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The Van Kush Family is kind of directing World Governments in MetaVerse, and BLURT can be a Gravitational Force in MetaVerse if everyone would let it, but many seem to be fighting the Van Kush Family.

We intend to make BLURT a Hub of Token and Blockchain Creation, using the Angel Airdrop ICOs many South American Governments and OAS Signatories are already well aware of. And we are trying to do some bug things using BLURT, but are running into some problems. Kind of turbulence in forming all if this.

We have been removed from the BLURTcast group 2x now, and it seems there is some kind of behind the scenes attack on us through Gossip. I would ask that this stop, as there is currently several Investigations going on, with the U.S. Federal Government, Municipalities, and even Interpol, regarding people Trolling us on the internet, to put it mildly.

But I would like BLURT to be the Platform for this, and to take up a large space in MetaVerse, along with dAppsy, and a few other Platforms, as we build Tokens and Blockchains, and teach how to Build them, connecting all the real World Businesses, Governments, Religions, etc. To the Blockchain. And I don't want BLURT to be part of it because a bunch of people got arrested for defending what the HIVE users did, and instead be something that can emerge away from that as we see the Court cases begin that will probably define Cryptocurrency and NFTs, etc, in ways unseen before.

Then I see it becomes so conducive for us 😌😹

I believe Blurt planet would be a lovely place, both environmentally and in terms of the people, who would be extremely nice, genuine, kind, and respectful.
It would be as if each person had their own little country home, which one could visit all of the little dwellings, each with its own point of attraction.
There'd be holistic health, healthy food, relaxation places.
There'd be technological advancement, financial dominance, etc.

Center of attraction would be based on an individual. He could choose any place at anytime since everywhere would be attractive at all times.
The environment would be pollution free, evergreen and natural all day long

If Blurt is a planet in the metaverse, it would be such a beautiful places where other planets would compete to be like.
The people living there would have power to control their resources.
They would live peacefully and enjoying equal opportunities.
Their knowledge would know no bound as there would be artificial intelligence working in them, such that everyone is a walking encyclopedia.

The environment would be peaceful and amiable.
It'd be colourful to behold. Cities like; AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. HONG KONG, CHINA. PARIS, FRANCE, would be there for our enjoyment. People like Putin would be far from it

If blurt happens to be a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse, It will be a place with a strong social connections where everyone is treated equally and supported without sentiments. Each community will have a rule that governs them to keep and maintain the rigid social connections among members of the communities.

The districts and places there to be visited will be the Gamestate, and would like to visit the gravity region of the Gamestate district. Another interesting place to be visited would be the Pub where everyone that visits there will be interacting with each other frequently and also maintain good social connections as strict and insulting words are not allowed in the place.

The centre of attraction would still remain the Gamestate family, community and district where every luxurious resources like gold, diamond 💎, silver, bronze which the members of the blurt planet will earn any of the resources by performing some activities!

The planetary environment will look like a greenish pastures. There will wealthy men on the planet. The wealthy men beautifies the communities by constructing huge projects with their riches! Flowers will be planted around the districts of the planet.

Thanks to you all

If Blurt becomes a planet in the metaverse, it'd be the cynosure of all eyes, the epitome of beauty and an embodiment of comfort, peace and unity.

Its streets would be streets of gold, gates of diamond and walls of pearls.

As expected of the metaverse, There would be use cases for advanced blockchain technology, Work and learning spaces that are virtual, Virtual markets and businesses, Platform expansion on social media, etc.

We'd all dwell there as brothers and sisters.
So many fun-filled places like Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Site seeing facilities and lots more.
Everything would be decentralised and controlled by individuals.

The environment would be appealing and such that would enhance longevity.

Blurt being a planet is that there's be other planets in the solar system. However, Blurt planet would be the only planet that support life. It'd be the only planet full of natural resources like; gold, silver, diamond, steel, etc, all beneficial to Blurt planet dwellers.

It'd be perfect and holistic in nature.
Would be a tranquil planet full of energy. Dwellers would be so enthusiastic and focus on achieving their goals.
There would be people from all walks of life living there, and they would coexist peacefully.
Everyone would be valuable and treated with dignity.

It'd be a place of technological literacy. Everyone would be skillful and posses knowledge of every processes outlined to take Blurt planet to a desired destination.

Blurt government would be a true democratic government, delivering upon its mandate to the people.
There'd be no sabotage and cause for fight.
Dwellers would be law abiding and purpose driven.

