Story Time: You Got Schooled

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So one day, little Emi came home from school crying. She was so upset and she entered the house fuming. She threw her bag on the floor which called the attention of her mother.


Her mother noticed the whole thing and grew a little worried. She came right beside her to try and console her. She was worried that Emi has been bullied or something like that.

"Emi, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" She gently asked her with a calm and soothing voice.

Emi pouted and gathered her thoughts for a bit. And then she answered...

"I got punished by my teacher for something I didn't do. It's just so unfair."

Her mother was taken aback and felt for her daughter, "That's insane. Don't worry, I'll call your teacher up right now to straighten things out."

She pulled out her phone browsed on her contacts.

"By the way Emi, so what was this thing that you didn't do?"

Emi looked up to her mother and replied...

"My homework. "


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oh dear, hehehe!