Another Powerup of 2500 Blurt power 🔋 Ein weiterer Power-Up von 2500 Blurt-Power ENG/GER

in blurt •  2 months ago 

And yet again, I just powered up another 2500 Blurt power! Just bought me some some Blurt in the dip! I will probably buy further Blurt this week..

Ich habe es wieder getan! Ich habe gerade weitere 2500 Blurt-Power aufgepowert! Habe mir gerade noch ein wenig Blurt im Dip zugelegt! Ich werde wahrscheinlich diese Woche weitere Blurt kaufen.

If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :


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We must motivate all users to power up, your growth on the platform is very interesting. Keep growing, Blurt ON.

Thanks so much! 🙏🏽🌞

keep growing

Congrats, well made!!

Thanks mate!

How much is 2500 blurt worth currently ?

About 20/22 bucks...