WALNUT: A Very Costly Food Snacks At The Moment But Does More Good Than Its Market Price

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Hello Blurtters,

We have different kinds of food and Nuts which are most beneficiary to the human body and also that are very easy to consume after some few minutes or hours of cooking. It can be said that the food has different categories which are related to the each composition of they have and also release their nutrients into the body. So many people prefer to consume carbohydrates more than the protein or it is been referred to them in the hospitals. this is the more reason why it is good to eat moderately and also consumed fruit moderately. There are so many fruits that are less in sugar content which are most comfortable with the body system.

This particular food that I'm talking about in this article is not to come on during the dry season but during the rainy season where we have abundance of Maize 🌽🌽 we have it all. And it does a lot of good into the body. Yes it is called Walnuts.

This is also has its own Yoruba language which is called. Awusa. The Walnut very familiar to those who actually consume Maize during the rainy season it has its own features without like to expanciate and also shows in the pictures below.


  • This is how the Walnut looks like even when I purchased it along with the street when I traveled from kwara state to Osun State Nigeria. It is black in nature and also inside a pod which will be crack before you can consume the Edible part of it.


When you move closer to it this is how it looks, pure brownish-black in colour.


  • After cracking or breaking up even the Walnut, this is are the Edible part looks like. It is hearing add even to touch but trust me it is edible and it also has its own rules when you are consuming it you must not drink water because it will become more soar in your mouth. Although people tends to call it a very Herbal way .



  • After cracking it up this is our the outer coat looks like. It is very hard and you must be very careful when handling it because it may enjoy your hand. You may use your hand to crack it up or this way.




  • I prefer this method of cracking up but you must be very careful. You might crack the spoit Walnut into your mouth directly.




When you hold it in your hands. You have this...




When you also finish cracking it up too.




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