Beautiful places like below would be there.
images (9).jpeg
Image Source

Imagine a place of limitless possibilities.
A place where there's no sorrows and worries. A place full of hope and aspirations. A place of accomplishment. A destination of choice.
The most populated, yet sufficient enough to satisfy her dwellers.
A place of kings and queens. A place of equal opportunities. A place where everyone is somebody no matter his/her district, colour, race, educational attainment, status, etc.
Such would be Blurt if it were to be a planet in the metaverse.

Everything would be a dail away from accomplishment, that is, with the press of a button, things would get done.

Perhaps there'll be no particular place of attraction, because everywhere would be uniquely different.

The environment would be mind-blowing, colourful flowers, colourful birds, waterfalls and natural.

images (8).jpeg

Everyone would love to be there, I won't miss it either.

If it is a planet, its environment will be very beautiful.No part will be less than the planet called Earth.


As a nature lover, I'd prefer to have my eyes entertained everytime in a super awesome and greenish environment. If Blurt was to be a planet in the metaverse, I'd love Blurt to have such an environment.
It'd be a place of peace and harmony. Everyone would value, support and appreciate the existence of others.
There'll be no war, fight and protest, as everyone would be satisfied with all they'd ever need.

What districts and places would there be to visit?

People would need a place to catch fun. Recreational facilities, places for game shows, cultural displays, sports, fitness gims, and other amenities would be desirable on Blurt planet.

What would be the center of attraction?

Each time I hear of a place of attraction, I think of Dubai. A place like Dubai, well set and organized to meet the metaverse demands would be the center of attraction.

What would the planetary environment look like?

It would look like a dwelling place of the gods, full of angelic beings, and fun to behold.

As a planet in the metaverse, there'll be Real estate acquisition and monetization.
Citizens would be able to make scenes, games, and other virtual reality experiences.
We'll also be able to customize Avatars.
We'll be able to meet and collaborate with colleagues who are located far away, as well as make new friends and socialize.
Citizens would shop for both physical and virtual goods.
Concerts, trade shows, and educational events should all be attended.

We'll be traveling the world without moving.
There'll be increase in technological literacy and skills.
One would be free to connect with new people without feeling awkward

People would be able to work, play, shop, and socialize in a rich virtual space with a degree of realism.

The best places in this current earth would be made perfect and taken there.
There would be enough tourist attractions in various places to visit; zoo, swimming pools, waterfalls, beaches, movie theaters, etc.

There'll be one central incorruptible government headed by @megadrive.
Blurt would be fun!

So far, Blurt is a destination of choice among social media platforms because of it's unique qualities, value, growth and resistance to numerous attacks.

In the metaverse everything is expected to be uniquely perfect, completely decentralised, everyone is able to control his data and has equal rights and privileges. So Blurt being a planet in the metaverse means that Blurt would be a true definition of comfort and place of rest and satisfaction.
A place of total total wellbeing and wholeness.

There would be state-of-the-art educational institution, state-of-the-art medical facilities, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, state-of-the-art gamestate facilities, and lots more.

It would be a place where everyone would support one another, have fun and be creative, and freely express ourselves, with no one criticizing or dismissing the views of others.

Visitors will feel at ease and never want to leave because everyone will greet them warmly and educate them about the planet's beauty, which we must all protect regardless of how much time we have.

On the planet, there would be no pollution.
Everything would be well-organized and set up to work as it should.
Everyone would follow the law and work to get Blurt to the moon.

The center of attraction would be; the Blockchain, edge computing, and artificial intelligence facilities, etc.

It would be a place where everyone had a chance to succeed.

Places like Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China.
Venice, Italy. Banff National Park, Canada.
Great Ocean Road, Australia.
Machu Picchu.
Pamukkale, Turkey. Dubai, UAE and lots of other beautiful places would be there to visit.

Blurt would be a tranquil place filled with life and longevity, if it were a planet in the metaverse.
I'd be a place where everyone feel the essence of belonging. No one would be sidelined because of social status, race, educational qualifications, etc. The needy would be well taken care of should that visitors won't be able to differentiate between the wealthy and the less privileged.

Government would function effectively, delivering the full diffidence of democracy. There'll be accountability and effective representation.

There would be individuals from all walks of life living there, and they would cohabit harmoniously. Any and all recommendations, as well as conversation on any issue, would be greatly appreciated.

It would be a place where everyone had an equal chance.
It would be a place where we can all support one another, have fun and be creative, express ourselves freely, and no one criticizes or dismisses the opinions of others.

