Lucylin: A Proper Introduction And Clarification For All of You Postmodern Losers (Satire)

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I've noticed there is much confusion among the majority here (due to the postmodernist thinking that signifies your low mental capabilities) on the motives behind my actions here.


Due to the generosity of my good nature, I'm going to give more of an explanation on myself and motivations. Perhaps for at least one of you postmodern sycophants it might jar you into not being so ignorant.


As I mentioned before ignorance is evil incarnate. Baah thought he was clever and posted a picture of a baby on my post where I sought to enlighten you all on where evil originates, but the joke was on him.

Double Bless

Indeed, babies are the most evil of all. The Father found a punishment most befitting for when they ate from that forbidden tree. Forcing Adam and Eve to raise a bunch of ignorant (evil) babies.


But I digress.

Many of you know me from my profile, and may have reached wrong conclusions based on your own inferior ways of thinking. You probably view me as something like this.


That's because you don't understand who I really am, and how your disagreements with me expose both your ignorance (evil) and postmodern (lack of) critical thinking skills.

I strongly urge the majority of you here who just don't seem to get it to read my book. It is my in-depth analyses on what is wrong with the world and was created using the most simplest of terms so most of you dumb f***s should be able to get it.

That is if your not such a sycophant coward who is afraid to embrace the truth. I AM the truth and any disagreement you may hold reveals your ignorance (evil).


Lucy book.jpg

Just a brief description of the book. I really loved the movie Circle of Iron. It was that movie that inspired me to create a much better book than the book found at the end of the movie. Here is a clip showing you of what I talk.

My book is much more clever. Inscribed on the mirrors is this

Lucylin is the way, the truth and the light. Bless

Now I have heard some murmurs among the infected (most of you reading this) that I may be jealous of megagenius. Saying ignorant (evil) things like

Lucylin is just a parasite seeking to make everything in his own image as he NEEDS to earn his cup of rice from being a dick to anyone who posts anything positive about Blurt. Using the tool of megagenius to do so as he is incapable of creating his own tool(s) to obtain cups of rice.

Lucylin is jealous of megagenius. He knows megagenius exposes the fact being clever is inferior to actually having skills that create platforms of value that even he can earn his bowl of rice at. Parasites need others to create and host the methods they procure their rice at or they will starve.

Lucylin continues to say he is censored despite writing thousands of attacking words every week.

Why some even have went so far as to question my disciples who understand my genius and aren't infected with the postmodern ignorant (evil) demonic possession.

Saying stupid shit like this.

Lucy's disciples aren't to bright. They keep upvoting and commenting on his posts agreeing he is being censored despite their reading his posts, rewarding them and interacting with him on the clearly not censored posts.

He gets his cup of rice from his whale following because they view him as an useful idiot.

These and the many other slanderous statements thought and typed in ignorance (evil) displays just how evil most of you are.


Why I even heard some think I make my posts solely for my cup of rice, which is why I rarely respond to the comment directly and instead have to make my own post about it. So I can make sure my disciples can see it and give it the tithing it deserves.

The above displays the worst kind of sacrilege really.

This is just further proof on how stiff necked most of these ignorant (evil) community members here are.


The most hilarious was the comparison of myself to Don Quixote. Claiming my chasing down even the most innocent (ignorant = evil) I disagree with and charging them with the FACTS they are midwit low thinking post modern piece of shit for that innocence (ignorance = evil) is just me being an ass.

I understand this picture has recently surfaced on the web, but it's clearly photo-shopped.


Some of the witnesses have even profaned Blurt yet again discussing how they have the right to have freedom from filth.


Thinking you can escape my constant willing of you to stop being so ignorant is little more than censorship. You will continue to receive any and all observations I make, regardless if you find them defamatory and profane.

Don't you know who I AM?


You still can't see it though, can you midwit?


I made it about as clear as possible on my recent post.

DO YOU SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am here to save you, only this time it is you who will be put on the cross.

