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There seems to be some very chapped users here who are extremely upset that their ability to speak on someone else's post can be taken from them. There tends to be an underlying commonality among these users, who feel as if they have somehow been cheated by an authors ability to mute them from commenting on their posts.

That commonality involves a constant barrage of varying degrees to disagreement, often employing the same pejoratives that are often not conducive to any form of meeting of the minds. Often the use of such goes far in ensuring there will be no meeting of minds as it will tend to push the focus of such into a defensive position.

I note that many who protest this new mute feature are ones in many areas I hold to be of higher intelligence than the average bear. So I lean towards the notion that they pursue such endeavors understanding beforehand that their methods are more likely to cause embarrassment and anger towards the focus of their repeated examination.

And by extrapolation, the apparent need to vocalize their pejorative argument(s) is only fulfilling if they can present their view to those who for whatever reason are aligning with the focus of their discontent.

It seems this way to myself as there is nothing preventing one from writing their own counter on their own blog, which we have seen being done even before this new mute feature was introduced. As well as taken to a new extreme since with a mock account of one of the founders being created.

Since ones ability to say whatever one wants about whomever one wants was not taken away, it appears evident that it is direct access to those followers of the target that is the result of this frustration.

The ability to attack and embarrass another in their own house if you would.

The reactions by some I've seen over the ability of an author to restrict denigrating remarks and sometimes arguments that have nothing to do with the topic of the post reminds me of this famous scene from a movie called Fatal Attraction.

I find it interesting to see this reaction, probably because I've always viewed Blurt (and Hive and Steem before that) as a blogging platform, which is only one component of this. I've never been big on the social platforms such as Fakebook and Twitter etc, so am unaware of what is possible there as far as limiting who can see ones activities and participate in them.

In the blogging world however, it's not only possible but common for a blogger to moderate their comment sections to prevent

  • Those with an axe to grind who for whatever reason need to denigrate one on every post to make their world seem complete.

  • Spammers seeking to increase backlinks (because they don't understand the Penguin update at Google) or to redirect those there into their own similarly focused sites.

It has been mentioned that those who do such a thing as blocking one from participating on their posts are of weak nature, afraid to concede their positions as wrong etc.

I find it just as likely that those who utilize this tool don't believe they are in error and find the circular arguments that are often the same disagreement tiring, as well as thinking the opposition is an asshole for their use of pejoratives in a bid to elicit an emotional response so the target can then be further ridiculed for being human and reacting to the constant prodding.

At some point it seems one who is doing the prodding would ascertain from their continued probing that there will be no meeting of the minds, and that as we often see little more than growing hostilities are the result.

To what end?

What does this serve?

Only those who have this need to constantly deconstruct the object of their displeasure can answer this.

It seems to me that in many of the current objections the focus of the discontent is well aware of the thoughts these folks hold. That much like a song that one used to love gets overplayed on the radio so much one no longer likes the song, there comes a point where these circular exchanges have outlived their purpose.

While I'm not huge on the idea of blocking folks personally and mostly have because I wanted to weed out low effort posters (in my own judgment system) I do understand why one might wish to.

I can remember back when the Berniesanders account was warring on FTG and LyndsayBowes. I finally had to mute one of his alts (it might have been his LydsayBlows account). He was spamming so many penis sex gifs on my comment section my computer was freezing trying to load my own post.

The only way I could prevent this freezing was to mute that account.

If i had the ability to block those from my comment section you can bet I would have so others who followed me would not encounter the same freezing and then choose to not read my post because it wasn't worth all of that freezing.

I do think the world would be a little better if many had a thicker skin. I sometimes wish others could understand that if someone is constantly critiquing you to levels of absurdity and appealing to an emotional mob, that can help one achieve credibility among those who are not prone to being pulled into the emotional energy of the mob.

An understanding that often the best way forward is to give as much rope to those who insist one must battle and allow them to paint a picture for the spectators on who they really are. This will also serve as a magnet in identifying others one is not aligned with as they seek to prop up the agitator and encourage them to sing that song one more time despite how many times it got played today.

I do find it telling how some of those who are grumbling about this latest feature have for quite some time now done little more than talk about how bad this chain is. Yet here they still are, coming here sometimes multiple times daily to discuss how much they dislike this place they can't stop coming to.

