Open Letter to the Blurt Foundation

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Dear valued Blurt Foundation members,

today, I am turning to you as a rank 28 witness voted by the virtual inhabitants of Blurt.

First up, I want to thank you guys so much for creating and nurturing this beautiful and colorful place! Many a good freedom seeking blogger has found a home here, where they can be themselves and freely express their thoughts.

Nevertheless, I am in severe worry. 2 years ago, there seemed to have been a public statement by the foundation, that marked the end of it's work on the 7th of July 2022 (I heard about this the first time, just days ago).

Ex whale @double-u brought this topic back to the table 4 days ago here:

One of the most valued community members @practicalthought has already written 2 posts about this topic in the past days (but he is not the foundation):

Now, I don't know about the details and I am not a technical blockchain expert, but what I am personally experiencing, is that the atmosphere has become quite a bit more tense and many bloggers are not as active anymore, as they were before.

Quite a few have expressed themselves more concretely, announcing their power down and/or exodus from Blurt, if nothing happens. I want to especially mention the accounts @ctime, @mariuszkarowski and @mmmmkkkk311 at this point. All 3 are good accounts that are strongly supporting the community in any way they know how...

I am worried, that this will lead to a so-called uncontrolable 'domino effect' and I don't think any one of us wants this!!

Up until today, the Blurt Foundation has made no statement to this issue. Please don't get me wrong! The Foundation is still absolutely crutial for the infrastructural survival of Blurt and removing the Foundation from all of its tasks over night would be absolute madness! That is my humble opinion...

My plea to you guys: Please make a statement in any form whatsoever! Give the people of Blurt the confidence back, that has been diminishing these days... For the sake of Blurt!

Many of us have seen what Justin Sun did to Steemit, many of us have seen what the whales did to Hive (I was right in the middle of it!).

Let us show them all, that Blurt is different!
Let us show them all, that Blurt really is better!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Yours sincerely,

Tom (outofthematrix)

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :


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Nicely said. We have to keep Blurt a peaceful place. And it has been a while since I looked at witness votes, so I have voted for you. (And I see you have already voted for me). Cheers!

Thanks a lot mate! I am not taking sides... I just want Blurt to work out for everyone here... I just hope all parties get off the gas pedal a little bit and start to realize, that we are all in this together...🙏

I have read some posts about this issue and I'm really gettimg worried about the fate of blurt. In as much as i reinstat my commitments and desire for this platform to keep striving; i must also be truthful to myself and my conscience. So relevant questions need to be asked; what was the nature of the agreement between the foundation and the people in question? They should simply come to terms and STOP making people shake here

Just came back to this post 2 days later. My BFAM! Hats off to you again for making this post and getting the ball rolling in what I see in a good open dialague direction with a cool calm level head approach. I certainly put money where my mouth is and you have too. So thanks again for doing what you can when you can. Means and says a lot....thank you.

... Doing what I can my BFAM... 🍀🙏 I want Blurt to be THE PLACE on the internet for everybody!

This is a nice way to communicate concern in the community and I a will always be on team communication.

From my reading and understanding though this whole issue is built on a lie or a miss understanding. I am leaning towards lie which presents motive because of the way it was done though.

There has never been a promise or a statement that the foundation will be disbanding in 2 years. This has to be understood by all. This simple fact makes all of this confusion very unneccary.

The fact is that a regent account was created at the start of blurt and transparently communicated that it was here. This accounts sole purpose was to vote for trusted witnesses. Trust does not mean controllable or a cabal, I know many of the witness are individuals that share different ideas of how blurt should be and how they use blurt. But the trust is in that they will not hijack blurt or allow blurt to be hijacked by the likes of justin sun or some whale here that did not get his way in controlling how people use their stake and now wants to push his will.

This regent account will have 0 weight in voting for witnesses by next month. And if I understand correctly most of this weight is already gone, so little will change in the witness voting as it is now organically transitioned into real voter weights.

But if as a community we feel that we need to still have this regent account to safe guard the chain from attacks like we are seeing now then we can vote to lengthen the term of the regent.

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Thanks a lot guys! 🙏

Have voted you as the witness.

Posted from

Thank you so much! It is much appreciated! 🍀

Hi, the foundation will put out correspondence in due course, we will not do it under duress, and since we have come under attack by a party with a significant stake to control the network with calls for us to step aside to ensure such control can be put into effect, we wish to take our time in responding appropriatley,

Please note there is some misconception that the foundation would down tools and stop providing services after the 24-month period has come to pass, this is not the case.

Ok, thanks a lot for your reply! It is much appreciated! 🙏🌞

Imaginary Foundation under imaginary attack, please answer if I'm wrong

Please wait for our official reply

I will. Thank you

It's true that we can't safely transition in a couple weeks as originally promised and planned. So I am not in favour of suddenly kicking the foundation out on their ass. That would be suicide for this place.