It would be a planet where visitors will feel at ease and never want to leave because everyone will greet them warmly and educate them about the beauty of the planet, which we must all protect regardless of how much time we have.

There would be no pollution on the planet.
Everything would be well organized and set to function accordingly.
Everyone would be law abiding and willing to get Blurt to the moon.

In fact, it'd be like Heaven on Earth.

If Blurt was a planet in the metaverse, I believe it would be a lovely area, both environmentally and in terms of the people, who would be extremely polite, genuine, kind, and respectful.
It would be as if each person had their own little hamlet, in which you could visit all of the little residences, each with its own set of things to discuss.
The place I'd stay, would contain various houses, some of which would be devoted to holistic health, some to healthy food, and others to entertainment.
Other communities would focus on technology, money, or whatever else they can think of.
The most crucial aspect is that it be pleasant, open, and truthful.
Depending on their specific interests, everyone would have their own center of attention, yet no one would be left out.

There would be places to visit, as well as goods to present as offerings, where some could be eager to help others.

Citizens would be super creative, just like me, creating this wonderful gif below:

giphy (1).gif

I love Blurt and would love to see Blurt in the metaverse!

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Reminded me of the movie Ready Player One. Since Blurt's color is orange, I start it with a touch of orange to distinguish it from other planetary metaverse (although, I personally would like something blue or light green since it's much nicer or gentler on the eyes).

I love nature so I prefer a lot of greenery. But since it's Blurt's planet, I guess it would have to do with something on about Blurt culture of being something friendly and has built-in anti-abuse mechanisms.

What districts and places would there be to visit?

I'm a sport fan and people would need a place to do some indoor or outdoor sports. Outdoor basketball courts, socker stadium, etc., would be something I'd be looking for in Blurt's planet .

What would be the center of attraction?

First thing that came to mind is Tokyo tower. So a tower-like figure I guess where people can go up and see things below. On the other side to this, something below a sea or earth would be something I'm curious of seeing as well.

What would the planetary environment look like?

As mentioned at the start of this post, I'll be looking for something greenery or something by the sea to spend time with family and friends.

Yeah we have the same vision. I love nature so I would love blurt color with green.

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wow this is a very good idea, this is very cool to apply in the blurt world.

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If Blurt was a planet in the metaverse,
Blurt would be a serene world brimming with life and vitality. The people who live there would come from all walks of life and coexist peacefully. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, and discussion on any topic would be encouraged.

It would, in my opinion, be a place where everyone has equal opportunity.
It would be a place where we all support each other, where we can have fun and be creative, where we can express ourselves freely and where no one criticizes or dismisses the views of others.

It would be a planet where visitors will feel at peace and never want to leave since all of the inhabitants will greet them warmly and teach them about the beauty of this planet, which we must all protect regardless of the amount of time we have.

The planet would be free of pollution.

It will be really nice, I will have the opportunity of visiting many places.
Despite being an imaginary environment, I will explore every district and places around.
With my beautiful avatar, meeting my friends, playing games and having a nice time.
I know Gamestate will make it, a dream come true.
If all of us here , finds ourself on Gamestate. It will be amazing 😍😍😍

How can I contact you? We are experiencing difficulties installing the witness node and need some help. Thank you very much and have a great start into your week!

Can You help me with what’s involved in a witness @outofthematrix

You have to set up your own server with the "blurt software" runninng on it. It is all in Linux command line. My admin and I have been sitting on it for weeks now... very complicated....

I don’t even know how to run a server but I do feel a bit called to do this

If you have no programming skills, it will be impossible...😕

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hi please join and request support in one of the witness channels there. Our more technical witnesses will respond.

The planet called Blot will be a light just like your image. Whose light will be pleasant and lively. Wherever the light falls, the coldest environment will be created. The light of which will spread all over the world, in every country, in every district. We don't have to visit its place, but the luminous planet called Blot will come to all of us inshaAllah. Its main attraction will be its rules and regulations and its income, which is completely different from other platforms. Its environment will be very smooth and beautiful. I love Blatt Platform very much and I love some of the buddy personal bugs of this platform who are going to support small users like us.

Good question dear sir 🥰

How do we perceive the world? Through our senses, including our eyes. But that’s this world, this planet Earth, complete with people and objects made of atoms. We see the Earth-based world with our eyes. Now take a massive leap. What if there was another place, other than our atom-based world, say a byte-based world we could experience using augmented senses?

That’s a step into the metaverse. And there are many locations to choose from once you’re there.