I will spend as much time as necessary to force all of you into agreement, attacking any and all who support megagenius or Blurt in its current structure (as long as it continues to give me proper tithing).


Mike drop!

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I must say that I am a big fan of black humor and satire. On this post I thought Lucy himself had enlightened you or he had written the post.

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Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Hahaha...I got lost in that. I thought Lucy wrote it himself for a moment. lol

Inspiration comes to those who receive the bless. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Thanks :)

I see no need. Everything was summed up succinctly here.


I love satire! Brilliant! 🙏

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it.

LOL ,.. promoted content creator

Nice badge ,.. where did you get that ,. and what did it cost you ?
Your dignity ?

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Nice badge ,.. where did you get that ,. and what did it cost you ?

It was given to me by my friend @freakeao who owns the site you use. You would need to ask him as to the why he gave it to me. It was free, but I'm not certain if you can get one for free, or even get one for a price.

Your dignity ?

You are quite the clever one. But then you are one of the disciples


I asked , for i don't like badges or labels , they mostly give feelings of authority , separate one from the many , a fake status symbol at least . So i just wondered ,.. why would you accept that label ?

I thank freakeao for his clear answer down below ,.. i get it , a try to attract good content creators .
I have no problem with that ,.. even when i personally think good content needs no badge to proof it's self . But who knows , it might work on others .

who owns the site you use.

You just had to put that in didn't you ? Make me feel humble , towards my use of this site .
While the site without me you and many others would be worth nothing , so what about that balance ? .... how humble should i really feel ?

Your dignity ?

A question , for i really was in wonder and disbelief , joking , like this can't be true ,
still not answered ,.. or , the answer given does not compute with the question , bit aggressive perhaps , annoyed ,.. as in ,.. i don't know ,. ;-)

Me a disciple ? ... so reading the works of others makes one a disciple ?
I did read many works , your , frot's , Robert Crumb , many ?
So who's disciple am i ? ,... non if you ask me , i am only a disciple to myself in the end .

Bless ? ,.. makes me think of a horse all the time , and sneezing ,.. i don't get it ,.
Confuses me , please stop it ,.. you to lucylin ,. be creative , get original .

Hahaha don't be shy now.

That comment was designed as a gotcha moment to insinuate I was a sellout.

Sometimes when we structure things to set up the trap, they backfire. This was just one of them. No harm no foul as far as I'm concerned. Just serves as a warning to learn more before setting the trap so one isn't blind when creating the structure. Lucy would call that operating from ignorance which is evil, so it'll be our secret.

That comment was designed as a gotcha moment to insinuate I was a sellout.

i used lol , nice and a ;-) ,... So,
Evil little king size me , says it is not , in all it's ignorance . ;-)
At least it's not that serious as you took it .

Secrets do more harm then good in the end , choose them wisely .
So may i pass on the one you offered me , i like to keep my list of secrets short .

Lucylin may call it what he wants ,..i don't care,.. and proof for you that i do not follow his teachings like a disciple like you claimed .

And sorry , no backfire felt here , must be my ignorance i guess . ;-)

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Lolol it wasn't a serious question but then, why are you still trying?

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Hello!!! good morning to all,

There are many authors promoted on the frontend, this is a work that was done with some curators to boost the creation of original content in Blurt, a way to combat the farmer and help content curation. It is totally free. It was not updated more because many things have happened in the last months and weeks. In hive there are badgets to determine who are developers. witnesses. community managers and many more. Thanks for mentioning me.

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Dignity, Lmao! The irony of these jealous crabs!

Posted from seems to be going cheap nowadays..

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Its seems so to High Caliber Connoisseurs, are you dl inquiring?

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Dont tell lucylin but i loled at the donkey meme... i enjoy watching a good spanking session because i am evil and bad...


Dont tell lucylin but i loled at the donkey meme

Hahaha, it'll be our secret.

