem/Hive - riddled with power games.

Very sad! People are like that, unfortunately.
Instead of sticking together and creating something great,
they prefer to destroy everything....

Blurt started out so positively.
It had so much potential and now we all have to see that Blurt is no different than Steem/Hive - riddled with power games.

Very sad! People are like that, unfortunately.
Instead of sticking together and creating something great,
they prefer to destroy everything....

I said this same sentiment to him before coming here to this post in reply to one of his comments to me.

The energy here was so awesome when I came, and despite not many natural English speaking folks I was welcomed with such kindness and respect I knew I had found my place.

The energy here has changed so much in your absence.

Yes, many people have confidence in Jacob and have therefore invested and believed in Blurt.
For the first time, you had the feeling that someone was looking not only at the money, but at something more.
This spirit has unfortunately been lost....

I hear you ❤️

that´s very crazy what the mastermind2 megadrive is giving as comment on questions, he´s not willing to allow anybody to discuss some urgent points he is blind because he is expecting to lose his power.
Moreover he´s making decisions on behalf of some saying from the Hivewatchers how weird is that, these guys before destroyed STEEMIT and now are on the best way to detroy HIVE in the same way with some of the old top 20-witnesses whoare now in the same positions in charge on HIVE.
He should not talk about banning, freezing or something what comes only near to this terms, people can make their own decisisions as well as the witnesses here on BLURT the don´t need the aproval from him, that´s one reason more to take away the foundation votes from the witnesses so there is a real voting from the userbase and not only from the boys of the foundation.
In my eyes Megadrive is dismounting his own person here with such actions, that´s looking kind of a dictatorship an not like a freespeech blockchain-tool where censorship doesn´t exist !

I would not wonder if he is coming out in the next days and will ask for a vote in favor for a downvotefunction and will allow his HIVE-friends from HIVE-watch to do the same here on BLURT, I have no words for that.

moreover I did not have any idea how upset he is with you regarding that discussion with obsidia I don´t know what for we need such a account here and I don´t understand why he is all the time springing in and help here out or defend her, for me it seems he had pretty close relationship to her or another reason we don´t now, but hell that´s not the right maner to stear a socialmedia-blockchain-community he as a businessman must no and respect that.
Hehe but hey I forgot he was willing to buy drones in the name of blurt and send it to the Ukrain to fight against the russians, this was by far his biggest error he could ever make before freezing accounts.

Not a chance that any project that I am involved in is going to be giving money to Turkey for weapons or money to Turks for weapons for that matter thank you.

Well I mean I suppose there is a chance but then I would no longer be able to be involved. It would bother my DNA too much.

thank you, that´s exactely the statement that I want to hear from you I guess that´s the right mindset, not only why I´m having the same mindset, I guess its correct to act like that and not making war in every corner of the world because of some differences ;)

By the way its good to see you involved (with some comments) here again !

Moreover he´s making decisions on behalf of some saying from the Hivewatchers how weird is that,

no kidding

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  ·  last year (edited)


we do not speak of, or think of, that one time he wanted to fund mein sworn ethnic enemies, the turks, whom my great grandfather uhhhhhh did great grandpa stuff to

we do not even let that into our minds please

PPS: I don't hate "le modern turks" but uh, heritage .... informs certain points of view about turks 1900-1940 or so.

This cannot be helped.

But great grandfather did help them to arrive under the ground, expediently.

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Some well know persons here are powerdowning and ready to #explodeypooping. It is not hard to see them.

It's actually totally fine for people to power down and sell their stake. It is their property. I literally straight up defend their right to do that.

Let them sell everything and go back to Hive or Steemit. If they don’t like Blurt they should just leave. The end.

Please consider:

there's not only hive and steemit, there's much more.

Some people came here to invest and some came for the community and some came here to farm and if we start to say that some blurt is lesser than other blurt we kill the whole blurt.

