Liars Gonna Lie Part Two: I'm To Busy To Perform Due Diligance Before The Fud Falls Out My Mouf

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In what is likely to be the last post I do for some time here, I wish to do a quick and final examination on the Karen Infestation that has continued spreading like cockroaches across the Blurt habitat.

They have been infiltrating some who have a strong semblance of intelligence, yet quickly fall under their spell as they too spread lies under the guise of common sense.

One moment you will at times have what appears a sane person capable of demonstrating critical thinking skills in front of you. Then once the creators and custodians of the Foundation become the topic they turn into this. Here is a photo of one of these lying parasites seen earlier today on Blurt.

The Faksh.jpg

Here are a few quick examples of these vermin in action.

We see a lot from the Fud whales claiming that it was somehow hidden that the founders gave themselves a good chunk of so called fake stake at the fork from Steem, where they also dispersed lots of so called fake stake to all Steem accounts.

Obviously these large stakeholders just didn't perform due diligence before they threw tens of thousands of dollars into their investments. I spent about thirty minutes last night looking around at the beginning of the chain and whoa, look what I found with just a quick perusal.

It's a short read, quickly revealing the so called fake stake and the initblurt account. About as transparent as one can get for anyone who is capable of performing any level of due diligence without the help from mommy and daddy.

Perhaps one might not wish to be a large investor if they are incapable of reading some of the founding documents from the founders that lay things like this out clearly and as transparently as possible.

Of course, they could also have looked at the rich list to determine large Blurt holders and ask questions too.

Like I said in Part One. Here's Your Sign.

This next segment deals with not one but Two encounters I've had in the last week. And my time here has been limited, although it really needs to be even more limited to simple curation.

In the first encounter, I had one trying to insinuate that a previous idea that was never implemented was due to the community push back during all that 7/7 FUD when these parasites were so numerous they weren't scattering when you turned the light on.

I quickly corrected her that it never reached a point of the community because nothing had been implemented 9it never got past the discussion phase), and her reply was

let's not lie.

I shit you not. Of course I called her out on her B.S. refusing to let her slander me in such a not so clever way, as my assertion was fact, hers was some made up fantasy land bullshit only true in her head. This then resulted in dozens and dozens of back and forths as she tried to minimize her actions.

Even today, many days later she still discusses it (in a light to favor herself of course) to others trying to apply a suave to that wound of being called out on the bullshit.

No half truths on this watch and no weak ass passive aggressive attempt to denigrate the truth by subtly implying one of us (myself) is lying. And no, just because you say in real life you giggle and it makes it all ok doesn't make it ok here. I'm not a simp, not going to be one for you.

This last case I present today is quite the shocker for me.

It involves someone who in other areas has taken it upon themselves to do actual research in the medical field so they can examine and argue so called facts from a position of strength.

She commented on my previous post, basically stating she found the FUD whales to be the good guys, and the Founders to be the bad guys. Actually saying this

So I ask myself why do non of the founders upvote my work? Am I one of these unwelcome content creators like Lucylin? Or is it just a 'by association' case?

I'm genuinely curious over this. If not for those 'greedy whales' I would have given up on this place for posting, and then maybe there's the rub.

I was astounded when after a quick check I found 4 votes from the Founders in the last week for her.

I responded with this.

but I do know that my posts always get upvoted by the people you are claiming to be destructive.

Doctors who push harmful pharmaceutical concoctions are also heavily rewarded. I'd think you would dismiss that as any form of barometer.

So I ask myself why do non of the founders upvote my work? Am I one of these unwelcome content creators like Lucylin? Or is it just a 'by association' case?

I expect better from you quite frankly. Just a quick perusal of your blog shows you have and do receive upvotes from the founders. This is the same spirit Lucy uses to claim he is being censored when his words are readable and highly rewarded.

In the last week I see the founders curation account has voted for you 4 times for a total of 439.424 Blurt.

