How Does African Spinach Vegetable 🌱🌱 Looks Like? A Recent Question On Discord Channel

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Hello Blurtters,

Here in Nigeria and also in Africa we have different types of green vegetables not only in Africa alone but in all part of the world. There are some specific food that are being consume individually or collectively and in some cases some food are eaten in occasion. Occasion such as Wedding Ceremonies, graduations, etc. So as I was saying earlier we have different types of African spinach or green vegetables in general. I was discussing with a young woman from Philippine on discord and we discussed a lot of topic regarding agricultural mindsets because she is willingly to go into agriculture but she has no knowledge about what it takes and even have some vegetables and some seed looks like. This and many more other reasons I always take so many pictures in order to show what and how things are being done naturally in agricultural mindset.

After a very long deliberation I finally agreed to paste so many pictures and also discuss extensively what African spinach looks like. So in this article I'm going to show us so many pictures of how African spinach looks like as well as some seed how the seed looks like. Down below I showed several pictures of how the green vegetable looks like.


  • The red African spinach can also be called Brown African spinach depending on what you think the colour looks like. In my own case I have some characteristics which I would like to talk more on it here on this article which are the leaf venation and arrangement. when it comes to the Red African spinach now, the LEAVES not too wide and easily reach they are maturity stage within few months of planting but if you manage the vegetables very well it will take a longer period of time. But Naturally speaking the time duration which its normally grow out the seed, not too long close to two or three to four months after planting.


  • the leaves and the vegetable itself looks very attractive to insects so if care is not taken the read African spinach will attract multiple insects which will feed on them and also destroyed the whole Farm.






  • This is a very good green vegetable which is popularly known as the green African spinach and is also consumed by everyone. This is also acceptable throughout the world because even when you visit a local market or shopping mall such as the biggest mall in ilorin town which is the shoprite. We only have this green African spinach there and people come to buy. So in hences it is generally acceptable. So, this is a very good plant or crop that is planted locally and internationally. When I meant locally, people around the neighborhood streets can easily access the seed and plant while international is it can also be exported to other foreign countries and it will start a very good life.




The leaves of the green African spinach is very wide and pronounced. It also give a very good aroma when you are cooking it. For most people that run restaurants they prefer to use the green African spinach as their own soup.




This is how the green African spinach seed looks like when it is have dried you can also plant it this way. And it will survive and start to germinate within 7 days. This in particular is an hybrid green African spinach plant. Some people actually plant the old specie but the return will not be too encouraging for commercial farmers.



  • When you are planning to trim or fetch some green vegetables for yourself or for the family. you need to take some few steps in other to prone it accordingly.



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