  ·  last year (edited)

There seem to be 2 very distinct Communities here in Blurt …

Blurt A: Some form of Centralized ? governance with Blurt Developers + Witnesses: megadrive, rycharde , saboin, tekraze, zahid, Angelica7, Eastmael, Bestkizito, offgridlife, etc, etc…

Blurt B: Decentralized Anarchy … double-u, ctime, MK, mmmkkk351, Mariuszkarowski, phusionphil, lucylin, jerkoff, frot, fervi, Yvonne-b, others ?

Is there also a Blurt C ?

Maybe we need 2 more Blockchains or Steemit Forks so that people can go where they will be happy ?

👋 I'll be BLURT C 🥓

  ·  last year (edited)

Ok… maybe someone could build a new Anarchy version of Steemit-Hive-Blurt … no rules, governance, witnesses, developers. Could you build this on Cosmos ?

Some anarchist legal theorists hold that an ideal anarchist society should be based strictly on natural law and mutual aid, which require no social contract. However, many anarchist theorists completely reject natural law as capitalistic and man made.

Seems funny that they are the first to call foul and run to the man for help and centralized legal system.

You are getting common law and natural law mixed up I think. Natural law is 'god-given' and common law is manmade but based on the 'god-given' law.

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  ·  last year (edited)

What are the other Options ?

Options are good. It’s better people find their community.
If someone is unhappy on Blurt it is better that they look elsewhere … don’t you think ?

Isn’t it better to be happy than unhappy ?

People should go where they will be happy.

  ·  last year (edited)

The difference is blurt was built on a premise of free speech, people invested here because they liked the founders vision…. The vision changed once they started freezing accounts on personal opinion. This was supposed to be the one Safe harbour people thought let’s give this one more go. Of course ppl won’t go back to hive for free speech. Maybe if someone forks blurt who doesn’t want to freeze accounts based on personal opinion people might rly have a choice.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes… maybe @fervi can create a new Fork for a 100% Decentralized Version. You need to find 2-3 developers who believe in complete Anarchy, no controls, no centralized governance or rules. Total anarchy … the Anarchist Community needs to get organized and Build it.

I guess you don't know what is freedom of speech the very meaning of DPoS. What do you have to natural law and Slavic brothers who guard their own and property? Everyone has the right to their own place, we are able to do a lot to attract many and capital. What right do you have to block investors who selflessly support the community? A bunch of sellout mongrels without principles just to get in the ass for a dime hive destroyers of human dignity....

I guess you should not care now you are after all building your decentralization or not buy this and that. You utter words unworthy of their meaning....

You are a two-faced mongrel....

Sorry, but I'm translating sentences...

You underestimate my intellect. I designed such a system yesterday that solves these problems completely.


anyone on today's current blurt, can do anything that pleases them, on today's current blurt.

That is the point of blurt.

I agree with you its everyones own decission to do with his property what he likes to do, even when someone dislikes it for whatever reason.

In my view it is better to keep rolling as most likely, these are either noise or protocol weaknesses.

Now you getting me confuse.
Anyways, I'd love to see the current fiasco playing out on the platform come to an halt for the best interest of everyone.
Best regards and have a nice day.

I will tell you some thing that people who work in the Blockchain space will very rarely express. We don't actually know where the weaknesses. We have no idea. The only way to check, is to put a system live, and then see how it does. With blurt we had this problem also. With blurt, we had a test net work. But, on the task net work, we did not notice the transaction fees did not work. That is because we did not think of the test network token as valuable, and that's because it was not valuable. It is only when there is an economic incentive to attack, that tests are meaningful.

I see.
I sure understand your point now. I know putting together a block chain project is not really an easy task. At this point the cooperation of everybody is of utmost priority.

Wishing everyone the best.

Blurt was built to explicitly allow for disagreement. Everybody does not need to cooperate.

Okay, since its coming from you.
I have no reason to argue
I rest my case.

Much needed explanation. I was awaiting for it.

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Yeah sorry, you're right that it is overdue.


Shit dump?

People have approached me describing various rather bizarre scenarios. I don't even know what's true and what isn't but blurt does have a safety mechanism, and I'm about to make a post that will make much safer but only if people follow the recommendations in it.