Here at Blurt we don't have the artificial reputation system. The reputation one has is derived solely from the value others attach to you.

This means the burden is on each of us to cultivate and grow the audience we have. You have the freedom to write whatever you want on your own blog, the freedom to open or limit (as in alignment with the rest of the blogging world) your own comment section as you see fit.

If you need certain people within anothers comment section to read your counterpoints, the burden is on you to attract them to your own blog where you can make all the counters/pejoratives you need to complete your day so you can be a happy camper knowing the eyes you needed to digest your thoughts have done so.

The last point here on this is I doubt very many folks will be muted/blocked unless they have been purposely agitating the one who blocked them. This might be an indication one should change their engagement methods to one that is not as prone to seeking to put the other on the defensive.

And if you find yourself blocked and see no reason for it, perhaps one can also understand this is as much a reflection on the blocker, for good or bad.

Rycharde has an interesting post on this, featuring a short interview with Jordan Peterson where reputation is discussed, including the gaming of such. It's well worth the time as it's pertinent to this latest discontent.


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Perfectly reasoned and thought out. I am in respect of you and your clarity, again.

Thank you

Perhaps, benig able to ban some from a post's comment section is good idea after all. Does blocking the user have to be done when you post or is it something you can do after they have vandalized your comment section with NSFW photos? And if you do so, will these comments disappear?

I think even from old posts those comments disappear. I checked that in a few months old post, and I see nothing there. Perfect function I would say.

You would put them on your mute list and from then on I believe it would mute them from your posts. If it is like unfollowing someone the old posts in your feed remain though.

I don't see anything on my old posts as well. Here is an example : Power is not always power !. The comments are clean. ☺

Thanks for the clarification.

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And muted.

is your butthole bleached yet?

No, still working. Gotta get it extra bleached for you.

Post photos when you are up to scratch...


I'll try not to get to upset. Who are you again? I can't recall interacting with you before.

And who are you? I can't recall shit since my last coke bender.

Very well explained 🙂

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I feel the same and the take home is, if you do not like blurt and the direction it is going you don't have to be here either. This is the case of being a sensitive little snow flake also you can not handle anything that is different to your point of view.

If you want a say in how blurt is built, bring in development or do it. Build a new front end. Or even build a new block chain. Don't poopoo over what someone else is building, just because you can use that same tool to speak freely to abuse them.

I'll be curious to see if there will be a new front end created to bypass the mute. I notice that my friend Freakeao runs one of the front ends, as well as Tekraze I believe. Both of them live in economically challenged countries, so I have to imagine of they can handle the financials of it so could others who wish a front end more to their liking.

Thanks for weighing in. I don't have as much time to comment as I used to but still find you to be the most interesting blogger here at Blurt. You live a life that movies could be made from and your intricate documentation of it is astounding.

Oh also thanks for the complements on my blog also.

Since there is an unwillingness by some of these accounts to do anything about what they complain about and are the ones making the noise that brought down the whole energy of the place. Sometimes I just wonder if these account have nothing else to post about and getting to trending through controversy and drama is the best way for them to earn on these communities. I am not saying that they don't have a point sometimes but is it worthy of all the hoopla if you don't like it you can remove your funds and go. One of these account is fairly new and not even heavily invested in blurt so I really think it is just noise for attention and getting more blurt. It is a pattern that I have noticed from the other platforms also. I didn't particularly enjoy those other platforms as much so I was not as bother by the antagonism against the community or its founders I guess.

Do you know, I am working on building new front-end? It's for mobile app to start with but slowly, we can make it compatible to web-app & desktop app too?
Of-course it would require time & tremendous effort. I hope you're with me. If you don't know anything about it, feel free to check out my recent posts.

Going to read and check it out.

Let’s know more

Please - Follow me on Blurt - @sagarkothari88. Read my recent posts.

Bernie was a twat, and Steemit suffered for that culture. HIVE IF ANYTHING IS EVEN WORSE. But its not all about muting, im mocking Blurt because it is constantly edging towards being a libtard snowflake platform, and if nothing else that will kill its value. It already has...

It already has and unfortunately it’s made the two biggest investors powerdown or say they want to sell their blurt anyways. Let’s be honest once those two big people power down who is going to replace them? And who is going to keep on blogging for less than a cup of coffee for very long? I honestly think the snowflakes and pandering to them has just destroyed this platform.

