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I really like that story, I heard it for the first time in a movie.
That story is very similar to what is happening here, those who preach that they will save us from the bad guys are the ones who are creating chaos and misinformation.
True, there are valid questions to be answered, but the solution is not "take you off to put me on" as they say in my country. We have seen enough of that.
Many complain that Blurt is not moving forward, not evolving, but every time we are improving we get a new attack that sets us back. The price of the currency plummeted and for many of us it is a heavy blow.
There is already an official publication of the foundation that comes to clarify all these unknowns that we want to know officially and without speculation.

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I wanted to thank you. I read the leaked witness foundation meeting and I appreciated your input on the need for better communication and transparency.

There is going to be a lot of rough patches ahead, and I hope the option of forking the chain is kept on the table by the foundation. Sometimes the best way to solve a sickness is painful in the beginning, but I think to what Hive did to Justin Sun and it is a possible solution here for many reasons.

There is a dark wind blowing through here and the one stirring it is not done yet it appears. They are courting the public opinion into a mob of incivility and anger which as always feeds on itself and grows.

It’s like war the rich people just argue with one another and throw their extra resources at one another and all the minions inbetween suffer.

That's exactly how it is. The one difference I see here is the one side offered nothing and seemed in my opinion to want to control that Dao fund as we saw happen many times on Steem and Hive. The other side (foundation) wants to protect what they have built and seek to make it continue growing. It's a shame that this time their defense of Blurt has come with so many costs and many more yet unseen. War is like that sadly.

Exactly what usually happen in the real world, where politicians create a big show where they stay safe and citizens suffer.

You forgot the part where the politicians also grow much richer as they stay safe as well.

I didn't forget to think it though haha

None of the big guys in that fight desperately need money I’ll guess or a few thousand means that much to them. They can afford to argue over things without caring too much at the end of the day. No one in the middle, day to day bloggers ever get involved in these kinds of things. Maybe they argue or fall out or block and that’s the end of it.

Time and time again

Thank you so much for expressing your views and opinions on the current situation!

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Thanks for sharing your views.

Yes caring for people vs caring for the price is a different thing.

If they had a plan we could listen, but they were all attacks on the team and wanted us to go.

And while they are at it, we are still working on improvements and many more will come.

I appreciate the many things yourself and the Foundation do here.

The way this has all unfolded from the structure of the initial post by double-u to the way it was ran with was little more than an attack. There were some valid concerns raised as far as the Dao and transparency that were quickly overshadowed as the main thrust was finding any piece of leverage to use as an attack. I believe the whale in question was so focused on counting his chickens before they hatched he made many missteps that were quite costly to his game.

Between his attack on the value of Blurt to his non stop accusations of criminal activity the questions that were raised were shoved to the side, making obvious the intent was to create a low opinion of the Foundation. Yet when I asked him what his plan was for infrastructure his response was always that the very same Foundation he was tarnishing the reputation of would see to that from funds voted on. I won't even begin to list the many ways that doesn't add up.

I was shocked to learn from all of this that there is no community voting on the Dao at all however. Some of this is a reflection on my views from the other chains, where those who aren't in the top few accounts votes really don't matter in the votes for Dao spending. Which is why there have been numerous low value projects with sketchy scratch my back votes for one another that produced little to zero benefit for those chains. So I really learned not to pay attention to the voting.

I do think that if the community has no say in the use of the Dao it would look best for there to perhaps be a monthly transparency report. By that I don't suggest a line by line expense report for each project, perhaps a list of projects that were funded and the reasoning as to why. It would go far in negating this form of attack that was largely using the communities ignorance on this mechanism to suggest criminal enterprise.

Indeed, that DAO proposal needs fixing - and @tekraze is better able to say whether it has been. You will see if you look at that page that there are some identical "speculative" proposals that were designed to see if they could get away with it. There were bugs in it when it was forked over, hence was just closed down "to be fixed". It would make it more transparent if some of the things that are, or were, funded from that same pool were shown explicitly - not perhaps minor bug fixes but certainly things like the new front-ends etc. Machines also cost money.

With such a small team, everything immediate gets pushed to the top. And being attacked every few months via different vectors can breed a defensive stance. The new emboldened attack of "return the funds" - erm... to whom? To the people who would have been paid by the same funds anyway.

Yet when I asked him what his plan was for infrastructure his response was always that the very same Foundation he was tarnishing the reputation of would see to that from funds voted on. I won't even begin to list the many ways that doesn't add up.

I'm not surprised at all.

You go to a restaurant, insult the owners and the customers, then claim that's OK coz you paid your bill. Then repeat.

Antisocial engineering.

You go to a restaurant, insult the owners and the customers, then claim that's OK coz you paid your bill. Then repeat.


The new emboldened attack of "return the funds" - erm... to whom? To the people who would have been paid by the same funds anyway.

I think it obvious that those funds would have been diverted into projects that did nothing for the community. Its an epidemic of this structure now in U.S. politics, their greed so bad they have to pass more laws to clamp down on us here by the day as they look for more ways to squeeze. Neither them nor the businesses have figured out we ran out of shit to be squeezed long ago and their ability to borrow against their future squeeze has been used up as well.

I'm perfectly capable of keeping the baby as the bathwater is thrown out.


Yeah, should be power to the stakeholders, btw

there is not so much BLURT on exchanges, so I believe that spending $25K to buy would certainly raise the price of BLURT to $0.02 and maybe even $0.05, time will tell if anyone can do it

Stakeholders are people too

True, however the way you phrased power to the people is deceptive since in a stake based system most of the people have no power and are along for the ride that the few top stakeholders decide. Bernie used to rub that fact in folks faces when they would complain he was being a dick and his reply was they could always buy more Steem or Hive, as if the average person has a spare million or three in the couch cushions to throw at the problem, lol.

That's what always drives me wild, people making suggestions that if we want to fix it, throw money at it. It completely shows no care nor understanding for the little people who haven't got that kind of money and are here trying to do their bit and contribute to the system the best they can. Love that story by the way.

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In the case of Bernie I always felt it was one of his weapons to let the object of his disapproval know there wasn't anything they could do about it. Even if one did have that kind of money what a poor judgement to sink so much into a system one is being abused at just so they can then devote a lot of time to warring.

I love that story too. I heard it told a little differently many years ago, but the gist of it was still there. 😀

A real sign of a mental health issue right there.

I was told that by a friend on Hive I respect when up against a whale curator that had a beef with Natural Medicine (the straw that broke the very overworked back of me, leading that community). I was flabbergasted as I'd been trying for three years and wed finally made 70k in Hive power through blood, sweat and tears and community delegations - small, mind, as we had no whale support as none of them get alternative health - and to be told that I should invest more to make a difference floored me. I think the lack of empathy was perhaps what did it. Since then I've been far more disheartened with the whole thing. Anything to do with marketing, PUD, etc feels like brainwashing to me. The little people blindly do all the work whilst the big profit. Wait that sounds like real life. Oh yes. The utopian dream utterly fell apart for me. Now I focus on writing, which I love, and the creative, interesting, human souls I connect with globally every day. Be damned if I was going to keep breaking my back lifting up my corner when no one would help hold the tent poles so I could have a pee.

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I've found that to be a common theme in these stake models. It's a shame that so many get to big for their britches once they hold a lot of stake. I'm sorry you had to go through that, I've seen firsthand many who have found themselves on the receiver end of abuse like that for no apparent reason usually.