Perhaps because it pales in value to the whales it seems like no vote from them, but it is votes from them to you and seems to be a sense of ingratitude or entitlement from you when you say they don't upvote your work because of some affiliation you have with Lucy.

I've seen so much of these false assertions from the so called brat pack and their associates the last several months it has become maddening.

FUD means spreading Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, the exact crap the so called beneficial whales who continue trying to erode confidence in the FOUNDERS are rewarding so heavily as they manipulate perception and value.

I respect your critical approach to the medical field, I would ask you to please use that same approach here.

I placed two links to posts I wrote here that perhaps will aid you in reassessing some of this stuff if you are of a mind to look.

Now I had thought that my respect for her showed through despite my chastising her because I felt her approach elsewhere demonstrated she was worthy of such.

Nope, she doubled down in her response to me, editing it earlier today to add she was disappointed in me, lmfao. You can't make this shit up. Here is the reply.

How am I supposed to know who owns a curation account? I don't know these things. I don't know how this whole thing works coz no-one explains it in a plain english format. If you're disappointed in me then that's on this place not being open and clear. I read both sides of the argument and I gave my personal perspective. Sorry my lack of knowledge on this front is not up to your standards.
You were one of the few people I also have respect for and enjoyed reading your posts but they've petered out now too. So what's the point in staying. Nothing much interests me here except for a few people who are also no longer posting.
So I'm ungrateful and entitled for not knowing that someone has upvoted me? No I'm ignorant of the facts to be more accurate. This is why I stay out of this stuff mostly unless it affects me personally or someone I like. Yes I do like Lucylin and that seems to be my crime in your eyes too from what you're saying.
I'm not giving my views on the politics of this as I clearly am totally out of my depth but I can give my personal thoughts and that is what they were. I do tend to defend underdogs, that's me, take it or leave it.
Even here you tell me the 'founders curation account' has upvoted me but you don't tell me which account that is. So many secrets. It's just weird.
I'm disappointed in you too for totally taking my words and making them into something else entirely.

Now to answer that on how one is to know who votes from a curation account, that she can't be expected to "know" these things because Blurt is this secret place that no one explains anything there are two thoughts of mine on this.

The first being that perhaps, just perhaps, if we don't know something we don't go shooting our mouths off with such certainty because it is adding to the FUD erroneously as so much of it has been. Slandering the Founders saying they aren't doing something with such sincerity when in fact they are doing what you say they aren't.

Second, don't be sorry your lack of knowledge isn't up to my standards, be sorry they aren't up to what should be YOUR STANDARDS. In the field of medicine you would crucify another for applying such sloppy assumptions to their assertions.

The comment then goes on to assert I said something about her and Lucy which I didn't and then something about her lying assertion somehow manifested here in some weird connection to defending underdogs that I'm unable to connect.

Then goes on to throw this back on me again because I didn't hold her hand and tell her which account that voted her 4 times for a total of 439.424 Blurt was, because the burden is still on my shoulders I guess to see which account voted 4 times that adds up to that amount.

Then something something secrets, and what a disappointment I am, lmfao.


One characteristic that is most common with these infestations is when the sign above gets staked out into the dialogue between you and the other. Once you see them place this between you, the dialogue is over, there will be no reaching through their cult think.

I keep seeing it said by those who wish peace to keep trying to have a dialogue.

Sadly there comes a time when that moment has passed, and all one can do is point out the mental illness and lies as they manifest to shed light on the infestation and move forward.

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Good luck.

The reference to the two-year-old statements by the founders "not to delete these funds, but to transfer them into the custody of the socialgraph Blurt account, which will eventually belong to an international trust such as a Seychelles or Bermuda trust", can be taken to mean that the accounts are to remain in the control of the founders and have not been transferred to a trust. So that does not seem to have happened. I had a semi-secret (dubious) association with this, only know the Seychelles as a place to deposit your illicit funds. Would you say it's a good thing that exactly that didn't happen because I saw you post that it would be better that people should legally pay taxes on their crypto earnings?

