Another Powerup of 4700 Blurt power 🔋 Ein weiterer Power-Up von 4700 Blurt-Power ENG/GER

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And yet again, I just powered up another 4700 Blurt power so now I have a total of 93695 BP. 10000 of that BP is a generous delegation from my BFAM @world-travel-pro. He promised me, I could keep it another 230 weeks! 😂😜

Ich habe es wieder getan! Ich habe gerade weitere 4700 Blurt-Power aufgepowert, also habe ich jetzt insgesamt 93695 BP. 10000 dieser BP sind eine großzügige Delegation von meinem BFAM @world-travel-pro. Er hat mir versprochen, ich könnte es noch 230 weitere Wochen behalten! 😂😜


If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :

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That is great to see brother! Been busy at the tribe now traveling so, trying to catch up. You are doing so well here, and making a big difference. Huge potential for blurt in the next bull market which could only lay ahead of us at this point.


Hey where’s best place to get Blurt?

I’m in USA.

I’ve added by trading Hive with people I trust but I should just figure out a regular way. I wanna add here.

I use

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Very nice! Adding more BP, while also keeping your Voting Power above 90%, ensures the value of your vote doesn't drop much during this nasty bear market. I'm still dishing out about 0.3 USD at a time, not too bad. I guess that means your full upvotes are currently worth about 11 cents, sweeeet.

Thanks mate! I'm a red, almost dead fish over on Hive! 😂😂😂😂

Hahaha, nice : D
I am down to 3000 there, 1000 liquid and 2000 powered up. I am using the HP to downvote Marky comments... currently none of his comments are paying out anymore (he used to make a lot there), and his posts are making a tiny fraction of what they once were. He is falling in rank as other whales grow past him. He is always making more and more enemies out of good people. He's the real dead fish of Hive!

Congratulations on your powerup 🎉🎉
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@world-travel-pro does cool things haa

btw what does BFAM mean? 👀

It means: brother fom another mother... The 230 weeks is a running gag... He promised me 13...😜

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Thanks again guys! 🙏