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That's almost worth $470!
I guess this is another buying opportunity... if there's a future here. I sure hope there is!

I will continue buying... I like it here and I am not going anywhere! 🤙❤️

What if those in charge take your funds, like they have with some people? Or what if the image server goes offline? What if the front ends stop being supported? All those things are very real possibilities now. At least you are only putting in a few bucks here and there... if it goes to zero it doesn't matter much! You aren't trying to pay your bills with content-creation. Those of us who really went big with our investment and our content and our time have paid a huge price. Paying even more if there is no future here would just be suicide for such people.

Hello @outofthematrix
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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Thanks guys! It is much appreciated! 🙏

Mutig soviel in einen Shitcoin zu investieren. Wünsche dir viel Glück.

Spielgeld... Ist ein Hobby von mir 🤙.. Außerdem war jeder Coin mal ein Shitcoin.. 😉

Die wahrscheinlich teuerste Pizza der Welt. Der 22. Mai ist bis heute als „Bitcoin Pizza Day“ bekannt. An diesem Tag im Jahr 2010 lieferte der Student Jeremy Sturdivant zwei Pizzen von „Papa John's“ aus und erhielt dafür 10.000 Bitcoin – die er für einen Roadtrip ausgab.