The Storage Of Farm Produce As Viable Seeds For Seasonal Purposes || Reliable Method Of SEED STORAGE For Most Farmers

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Hello Blurtters,

  • This is what most farmers do not always do even when they are on both subsistence and commercial Farm system practices. With series of Tyler I've been in so many places which happened to be a very big fan and also a very small farm setting and with a lot of enquiries on how things are being done I really find out that most farmers do not like to keep their own farm produce seeds. Yes we are in an era where we have a lot of market competition in terms of your produce but not responding you need to regulate the way you purchase seeds from outsiders. In this case I mean order Farm Enterprise. I made a woman who are so happened to be in our farmers association group on WhatsApp and to cut the story short I located her farm and I noticed that she already planted so many crops to be harvested or sold out to the public. And the question I asked was that how does she source for her own Planting seeds? A necklace she smile at me and she started doing the talking which lasted for almost 15 20 minutes and upon everything what I concluded was that she always go outside to by seeds. Yes there is no bad idea in doing but when it is very constant there will be a problem along the line so as a farmer I also encourage her to always leave some portions of her already planted crops to grow fully matured into seed production so as for her to regain access to seeds at fully matured system Practices. This was my advice for her. Then we left the farm.

As for me I always find a way to be more creative and also learn from my own environment. Even when I have no seed in my store when I look around the farm there are so many seeds to plant and it will grow and regenerate within a short period of time. This is the more reason why I always try my best to show so many steps when it comes to agricultural mindset lifestyle in order to show thousands of people how to manage your phone and also produce more food for yourself for your family and also for your community.




  • These are some of the leftover I have on the phone so I kept it till it reaches maturity stage then the harvesting followed. This is not a very common process when it comes to a very big farm but this is what I courage.




I also learnt this from my late dad who also was a typical farmer although he was also a principal of a school before he died. So I learnt a lot from him keeping and storage of seeds. This also help me so many years after. Now this will be the 14th year he died and what islands from him still exist.



  • On my farm, I have series of seeds which I already kept for Harvest because of this dry season and also for the he next Planting season. Sometimes even the agricultural agro shops do not have a very good and viable seeds, so you need to be extremely careful when choosing your seeds for planting.





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