Although I'm powering down my Blurt that is really just a tossing my toys around gesture and I probably won't even bother to sell it - the whole lot is only worth about $400 now anyway. But my holdings in Bastyon are now quite valuable and it makes more sense to do what I can to get that platform pumping.

I do think it’s a shame blurt had a ton of momentum at one point and a few bad rash actions by those in charge along with these snowflakes getting given too much attention has destroyed its hope rly. I think it could have been 6 c by now truly otherwise

I’m confused tho are you making money on those sites? I couldn’t quite get what you meant if it was tokens or not.

I might sell some of mine and buy a rare plant lol while it has some value

On Bastyon in the early days - 2019 - it was very lucrative and I made quite a bit - in theory you should still earn small payouts for posts and comments but they have really been stuffing that up for the past two years. The payouts at this point are only a few cents. And also in theory you should be able to earn good returns from running a node if you have tokens - but again, at this point that is easier said than done.
So right now I'm a Bastyon whale with more than US$10k of Pkoin which I could sell on the market if I wanted, but I'm earning less for my posts than I am on Blurt - for some reason I actually believe that what they are trying to do is pretty difficult rather than they are scam artists - we will see - i could be making a bad call here...
A few influencers do seem to be moving to Bastyon and I think it has grown quite a bit over the past month - the two big problems are delays loading because of how it's all running on nodes, and the fact that people with less than 50 tokens are second class citizens - they are about $1 each and not many newbs are willing to buy $50 of tokens to get full rights, so that pisses people off - you can still use the site though.

Gab is not an earner in any shape or form - but it's good for collecting memes.

although I like free speech I like to earn or think something has the potential too or rather just stay off social altogether ely. I only use tik tok and fb to promote my business these days. If I want to hear about truth concepts I like YouTube videos rly but I’m more into the spiritual topics than the false flags etc. Don’t get me wrong I know they go on, it just doesn’t help me have a better life to talk about or watch them endlessly.

Yes, I do too, and the contrast watching the growth on Bastyon and Gab is a real eye opener.

I see Blurt as more than that. I believe there is room enough for there to be separate areas for separate minded folks. I always thought Steem and then Hive could have been great if others could have minded their own business and left those they disagreed with to their own.

The value here is not what folks believe it is. Due to the extremely low velocity it has always been easily manipulated by a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars in a day. Those who have a few thousand to play with can march the value up and down on a whim.

Unlike Steem and then Hive there was no big money behind this project. Just a desire to see a chain that had no downvotes or pegged currencies and such.

Most English speaking folks migrated to Hive instead of coming here, and until recent times has been dominated by non English speakers living in very economically depressed areas who have little to invest to drive velocity up, and in fact so the opposite and need to cash out because a few dollars here and there actually impacts their life greatly I'm sad to say.

Blurt has the potential for many conflicting views, and I'm hopeful that over time these conflicting views can learn to coexist without needing to war with one another.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

With each of these platforms I've been testing the waters to see how much corruption and content control there is. Over the years I've done well on cryptos but have never found a platform I really want to put my weight behind. Bastyon is now the best I think, but it struggles to carry out it's ambitious plans technically, and always needs more work. But it is taking off and has a real buzz right now - Blurt is currently falling to bits and is in denial.

It seems to be heading in this direction:


I don't see it in the same light. We can all still say what we want and those in agreement can upvote it without worry of stake nullification (downvote).

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Personally I couldn’t rly care less if ppl mute me or not but I do think they are fragile snowflakes who don’t want to actually face their own shadow. Blocking one or two ppl is probably normal over a couple of years, we would do that on our phones maybe. If someone’s blocking multiple people in a few months then it’s pretty clear who the problem is and even worse they don’t want to face it in themselves... but I still believe it’s a free right to block and not do your inner work, same as ppl can do that in real life too. Although I did hear it’s illegal to not allow the right to reply ? So that’s interesting.

I don't believe it's illegal to block others from replying or most social media would be gone long ago.

I also don't really care if someone blocks me or not. I even had one tell me they blocked me in this comment section and my first thought was who are you, lol. Nothing funnier than getting blocked by someone you don't even recognize, hahahaha.

