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So far there is 2.4 Million Blurt on the Dex, not too bad. The returns are still high enough to warrant parking some Blurt there, here's how.

Use Metamask, BSC Chain Wallet extension sucks!

So after some testing, I found that Metamask works better and fixes some of the swap issues on Pancakeswap, if you are using BSC Wallet, what you want to do is:

  1. Add Binance network to Metamask with this tutorial:

  2. Export your wallet private key from Binance Smart Chain wallet and import it into Metamask.

  3. Add the necessary assets listed in the footer of this post

Earn or Purchase Blurt and bridge it to Robiniaswap

You can get Blurt in a few ways, you can earn it by blogging and curating and powering down to make it liquid, but that will take 14 days to materialise so may not be optimal.

Blurt is quite cheap still, so you can still purchase relatively a lot of it, check which exchange has the cheapest Blurt, activity on Probit however helps us rank on Coingecko.

Collect 30 000 Blurt, which is the minimum to bridge and check the instructions to send to on my last post:

Note 2% fee will be charged.

Pool or Farm Blurt

On Robiniaswap you can put up 50% in BNB and add to your BBLURT-BNB liquidity farm or you can simply take the BBLURT and add it to the mono pool, simply hit the Stake button.

Note: 4% deposit fee will be charged so you will want to cover that before withdrawing in full.

Harvest RBS tokens

On the homepage you are going to click the Harvest All button, note that on BSC each transaction costs about 0.5 USD, you can see the number (3) here which means three harvest transactions which will cost around $1.50, so it probably pays to wait until you have $15 or more to harvest.

Swap to BBLURT

Click on the Trade > Exchange menu of, this will take you to Pancakeswap and set up your swap like the screenshot below, you may need to add the contract address of BBLURT to Pancakeswap if you haven't already.

Repeat adding BBLURT to your Pool or Farm

Once you have your BBLURT you can now add it back to your farm or mono pool and compound your rewards.

Summary of Robiniaswap

All up with bridging fees, deposit(s) and swap fees you will pay around 7% to 8% in fees on your original stake. so to calc how many days you need to remain invested is as follows, say a pool earns you 800% APR, divide that by 365 to get a daily earn of 2,19% which means you will breakeven after 4 days.

If you got in on the day of launch you would have broken even in a few hours, but obviously, the returns are diminishing as more capital (TVL) is being added to the pool and returns being spread across the stake.

At some point, APR will taper off and remain constant, maybe around 150% to 200% APR if I had to guess, which is still better than what you might earn on-chain.

So it's a great idea to earn Blurt and invest into the farms and then bring it back as Blurt Power later. Be careful to only risk what you can afford, the DEX could get exploited or hacked and everything lost.

Overall this was a great collaboration, very bullish for Blurt, not only do our users now have a bridge to invest in other BSC tokens but the BLURT price activity has been quite nice, if you look at you will see BBLURT is up from the pre-listing price of 0.003 to 0.004 USD, up to 0.007 USD and settled around 0.0056 USD at the time of writing.

Each time you swap RBS or any other asset to BBLURT you can see the green candle spike a bit as per the screenshot, it is very satisfying.

Please enjoy and take care! Happy Blurting!

Please note this is not financial advice, DYOR - Do Your Own Research! Smart Contract platforms can be risky, bugs or hacks can lose your funds, don't farm with more than you can afford to lose.

Summary of Contract Addresses to add to wallet





Check out the BBLURT marketcap and stats on BSC

View the BBLURT-BNB Pool Stats on Pancakeswap

Check out this APR to APY calculator to see the positive effects of regular compounding.



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Super fantastic posting dear sir

Brother, the way you showed it, I went to do it the way I went inside the option, I didn't understand anything, how to do it, I didn't understand what you posted.


Hi please join our Discord at and ask for help in the Robiniaswap channel, also ping @zahid in the Discord, he is very helpful.

Dear .

Can i buy Blurt on BSC via ? How to change it to BLURT?

Hi, yes you can swap any BSC token to Blurt, please use the exchange feature on


This is very similar to what we did with the cubs on leo. I wish blurt much success.

This is very good to see,even though am new here,but am getting to learn from post and content seen so far and this from you too is a very good one from a boss here.

I have no other option than to fellow you,so that I can learn from your work and even know what to do when it comes to activities in the community

Wow, this is great news!! I will look into this.

Cool, the returns are less now, but still worth while.

What I had no idea blurt was still up last time I remember blockchain was having issues.

Issues are long gone :)

Thanks for this post... I'm not very familiar with DeFi, but as soon as I can, I'll give it a try.

I am so happy for the upcoming great opportunities for us here on blurt. I hope I also will finally reach there.

Can the entire process be carried out with trustwallet app on smartphone?

This is a great news for Blurt in general, this will for sure make the price of blurt bullish.