If there’s one thing we should have learned in the last 50 years, it’s to never underestimate and casually dismiss fads – especially technology-based fads. This is another one of those times.

One obvious metaverse application will be in entertainment. Instead of listening to a concert in person or even online, we’ll enjoy a shared experience as our avatars are elbow-to-elbow with our friends and all the other attendees that bought their ticket and showed up in this metaverse concert venue.

What about office work? Thanks to the metaverse, office work-from-home will be a thing of the past. No, we won’t necessarily be back in the physical office; we’ll be working and meeting in a metaverse-enabled shared space, elbow-to-elbow this time with our co-workers or potential clients.

If BLURT were a planet, it will be glowing orange with green when the Humans from the earth will look at it through refractor telescope.

What would the planetary environment look like?

Glowing Orange of course it represents the color of the blurt and green shows that the planet is full of life.

What districts and places would there be to visit?

Districts and places comes with blurtlatam, blurthispano, blurtgerman, blurtpilipinas and more while the center of attraction will be the Gamestate where the people can go shopping, party, amusement, kids park and also with beautiful beaches.

Blurt planet will be the place of the entire human race with only one rule PEACE and FREEDOM.

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Glowing Orange of course it represents the color of the blurt and green shows that the planet is full of life.

I second this as I mentioned in my just recent comment here.

Oh yes, I love nature too so greeny Blurt planet would be awesome.

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if the orange color combined with the green color, maybe it is very interesting and very good.

Blurt would be a peaceful planet full of life and vibrancy. The inhabitants would come from all walks of life and co-exist in harmony. All ideas would be welcomed and discussion on any subject would be encouraged.

The library of knowledge, the theater of visual delights and last but not least, Chez Blurt would be the main attractions. Anything and everything could be found in the library. For those wishing to relax or learn visually, the theater is for you. Once you become hungry you'll visit the Chez Blurt bistro where all the delicacies of the world are at your fingertips.

The main attraction would be you of course. Choosing how to spend your time how you wish is up to you. Helpful citizens may offer you their suggestions. This is the best way to determine what to see and do.

The planet itself would be lush, green and clean. People are seeking out such a world and this is what we deliver. This is why our tourism industry is booming along with our population!

This is a very beautiful thing. I think it will be like a village where there will be plants and everything we need. Everyone will know each other and there will be enough food and help each other. Our planet will be an amazing friend! Thanks.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Blurt in the metaverse as a planet

  • what it would look like


Image is from a previous post I made last week. The locations are based on the fees drop box
Post link

It would be round like most planet and have a futuristic view to it. And similar outlook as earth.

  • What districts will be there to visit
    As indicated in the image those will be the major districts while some not mentioned can be found within the blurt capital territory "Blurt"
  • What would be the center of attraction.
    That I will say would be the blurt capital territory. It contains more districts within and its main attraction would be an information central hub like wikipedia with amazing contents to view and talents in different languages. And also advance technological centers both programing and machinery.
  • what would the environment be like.
    It will be have lots of green conducive weathers some hot or cold. With seasons and beautiful flowers.

Blurt as a planet in the metaverse will be fun to visit as it has vast knowledge to gain but not only that, also plenty sports and event to do in a futuristic like place.

Blurt to the future we go

Thank you for the opportunity for us to express our imagination on our community in the metaverse

If Blurt were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse, I believe it would be a place where there are opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, race, creed, gender, religion or nationality.

It would be a place where we all help each other, a fun and creative place, where we can express ourselves freely and no one criticizes anyone and everyone respects the opinions of others.

It would be a planet where people who arrive will feel at ease and will never want to leave again because all the inhabitants will give them a warm welcome and will teach them all the goodness of this planet that we all must take care of regardless of the time we have.

Every inhabitant should take care of this beautiful environment and promote love for nature's resources.

From time to time we would have parties to have fun and get to know each other better.

We would also have an office where the inhabitants of this beautiful planet would go to clarify any concerns we have or any ideas we want to contribute so that the planet remains a nice place for everyone.

Wow, I love this publication, because it allows us to express our initiatives, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas.

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Wow! I actually researched and wrote something about metaverse shopping recently and I was like "What if the whole world becomes a metaverse space?" 😂 I felt like I was making a too big wish and here is the question again.

Blurt, a planet in the metaverse? That would be super cool really. If I'm to start listing how amazing it would be for all blurtians, this comment section won't be enough 😅 but I'm still going to let my imaginations run wild.