I think a lot of this boils down to most folks simply aren't going online to do inner work as you say. They want to unwind and relax and not be confronted constantly. Even if they may have inadvertently stepped into it initially not realizing the road they just turned off onto. I liken it to my brain screaming


when I'm talking with someone and they start lecturing me on why I need the jab. Go the f*** away my mind will plead as they suck the energy out of me like a master energy vampire, my only respite if I need hold my tongue to go into a trance and disengage with them until they wind down from being cut off from my energy supply.

Crap, I just reminded myself why I'm a loner introvert. Its my form of real life mute button, hahahahaha

What’s sad though is it’s actually totally ruined blurt. All this pandering around sensitive snowflakes really has ruined this platform and made the big people power down. It seems like no one cares about these big accounts powering down but I really question who is going to come in and replace them and in which case with them gone for anybody in the western world blogging won’t even buy them a coffee, so most will eventually quit.

I'm not sure how it ruined anything. As for the large accounts continuously saying they will power down, maybe they should instead of dragging it out with threats every time a new announcement is made. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf.

Blurt in my eyes is a long term gamble that offers an immediate payout of communing with like minded folks without worry over being flagged and having stake allocations negated. None of that has changed.

it feels like ppl put money / lots of time into something with a bunch of promises of free speech, then it all got threatened and there was terrible top management. Sure it all got taken away later but. I think too much damage was done. It's like having 100 great reviews on a platform, then a bunch of 20 bad ones at the top.... you probably won't buy that product until it gets a further 100 positives.

because blurt was doing really well and had a great momentum going, I think it would have even been up now had all that shit not happened, as soon as the accounts got threatened and all the pandering around the snowflakes everyone just lost trust in the platform. I don't think they are threatening to power down for fun, they put a huge chunk of money in to a platform and no longer feel trust in how its ran, I feel the same. I even question my time spent on here now as I don't feel in any way safe that its a worthy investment like I idd before all that stuff. It seems I'm not alone either, cause the vibe has just totally gone from this platform. You can't blame investors for not wanting to hold money in an investment that is no longer as trustworthy as it was when they bought in.


Well a lot of the blockers actually still check the peoples walls they blocked lol you can tell because they make posts about things they couldn’t otherwise know, showing it’s just attention seeking on the most part, or wanting to feel some kind of way like they won by blocking 🤣 when rly in the most part it just makes them look like a child who is unable to communicate or handle even basic human reactions or differences of opinion.

As always you make some very valid points.
I've been through the old 'ad hominem' attacks way back when I used to like to debate on social media sites and from experience it does not work, no.
My problem with this is not the users muting, of course we all should have the option. I still feel it is not for the ones who run the show, the devs and whales. Those in so-called power on Blurt.
Just like our politicians they have to be able to be held accountable and be allowed to be criticised. With power comes responsibility and all that.
No-one can please all the people all of the time but the answer isn't to muzzle the haters either. Is it?
Or am I just being too much of a perfectionist?

Posted from https://blurt.live

I still feel it is not for the ones who run the show, the devs and whales. Those in so-called power on Blurt.

I think there is a place for such. I think to when say an important announcement for a governing body in business or military etc is being made. Nowhere in my life have I seen it acceptable for it to be disrupted by rude and childish attacks that serve little purpose other than to disrupt.

I recall that during recent elections here that those on the left would show up in large mobs assaulting speakers, audiences as they waited to get inside etc.

You see them infiltrate the audiences and seek to disrupt the events which would be most comparable to this.

Anyone who disagrees with the directions of the devs are free to speak on their own blogs if they are unable to hold discourse civilly in the comment sections of the leadership here.

It wasn't to long ago and they were being called the N word multiple times in their comment section. I have a hard time finding sympathy in my heart if they decide their comment section to hold a civil conversation isn't the proper time and place for such. I had to laugh because when I raised an objection to the use of the N word, I was told I was kissing ass and that comment even got an upvote, lol.

Many are pretending this is some end of the chain censorship and it isn't even censorship. It's creating areas where professional conduct can take place, which means disagreements can be discussed civilly without feigning severe injury while throwing as many pejoratives as one can in the process.

I've been vocal more than once against the foundation, and I've never been muted. I even had one time (my anti drone post) that saw both co founders come to my blog and discuss things civilly with me.

