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Ich danke Dir für dein Upvote.


Thanks for your upvote buddy! I could also use a witness vote, to keep me in the top 20... 🙏😉

You can do this by logging into your wallet with your active key!

It would be massively appreciated! Thanks for your time and have an awesome week!!!! 🤙

Hello sir

Hi @me-tarzan

I was wondering if you would be so kind as to support my new Blurt Witness. You can see more about what I stand for here in my Announcement post.

Thank you so much.

Hello @me-tarzan. I just came across your profile and I'm wondering if I can get any of your socials - Discord or telegram.

I would like to tell you about a Curation project I'm setting up on here. It's a manual Curation targeted at promoting quality contents published by those that are not getting deserved attention on the chain.

Not just voting, the project will also promote genuine interaction with such contents.

No upvote for upvote.
No Delegation for upvote.

No such thing. It will genuinely shine light on deserving content creators.

I just setted up the account @onchain-curator 90 minutes ago. To be fair, there is nothing to see there at the moment, but it will be up and running before 14th February.

If it pleases you to support this project or at least have further talk, I would be glad to hit you up.

Hope to hear from you. Thanks

Thank God you are back on blurt. I was wondering if you could delegate your BP to me let me maximize it. You understand what that means right?

Very important question!
I always think about it as well.
There are numbers of excellent posts but they don't get their value.
It is very dissapointing.

Ha ha ha ha …. 8month old post. ???? We are all making tons of rewards.

Sir, I hope you can support the blurt freedom community project

I will receive a gift from you 😁

Hey friend

I have seen you brarshares platform, nice to meet you here sir..

Same here 😔

Hi, I found it.
This question was also asked.
Don't worry, we are waiting.