Well, I think blurt would be bigger with a greater connection among its members and it would be so much fun for me to just go see any member I wish to see with no much stress 😅

I'll visit a lot of places in the world, to be specific... Places I've never been to.

And I must make sure of something, I'll make my avatar super cool 😂


No, not this... Far cool than this 😍 just thinking about a metaverse world of Blurt gives me so much excitement and it would be super amazing if it comes to reality.

Thanks for this question sir... Is anything being done to make this come true? 🙈

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Wow, this is great!!

Base from where I'm from. I think it would be like a village in the jungle that has everything you need. Everybody knows each other and we'd have good food, good friends and share everything with each other. We'd support each other, it doesn't matter we were different and disagree sometimes but friends always forgive their friend. And we'd have good leaders. I'm sure our planet would be amazing!!

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What a creative questions you have asked sir. I am trying to reply them. Please have a look.

If Blurt were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse, it will look like a hilarious and creative place. Where I would like to prefer living with you and all blurt community members embers.

If there would be a district, it would be instablurt where we can buy blurt brand things.

Of course, the center of attraction would be "Blurt Blog" definitely.

The planetary environment would look like a place which we don't want to leave at any cost.

Posted from

I think it would be like hollow earth. Only known by those who are ready for it’s freedom, always present but unseen till the time is right for you to know of its existence. Once found a community where one another chooses to live in a different way and give to and support one another’s growth.

Blurt would just overtake all other social media platforms, even Facebook.

Kudos for your good works here sir

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if blurt is planet metavers I think it's something beautiful and new. and it's fun because we can visit various planets and various districts or cities, but what I prioritize most is visiting the cities of my friends and communities in blurt and also increasing brotherhood among blurt friends by developing the city together

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If Blurt were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse it will look so so fascinating and awesome I bet you. It will be a very beautiful community with different people having one goal and that is to achieve the best out of the world.

I'd love to visit all the district, not leaving anyone out😜. I love exploring so it would be really fun for me🥰🥰.

The center of attraction would be the best team on the planet that bring more team together 🤭😁. In other words I mean the center of attraction would be people 😊😊.

The planet will look beautiful both in and out. It will be so welcoming to all.

Nice questions sir🥰🥰, it was really fun giving my answer.

Posted from

If Blurt were a planet in the metaverse, it would be something great and fantastic, since there would be no time, no limit in space, we could be from one space to another in just a second, we could travel to different places, visit the people we read today, our friends and other users meet them with their different avatars that each one will develop.

That in each space you will have the things you like, apart from an apprenticeship every day, be it cooking, favorite movies, restaurants, your space that you will show others, it is that magical place where you will always want to be that is just BLURT .. .

Yeah, it will be fun fun and togetherness all the way.

Posted from

Yes... :)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Blurt would be much more beautiful if it were a multi-planetary metaverse.
It will be much better environmentally and will be beautiful.
Visiting any place or country will be very competitive. These things seem very good to me.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment.

Yeah, with all these beautiful ideas put together, it will be fabulous.

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I think if Blurt is a planet in a multi-planet metaverse, it's very interesting and very extraordinary.

as for what to have or what to visit if blurt in the metaverse world is maybe we can visit fellow blurt users from various countries, for example we visit our blurt park at a restaurant at home in the field or while playing a game.
it's very interesting for me and for all of us as blurt users.

Oh yeah,I won't miss that park at all. I love having fun 💃💃.

Posted from

let's have fun

What will it look like?

My answers are cinematic and as thus would be a little bit comical 😊

Blurt would look like an advance digital decentralized Community which would be called BlurtVerse where every user (humans) are busy creating other sub Universe, enlarging the blurtverse daily.

If blurt was a planet then @megadrive, @saboin, @tekraze and few others would compound the galaxy. I will be one of the growing stars.

Offcourse there would be doppelgangers too so we'd have the likes of megadrive(x) and megadrive prime.. "x" could represent any number of megadrives.

Districts to be visited

We'd have blurt communities which would be known as districts such as @blurtconnect, @blurtmob, @blurtafrica

Planetary environment

Finally the planetary environment would be dominated by users with high blurt power (BP) and the environment would be painted and beautified by quality contents.

Blurtverse would be a center of attraction afterwards 😊

Thanks for reading ✅

This was a good reply, you're doing great dear.

Posted from

Thanks so much @hopestylist

You're welcome dear.

Posted from

I’ve been thinking of districts which are each run by a DAO.