Yes me too it has to be said. You're the best mansplainer I know lol. Thanx.
I had no idea about these past posts you speak of. Can't judge what I haven't seen.

Posted from https://blurt.live

You're the best mansplainer I know lol. Thanx.

Hahaha thanks. I prefer to refer to it as being gifted in the Blarney talk.

You defo do have the old gift of the gab, the Blarney thing is more about lying isn't it? You don't lie. Do you? hahahahaha

Posted from https://blurt.live

Lying is for weaklings, lol. The blarney aspect however does extend to the ability to ramble on incessantly in such ways that can make sheer nonsense sound intelligent, hahahaha. I'll share a quick story that still makes me smile.

When I was a boy I had a major surgery on my leg. After about a week I was very tired of laying in the hospital bed and was begging my nurse to let me try walking with my crutches. I was surprised how weak my muscles had gotten in such a short time the first time I stood with the crutches.

I hate being still, so I pushed her to let me walk with them. The hospital wing I was on was a big circle of rooms.

I asked her one morning if I could go around the circle with her walking with me of course for safety. She said it was to far, that I wasn't strong enough.

So I asked her

How about if we only go half way around?

I was shocked as you can imagine when she fell for it.

She didn't realize till we were halfway around we were doing the whole circle, hahahahaha. I didn't lie but my presentation perhaps gave an appearance that I was compromising for half of what I asked for. 😇

Hahaha yes well that is CLASSIC blarney I'd say.

Posted from https://blurt.live

Youtube the second website with big traffic in all the web, they have the option to turn off comments at all. And I've seen so many videos with millions of views with turned off comment section. I have a few youtube channels. And I upload videos to youtube almost everyday. They even have an option under each video, or you can turn on comment section, or turned off. In some videos on, in other off. As we wish. Some videos could be private. Who knows, maybe a frontend in blurt in the future will make something private that will be seen only on the blockchain. Will also people cry about that ? I mean blockchain and frontend is not the same thing. Anyone is welcome to create one, and they can do it the way they want it to be. Even @ctime once told us all that he will support any frontend created, a new one. Right away a few months ago when we had some drama here. I think even in other blockchains there is an option to create a frontend without downvotes, or without votes, or to hide all comments, or to show only pictures, or only text. I mean it's all personalized. And everyone is free to do it the way he/she it right. Of course that needs developers, some money, marketing and everything. Easy-peasy. I don't understand why some people make it so hard for themselves and try to make it hard for others.

In Russian we say : ''Сделать из мухи слона''. That means : ''To make an elephant from a fly.''

The website is up again. See your feed: https://www.steemfiles.com/@clixmoney/feed .
See your permissions: https://www.steemfiles.com/@clixmoney/permissions .

By the way, maybe you will be interested in building an exclusive frontend to blurt ? Or even to be a witness here. I know how much good work you did for proofofbrain, and I think you'll be very successful in blurt.

Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

Hmm.... I am using an alternative front end right now. It does comments and votes but it works on four blockchains simultaneously. You need to login with your posting key at least for Blurt. You can also look at permissions to other "apps."

While preparing this reply I just discovered that I lost my domain. Maintaining it is a fool's errand unless I get some funding from somewhere. Paying DNS and hosting when nearly nobody uses it. And now this happens.

What's the frontend ?

Anyone is welcome to create one, and they can do it the way they want it to be.

I've also noticed among many who find themselves actually censored (which is not the case here) the mindset that others need provide the platform they are to freely speak on. The idea of forming together to build their own seems to repel them for whatever reason. Then they hang out at the site they think is dis-eased and use it as though someone is forcing them to do such a thing.

Exactly, if the frontend is that bad, developers are that bad as they say. Let them create their own frontend, bring their own developers and build it the way they like it. I understand now that without the developer we have, the blockchain will be just down for days or forever, because we don't have the alternative. They don't have the alternative. So, the only way is acceptance. Accepting what we have. Or bring developers to blurt, put some money in it, make it the way they want it to be. Sometimes I feel the goal of all those attacks is to destroy blurt itself. Like when I see someone pushing for something so hard, I feel a motive behind that. A strong one.

Yes, the constant victim status that seems to appear now at the slightest wind does seem to indicate the well being of the platform might not be the motive, lol.