Uvala Čifnata and the old city center of Rab 🏝️🇭🇷 Uvala Čifnata und die Altstadt von Rab ENG/GER

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Yesterday, we visited a beautiful beach called 'Uvala Čifnata' with fine sand. Fine sand beaches are extremely rare in Croatia! The beach is in the middle of nowhere and thus doesn't have much tourist traffic...

In the afternoon, we were in the beautiful old city center of Rab in our hotel enjoying the pool.

Gestern besuchten wir einen wunderschönen Strand namens „Uvala Čifnata“ mit feinem Sand. Feine Sandstrände sind in Kroatien äußerst selten! Der Strand liegt mitten im Nirgendwo und hat daher nicht viel Touristenverkehr...

Am Nachmittag waren wir in der wunderschönen Altstadt von Rab in unserem Hotel und genossen den Pool.

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Thanks so much guys 🙏❤️

Clothing mostly optional! ; D

32 degrees celsius... No clothes needed!!! 👍🏽😉🌞🌊🐙🐚🇭🇷🏝️

We are running 51 degrees here in India

Hehehe, nice. It's a little warmer here in BC Canada right now, but I'm nowhere near a beach so that looks amazing.