So I'm not saying the transfer should have happened, but the opposition camp seems to see it that way, presumably not to the Seychelles but to a "DAO Fund" as offgridlife told me (no idea if that's true). The motives behind this are unclear to me, do they want to find everything happening here under legal aspects? That seems to be a point of concern, because it can be interpreted that the site could also be shut down if the official authorities take care of the matter. But then it sounds like a contradiction that ctime provided a link to authorities outside. For his own stakes could then be in danger, too.

It would never have occurred to me myself to look at the link you provided (gitlab) where it was only a few research clicks away for you and therefore an easy find out what was being voiced at the time. As it probably is for all technically savvy people. Your accusation of ctime is along these lines. Obviously he draws different conclusions, which I interpret, that a.) he thinks you can (should?) stop the site cold and/or b.) that the accounts socialgraph and initblurt are endowed with considerable blurt power and therefore control over what happens on the blockchain is an advantage (against his interests).

Whether one wishes this advantage to remain with the foundation members or would rather see it in other hands seems to me to be the issue. Coupled with any ideas of decentralisation, which I think are misunderstood, along the lines of "rules without regulators".

I have no professional objection to the fact that Fervi was outvoted on the matter and that his app proposal was voted down by consensus. That's just the way the rules are, there is no other way. As for the exclusion from the internal witness chat, I wouldn't have found that necessary, because he already couldn't have done anything to change the minds of the other witnesses without that exclusion, it seems.

Of course, one can still rail against it and spread displeasure about it (free speech), but insofar as the witnesses and megadrive are able to act from a superior position, fervi must accept it, even against his objections. Since he has reacted sensitively to this and ctime and some others from the opposition camp have shown themselves unwilling to talk, leading to the same in the current governance, there seems to be fears here that Blurt is in danger of being harmed by these actions (termed as FUD). One does not have a perse superior situation? If there were no fears, the matter could have been safely ignored, do I see that right?

With some distance, this seems to me to be something that has been permanent now since I arrived on this scene (since 2017). There is always the threat of a takeover by opposition forces, it is the nature of crypto-based platforms and the unstable prices that feed on rumour and counter-rumour. I would think the anger, if you look at it that way, can be put into perspective. There is no environment in which there is no fighting. Presumably, however, war can only be waged with a correspondingly hate-filled chest, because otherwise one lacks the biting drive.

Negotiations can either be declared a failure or not. The fact that they have been declared failed by both sides at the moment seems obvious, but it does not make either side mouth-dead or unable to act.

From my point of view, I would have preferred to see further efforts to negotiate and I am far from certain that all milder means were actually used (someone with excellent diplomatic skills who can talk to people with whom no one has been able to do so so far). My impression can be deceptive that tempers on both sides got heated too quickly and it doesn't take much to escalate. Since you seem to have run out of patience, I would have advised you (hypothetically) to find someone who has unwavering patience. Would Jacobian be such a person?

In case, you cannot find time for all of this (as I see it, for you announced that your time is limited), I do not go along with what I perceive right now as "fuck them", because of lack of time and energy (you already spent). There is no end in explaining to peoples what's going on and if you are tired of it - which I totally would understand - hand it over to someone who is not. Or is this not an option for you?


Perhaps one might not wish to be a large investor if they are incapable of reading some of the founding documents from the founders that lay things like this out clearly and as transparently as possible.

Great sentence 👍

well nice findings

It's a short read, quickly revealing the so called fake stake and the initblurt account. About as transparent as one can get for anyone who is capable of performing any level of due diligence without the help from mommy and daddy.

.,,but there was mentioned that the DAO-Stake will go over to a "real" kind of

Ricardo Ferreira
· 2 years ago
2008310.726 BLURT from that was originally in the steem.dao, now renamed blurt.dao, those funds will not be purged, instead they will be transferred to the custody of the socialgraph Blurt account which eventually will be owned by an international trust such as a Seychelles trust or Bermuda trust.

and that did not happen until today two years later so who is telling the truth here ???

This should have done since a long time ago, but nobody seem to be interested in doing so.