I loved poison as a kid!!!


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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Ohhhh.....your first attempt at humor !!!
...could do better though, matey...

You even upvoted yourself 100% - is that because you thought it was so good?...

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You even upvoted yourself 100% - is that because you thought it was so good?...

Naw, just wanted the beneficiary to get a decent payout. I never relied on blogging here for my bowl of rice so have often named others beneficiaries of my post. Just don't always announce it as it has nothing to do with the topic. :)


Oh dear now I am completely confused. I get the satire, but what have you got to do with lucylin?

I seem to be living in his mind as he has made several posts in a pathetic attempt to denigrate me. He does this with others if they don't parrot his Blurt bad Blurt censors narrative. I thought I would join in on the fun. :)

lol... word vomit

He's weally weally butt hurt (and put me on mute I think !lol)
.... it was after my post yesterday concerning his attempted disingenuous manipulations (which I highlighted)...

I must say, I'm having an issue with it to (my ego, I mean - He totally fooled me for months).
I ignored all negative accusations sent his way, and even defended him....but I was incorrect.
My ego is bruised it's gotta be said - I got him all wrong...bugger.

On the upside, this post goes to show he can't handle the truth and that libtards are pretty dire at humor...
(he muted me for the first time ever! lol),

Truth hurts to those who live in a world of delusion...
....(oh I nearly forgot...BLESS!)...

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(he muted me for the first time ever! lol)

There it is lol. No one got muted, but by all means, continue spinning your delusions of martyrdom. Maybe add this to your censorship fantasy. That handful of disciples who believe your words claiming censorship despite their own eyes reading your words speaks for itself, lol.

I find it amusing that anyone would avoid your pretentious rebuke. Your structures are so ludicrous as to be an endorsement most of the time.

You are much like the one hit wonder with your incessant babbling about folks you disagree with being postmodern libtards, or muh censorship. I'm guessing some time back you got some good attention (via votes for many bowls of rice) for something you wrote on postmodern libtards you are going to tap that well until you have drained every last drop from the now dry dirt.

I do have to say your recent ignorance is evil post was pure comedy. When you go off on one of your so called deep psychological dissections it comes across similar to this.

Perhaps this will be the impetus for another good word vomit post that can help you obtain yet another bowl of rice using the tool megagenius set up.

You know what's so great about Blurt? Even someone as delusional and mean spirited as yourself has the freedom of speech to spout off pure nonsense and even get rewarded for it.

Blurt rocks like that.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.


You are absolutely correct - (feel good?) - You didn't mute me.

O...M...G....>>> I was wrong...dunno if my ego can take it...


How does that work then ?

Just wait for @megadrive @tekraze and the other libtards find out it was you that bought me here...
Mr popular?....don't think so....You know ho they like to blame anyone expcet themselves for any probs....
Libtard man-children are vicious mother fuckers, and they don't forget the people who've helped their enemies...for which I thank you for sir !

You've provided me far more material than I could ever have hoped for, all down to your kind and incessant attempts to bring me over to blurt...

Who knows, once your butt hurt smarting and the pain off financial loss through not understanding how things work here, has been processed- we might be able talk politely once more...

(I don't really think you're libtard, just in pain and thrashing out like petulant child who's not got the cookie he was promised)

I hope you can deal with your current trauma and learn from it.

Peace, matey.

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Chill. Nobody believes you are capable of mistakes. Thou art the


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That whole movie was awesome. :)

ode to david carradine 👍

I found it only in the last decade. Truly a great film.
I also found your piece quite inspiring by your selection of the clip.

Thank you for kicking up some dust. 🙏🥓

Go mindlessly reblog 20 other posts so you don't wreck your "characters".

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muted rapist says what?

Brainless moron who resorted to thinly veiled threats steps up to mockery? Nah, he's just hard to hear..

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What a raging case of OCD...
But a fan is a fan
See you soon. 🥓

I'm raging? Lolol!

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