My question now is, I make use of Trust wallet on my mobile phone, can I use it?

Great this was actually a helpful post for me

I really like the APR and APY tool website.

The returns on various farms or pools in Robinia are trending down very fast.

I wish I had more to invest in but I am learning how it works and expect better yield in the pool.

Can we find Blurt on other market?

Hi, we are looking to get Blurt on Cosmos and maybe Tron, Cosmos is for sure.

Wow this was actually a helpful post for me even though I have been following everything so far.

I caught one important detail this time that will help me get in sooner than later. 30,000 was the minimum to BRIDGE. Not the minimum to pool. I was thinking I need to get together about the equivalent of 60,000 Blurt, because I was thinking that I needed 30,000 Blurt to put in the pool and I would need to match that with equivalent in BNB.

But it looks like I can bridge 30,000 blurt and then turn half of it into BNB and then put it in the pool. Is this correct?

Yup 100% or if you have BNB on the other side you don’t need to bridge. It’s better for the blurt price if you rather buy the BNB equivalent and dont swap Blurt for bnb. So yes no min to farm or pool, only bridge minimum.

Ok maybe I can turn some other assets into bnb to help the blurt price. But right now I am even trying to buy blurt and it is an uphill chase which is good for blurt I already hold, but not so much for buying.

If buying BNB elsewhere, make sure you transfer to your BSC wallet using the BEP20 protocol, else you have to do a second swap.

If buying BNB elsewhere, make sure you transfer to your BSC wallet using the BEP20 protocol, else you have to do a second swap. Right

Thanks for the advice @megadrive. I'll try it step by step...

Oh God! I have to join my team, I hope I can achieve it, so as to grow with Blurt.
Good vibes

I am happy with the farm but I was not able to harvest my RBS. So, it needs to be at least $15 worth if RBS to harvest?

I trued a few times and then gave up. The price of RBS was high when I had tried to harvest. Now the price has gone down but for a little but of Blurt and BNB the returns were worth the effort.

Personally, I did not find any issues with the bridge and farm but for people who are doing this for the first time it was a bit tough. The learning curve was too high.

I think a video explaining how to swap, bridge and farm would have been better.

P.S: I am on my first solo tour across India. Please take a look at my posts!

@imransoudagar, it doesn't work on mobile for me, only with desktop and Metamask. See below screenshot, just click on the harvest button (need to be connected to Metamask first) then Metamask will popup with some confirmations, I have 9 farms so will have 9 confirmations and 9 fees of 0.50 USD, if you only have one or two farms you can harvest on a lower amount than $15, example if you only have 1 farm the fee will be approx 0.5USD, so you could harvest at $5 and lose 10% to fees.


A video would be great, I don't have the time for that but happy to upvote whoever does, please use the #blurtmob tag for any tutorials and videos and get a big upvote from @blurtmob.

I am traveling and I hano access of a desktop. I have Meta Mask and wallet connect works but does not harvest on my Android.

I will have to wait a few days to harvest.

I think that's also part of the issue I faced, not being able to get it done on mobile.

If only the step to get it done on Trust Wallet is explained better, probably I can try it out and do a text and video tutorial on it.

Yes please do! I tried trust wallet though and doesn't connect to the site. I really wanted to do it from bed so I could harvest more often, if you figure it out let me know.

Yes i too was ready on the first day , it was not a bad experience though the price and pool is decreasing with time.

Anyways I wanted to ask, did you tried swapping rbs to bblurt or anything else ? i and even @double-u , and @imransoudagar were unable to swap our rbs.

i wanted to know if you was able to do it successfully.

On the PancakeSwap Exchange page you'll need to add both RBS and BBLURT manually, using their token contract addresses.
Note that there is no direct route as there is no such swap pool. Metamask will also do the swap and also use an indirect route through some third token. Just be careful and don't do mall amounts - look at the fees carefully.

Yes i have managed to swap RBS direct to BBLURT on Pancakeswap, it doesn't work with BSC Chain Wallet, only with Metamask, if it shows insufficient balance, refresh and wait a bit sometimes takes time for pancakeswap to calc the route.

ok , i see where the problem lies now. i was using bsc and maybe that's why i was unable to swap. So now i have to move all the funds to metamask.
Thank you .

You are not really moving anything - all tokens are on chain and all contracts are on chain - Metamask just allows you to manage them :-)

You can even manage your tokens and swaps without access to the Robinia or Pancake websites.

Simply export and import private key

This is nice, I mean the opportunities coming up for Blurt and people of Blurt. I don't have up to 30k Blurt yet, so I may have to watch from the sidelines for now.

Hopefully, this and other activities will give us the push we need.

Hey I hope you get there soon, remember you can buy Blurt at good prices at exchanges if you are short a few.

Yes... Working on that already

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