And the foundation knew this. That's why they have kept very quiet about it, and even about their existence. Almost nobody here, even dolphins and whales, knows about it, or knows who is part of it, or knows about the plan and the deadline.

I understand why you feel sad - we now see that either Blurt is going to fall apart, or we are going to have to accept that it is run by people who are not being fully transparent, and not following through with their promises and plans. It puts us in a slightly less happy position than we believed we were in.

I join you in calling for MUCH better communication on these matters. Either they have been a little dishonest, or they have dropped the ball a few times now. Either way, I have paused by BLURT purchases until the situation is resolved. I will not power down, yet.

I call for a temporary truce, as the foundation (hopefully) finds a way to communicate openly with the community on major issues that impact us all, like this looming deadline. There is a way this could be fixed and I really hope we begin going down that road immediately.

Hi, the foundation will put out correspondence in due course, we will not do it under duress, and since we have come under attack by a party with a significant stake to control the network with calls for us to step aside to ensure such control can be put into effect, we wish to take our time in responding appropriatley,

Please note there is some misconception that the foundation would down tools and stop providing services after the 24-month period has come to pass, this is not the case.

Thanks for taking the time to write this. Very well said. Re-blurted.

Thanks mate! 🙏 I hope it is read...

What happens if the foundation stops anyone know?

I think that will be critical. And we may see a lot of bugs on frontends. Interesting who will fix that so. I prefer them to stay no matter what. Because those who want them to go don't have blockchain developers. It's depending on what I learned. I cam still be mistaken. Correct me anyone. But I'm almost sure about this.

What do you mean?

He means, that if they would step aside right away... But this won't be the case👍

Well, all I know, is that they operate all the servers... This wouldn't be good for the frontend, images and wallet...

Up until today, the Blurt Foundation has made no statement to this issue.

Are they hiding behind woman's skirt's ?
Political correctness and double-speak ?

As if so ,.. it is time to power down and leave this " libtart social club " .

lolo- have you seen this piece or retarded junk ?
(created by socialgraph via another account - they funded it, blurt foundation - mega tekraze, et al...)

I'll do a post about it later, and employ 4 of my brain cells to eviscerate it and make the authors appear as stupid as they must be, to write such bilge...bless...

The deathblow to Blurt ... from two Indian knights in white armor , defending a imaginary lady sitting high up in a ivory tower , it is .
Where i can see vague evidence that this tower and lady might have bin put in place and are under control by outside forces that want to destroy Blurt . But that will be impossible to proof , so we can only guess with the info we have .

Like making a critical comment on a post from Opidia will instantly trigger one of the knights to come out and defend Opi true very bulling ( according to the Anti bulling bully watch post ) comments towards the critic ,.. very telling , hilarious ( if it wasn't the wanna be dictators forming and controlling the foundation of the whole platform ) and can be seen as " very good customer service thank you .

Hey buddy, I think you are on the wrong platform

I see it as a warning to me ,.. a very bullying warning . Can i file a complain somewhere ,.. against bully watch for bullying ?

Im now on a list with 3 others- to have their accounts frozen !

Seen and did read a lot today ,.. the connection to hive-watchers ,.. and the obedience to there request's by some blurt founders under influence ( or should i say horny spell ? ) of a evil pixie . A evil webcam pixie with client's in high up places on blurt and hive . ,.. All to silence a innocent penguin .

Fuck it , they created a big ass down vote button on Blurt ,. and kept it only for themselves to dictate and abuse at every "ect." they consider hurtful to their fragile feelings .
The other cases seem to be more about the freedom to do Business with in the given framework or structure , very sad development , and ugly to see " cleverness " shoot it self true the head again .

Ready to board sir , she's loaded and running smooth .



lol...this feels a bit like deja vu, doesn't it matey ?

Even the value of my upvotes is exactly the same .
But i am still on some over all profit with my total blurt coin holdings .
I bought the most at 0.0006 cent just before the rise .

If all repeats again like on hive ,.. the prize will rise one day again .
In the mean time , lets have some fun .
( i know , it's not really funny seeing so much snow melt , as we didn't ask for this shit show , but we might as well make the best of it true humor and laughter )

Please stay calm mate... I hope everything will turn to a better and can be resolved! 🙏🍀

Calm ,.. that is the most dangerous state to find me in ,..
It means i am done communicating and got the info to proceed or act on .
Even if the info was kept vague and telling me nothing in a avoiding kind of way .

But no worry's , i still see potential for Blurt ,.. no need to power down and give up .
You reaching place 28 on the witness list is a damn good sign for it's future .
So i recommend to take good use of the dip and hodl up on Blurt .

Classic and new liberals just will have to accept their differences and find a way for all to thrive well on this platform . I believe we can do this ,.. without leaders and rulers standing over us .

You've got the big sarcasm button on there mate... I don't think tekraze understood you... It is a language barrier thing... ;)

Are you really sure it is only sarcasm you see ,.. ;-)

That song is a classic! ❤️

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Thanks guys! 🙏