...and for the rest of the issues related to the Founders decissions and their statements what should belong to them or not for funding this baby...
for me its clear what should belong to them and why but for most of the people here the form of communicating such things is not simple enough stated that the rest will get and accept why it has to be so.

And still there is a lot to do to go transparent with this things, and no it don´t needs hard worded coders and witness statements that bring up more fire.

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hehe there is not two sentences in what made any sense...

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Just because you mimic the ways of the ostrich when it comes to facts going against your preferred narrative doesn't make those facts go away.

hehe cool pic !
Its not about the narrative what I meant, its about the wording what you use to slam others your on the best shape to fit over on HIVE to these idiots.
And hey I think when it comes to price manipulations many users on these platforms are guilty nd I would wonder if not you too.
When you bring such strong arguments you hopefully can hold what comes back to you if it were false claims, I think its not wise to argue that way you do.
And by the way Mega whatsoever is not a saint for sure, he is a business man and lots of them will walk over dead boddies, you´ve changed your mind in the last month 100% but I can´t find a good reason in his explanations and his deeds, maybe he has partial right with some of his thoughts but there is still no reason to be his best friend, I wont trust him more than 10% .

I find it nice that everyone here is claiming that they don´t get paid what they deserve, hell should they take their things and leave to a place where they get paid what they are worth, instead they decide to invest their time and effort in a project that is not starting or running like planned because of a lot of faults inside, so then to blaim the community to not be willing to pay the correct price for their invested time and effort is the silliest thing I ever heard.
Maye they should look for a job somewhere else if their project doesn´t pays off.
And maybe the ask them self, who is the reason for !
I guess it´s not Ctime and it wasn´t double-u ;)

And regarding your comment to which I posted after reading it again I couldn´t find more truth than before, sorry.

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Oh my God! Where was all this information? With this post, I learned that I am even more ignorant than I thought I was, lol.

When I come across these types of posts, I realize that I am not a minnow because my blurt Power is small, but because I don't know the whole story from the beginning. I regret? Of course not, because when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

My dear friend, thank you very much for creating this type of content in such an organized way that a person who does not know how to differentiate the North from the South, understands more than what they would have understood searching on their own.

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Thank you for appreciating it and commenting. :)

Influencers 🥓

Liars indeed gonna lie:

I don't do it for the crypto, not lying, I have a job. I do this for fun and to try and edumacate. Those that do it for the money are the ones writing 'nice' posts. Steady earnings and no comeback.

I'm curious. There is an account here who was insinuating they are you yesterday. Is it your account?

I use this account and I have an account @ram.ewe but don't use it, so whoever was implying they are me are fraudsters.

I got a good laugh this morning from her. She was offered the FAQ by one of the top witnesses and he offered to personally answer any questions she would have and she told him she didn't have time for that. I wonder if she will still feel oppressed because of all the secrets after expressing her disinterest in taking any initiative to ask a question or two?

Even funnier is her and the other one are claiming I was misogynistic in my dealings with them. I guess as women they can say whatever they want but if a man replies to the contrary he is being misogynistic.

But it gets better.

They are even speculating I'm not me and my account was hacked.

It's interesting how many folks confuse dignity and kindness with weakness. I think that thief Kaliju who stole Haejins Steem was the only time I ever went scorched earth on someone in all my time on blockchain. Their scripts are malfunctioning as they get a look beyond the kindness.

Some folks you just can't be kind to. They insist on something different.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Apparently … nobody does it for the money.

Ha ha ha ha.. same thing on Hive and Steemit.

So pathetic.


Here we go again, more trolling from someone who's left with nothing but meaningless spam. Very pathetic indeed.

The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one. Not doing it for the crypto, but the barometer for the white hats are the upvotes (only thing that keeps her here) and for the black hats her perception they don't (even though they have been, lol)

Clearly has nothing to do with the crypto. wink wink

I also note it was mentioned she stays out of the politics while being part of the cheering crew for the one side to the point their FUD posts even get reblurted.