Districts is actuallt a rly interesting idea, where did I see a bunch of districts wifh unique things in each like a theme park etc was a rly cool idea

I think it's a nice idea that can be incorporated too✅

If Blart were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse, it would be much prettier and look extraordinary. It must visit all the earth. Because everyone loves blurt. The center of attraction will be the value of the blurt will increase further. And the environment of the planet will be very beautiful plants will be full. Your post has been beautiful because it will definitely bring out a lot of good ideas from people's minds.


Your post has been beautiful because it will definitely bring out a lot of good ideas from people's minds.

I can't agree less, reading through your reply it explains it all.

Posted from

Omg, I love this.

So I think it would be a beautiful place, both environmentally as well as people would be super nice, authentic, kind and respectful.
It would be like every person has their own little village, in which you could visit all the little dwellings, that has different topics to talk about, or see film/pictures about, and have little talks.
Like my village would have different dwellings, and some would be a place for holistic health, others healthy food, while you also find some fun.
While other villages would be more like technology, or finance or whatever they come up with.

Every person would have their own personal choice of 'center of attention', depending on what they are interested in, yet no one would be left out. We would give respect to everyone who put their effort in it.

There would be places to go, where some may be there to help others, what to choose as their offerings.

I so love this world already.
The most important thing about is, that it is peaceful, transparent and honest.

This is a cross between blurt and decentraland

I love you idea, a place where people will feel safe that's awesome.

Thank you for sharing this with us 😍😍.

Posted from

Omg that’s quite cool, everyone gets to be mayor of their own village and shape it how they wish! Genius!

Partner with decentraland 😅👀

Welcome to my world 🙏🏻💗🙌🏻

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Blurt would be a system of planets with free access, where each one would be a label, you could travel from one place to another very quickly. You would have to visit each artistic or literary expression, opinions and discussions, each user would have an incredible place. The main attraction would be the freedom to be yourself, with no pressure and no signaling. The environment would be an odd number of rings, like the ones formed for many more places to visit..

Blurt sería un sistema de planetas con accesos libres, donde cada uno sería una etiqueta, pudieras viajar de un lugar a otro muy rápidamente. Habría que visitar cada expresión artística o literaria, opiniones y discusiones, cada usuario tendría un lugar increíble. La atracción principal sería la libertad de ser uno mismo, sin presiones ni señalamientos. El entorno sería un número impar de anillos, como los de conformados para muchos más lugares para visitar.

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This is nice, good view😍😍.

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There are basically four questions and their answers are in below:

01- If Blurt were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse, it will look like a harmonious and peaceful. Where everyone can live and let live others freely.

02- There would be the district of "Dubai" where everyone increases and grows nicely without any pressures.

03- Of course, the center of attraction would be "Blurt Blog" definitely.

04- The planetary environment would look like a place which we don't want to go anywhere.

Thanks a lot sir for this opportunity!

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Awesome ideas friend 👍👍.

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If Blurt were a planet in a multi-planetary metaverse what would it look like?
Answer: A virtual world that interact with the real world, enhanced by AR & AI, and biotech.

What districts and places would there be to visit?
Answer: I'd definitely love to visit Archeological sites, Wonders of the world, imagine a world where you could have a beachside conversation with your colleagues, take meeting notes while floating around a space station or fun time with your family while skydiving 🤠

What would be the center of attraction?
Answer: It's going to be BLURT definitely.

What would the planetary environment look like?
Answer: The most beautiful place you'll never want to ever leave.

Nice points @yateghteghs. I'm loving your idea.

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Actually we have a spacestation already as a central point of interplanetary travel 😀 good ideas.

Yeah, it will be really nice.

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First of all if blurt would have been planet it would have been a peaceful planet for sure unlike what the current status of Earth is we would have been totally different.

I think there would have been so many places to visit for example a blurt garden where people would come and plant trees and earn blurt.

There would have been a witness office where all the witnesses would come together and discuss for making blurt a better place.

As we stand for decentralisation i would not say that the center of attraction will be your or jacob or any other team member house.

I think as we stand for Decentralisation the center of attraction would have been something that will not be owned by anyone and it will be open for all the people.

I think a huge amusement and water park with so many trees that give peace to mind would have been the center of attraction. People irrespective of age , gender , colour , religion , or any other aspect would be allowed to come and enjoy there.

Wow this was a small but great post as it will fetch many good ideas out of people's mind for sure.

Thank You

Yeah, these questions are thought provoking questions indeed.

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yes please I would like my house to be private! 😀

Hahaha 😄, I like that👍.

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Yeah, it will 🥰.

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