GARRI: Cassava Flakes PRODUCTION For Final Consumers || Locally Made Food From Cassava Itself.

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Hello Blurtters,

There are a lot of food commodities that I've been consumed here in Nigeria and in some part of the world which are daily Commodities and it can also be exported from Nigeria to other part of the world such as the United States, United kingdom and so on. The fact that it is locally made it is also sourced locally.

Garri, which is also known as cassava flakes is a carbohydrate source which is consume for some people in the morning, in the afternoon and also late in the evening depending on which ever way you want it and what you want to use it for because mainly it is a carbohydrate source of food which gives energy and also starch.




This is how it is been packaged which will accommodate more to be consumed by the final consumers out there. It has so many ways by which you can store it and it will last up to 6 to 12 months. But for some it's a daily needs.



I went to a very big cassava flakes industry to obtain these which is to be transported to Lagos Nigeria. They are inform of this package at first before the next step of packaging will occur which I will show you down below.

  • Cassava flakes is there a package other IBS form of measurements. This also some other ways by which it is been packaged and it is very safe for consumption because it is absolutely dried and fried.




  • So many people here in Nigeria consume this for energy purposes. Some people who happily go for farming activities can consume this in a moderate way and it will serve the purposes. It gives more strength.





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