Recognizing The Narcissist Who Would Be A Cult Leader

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While I'm not a huge fan of psychology, I do lean towards the idea that stereotypes are often noticed based on some underlying recurrences. At least enough so that when certain characteristics are mimicked, others can usually understand what is being implied. We see this often in comedy.

This post will be an examination on such a narcissist here within our own ranks, who has been causing much damage here as he has been setting up his cult.

Of course this will be an examination on Lucylin. The self professed psychological and linguistic master who displays so very many traits from an article I'll be sharing here.

The impetus of this post has come from his continued slander at one of the benchmarks of Blurt, Freakeao. Enough so that our esteemed colleague and witness decided to shut down the front end he was running, tired of the continued speculations and accusations from Lucylin.

Over the last several months, I've taken it upon myself to look into what are considered common traits often associated with the condition called narcissist. In this ongoing examination, I discovered that most often cult leaders are narcissists.

Here is a site that discusses this in depth.

From the site:

Key Points:

Individuals high in narcissism, like cult leaders, often inflate their own sense of importance and behave in ways that are destructive to others.

Similarities between narcissists and cult leaders include a tendency to lie and turn others against each other for their own ends, along with little tolerance for dissent.

To escape the negative influence of a narcissist, be mindful of what you share with them and set firm boundaries about how you will and won't be treated.

More from this article.

1- Cult leaders act larger than life.

They claim to be innately good, possessing special wisdom, answerable to no one, with no one above them.

I think it obvious to any who have followed Lucys antics here for any length of time that he presents an image of the end all be all answer for the truth. Any disagreement is always an implication that you are wrong, because the master is never wrong.

2- Cult members are expected to subjugate their own needs for the “good” of the leader or cause.

Members are told that what the cult wants them to do is for their own good, even if it is self-destructive.

We saw this belief from him where even on the very post Freakeao makes discussing the retirement of the front end, Lucy displays a disregard for the entire post and its pointing to him as the cause, and proceeds to issue a "suggestion" that despite his inability to do much because of actual real life problems that are much greater than having to use a different front end, that he needs to become serve God and focus on the needs of the narcissist (Lucylin).

Let these outrageous expectations serve as a lesson and wakeup call to any who would put merit into this mans intent and measure of others who he would have serve him.

3- An “us versus them” attitude prevails.

Outsiders are viewed as dangerous or as potential enemies. This turns members’ focus outward, distracting from problems within the cult. Viewing others as enemies can be used to justify extreme actions because of the “dangers” that outsiders pose.

I'm sure EVERYONE has noticed any disagreement with any position he takes is now a libtard, a midwit etc. It is crucial if one wishes to be in his circle to always be in agreement with him and understand he is the end all be all when it comes to possession of the truth. Even if the truth is in front of you and is a complete contradiction of what he is asserting.

4- Feelings are devalued, minimized, or manipulated.

Shame, guilt, coercion, and fear appeals keep members in line. Members are taught to discount their own intuition and healthy instincts in favor of the leader or cult's teachings. Over time, members can lose touch with their healthy habits and innate values.

I'll refer you to my commentary on number 3, although if you have followed him for any length of time you will know he goes on the attack and quickly to be dismissive and devalue any position (and especially anything that is connected to a feeling) contrary to his ultimate truth he would have you chained to.

5- Questioning and dissent are not tolerated.

Having doubts about the leader or cult is considered shameful or sinful. Members are told that doubting or dissenting indicates that there is something wrong or bad with the member.

Check. Using myself as an example, we were friendly associates on the other blockchain. In his most recent exchange with me, he let me know that due to my presentation of facts he asked for that he leans towards my account was hacked by someone who has a low IQ, lol.

6- The ends justify the means.

The “rightness” of the leader and cult justifies behavior that violates most people’s standards for ethics and honesty. In the zealotry of the cult, anything goes.

In one of his more recent ongoing schemes targeting WTP, it turns out that back some time when WTP was angry over the 7/7 lies and the resultant considerations, he made the mistake of communicating with Lucy outside of Blurt.

Lucy evidently recorded Dan's voice and saved it in case he would need it at some future date.

He recently began threatening to release the tapes. Now while I would be curious to hear these audio files, let this serve notice Lucy will collect everything he can, even on those who believe they are in an alliance with him in case he needs to get his pound of flesh from you for the blasphemy of no longer doing his bidding.

7- Closeness to the cult and leader is rewarded, while independence is punished.

See number 6.



8- Lies are repeated so often they seem true.

The cult leader cannot be wrong and never needs to apologize.

We see this in so many lies. Censorship, the latest down time of Blurtlatam, his constant wild speculations that to any rational observation defies reality. He demands total agreement, and is never wrong. He is the master.

9- Communication is coercive or deceptive.

I laugh at this and refer you once again to this exchange.

In the posts where he threatens WTP, he laughs as he mocks him for being stupid, saying he was playing him the whole time as he recorded. Just scroll through his posts if you are not familiar with this ongoing constant tactic.

I had to laugh at this newest one as well. As many know, he has been going on incessantly about being censored, his small cult following wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth at his censorship as they read it and vote for it (see the contradiction there)?

I laughed hard when he was recently recommend by one of the FUD whales to write his own post in response to posts he is muted from commenting on. He even wrote a post about the genius of it in escaping the so called censorship.

I laughed about this because when he first began his woe is me narrative overt the non existent hardship I recommended this same exact thing to him in a post I made here.

I note that many who protest this new mute feature are ones in many areas I hold to be of higher intelligence than the average bear. So I lean towards the notion that they pursue such endeavors understanding beforehand that their methods are more likely to cause embarrassment and anger towards the focus of their repeated examination.

And by extrapolation, the apparent need to vocalize their pejorative argument(s) is only fulfilling if they can present their view to those who for whatever reason are aligning with the focus of their discontent.

It seems this way to myself as there is nothing preventing one from writing their own counter on their own blog, which we have seen being done even before this new mute feature was introduced. As well as taken to a new extreme since with a mock account of one of the founders being created.

Since ones ability to say whatever one wants about whomever one wants was not taken away, it appears evident that it is direct access to those followers of the target that is the result of this frustration.

His flip from ignoring this truth months ago to it being as he called it

This has many , many good aspects to it.

The most impotnat one, by far- is that EVERYONE ON BLURT can now see what you have to say.

The second, is that you can now be upvoted because people can NOW see your words.

Is telling in that before when it didn't serve his goals it was dismissed. Now for whatever reason(s) it does serve them, it is now THE TRUTH.

See how this works for the narcissist who would be leader of the cult?

In closing this examination, I've been silently waiting for a little while for him to make his next move in solidifying his cult.

In other sources I wont add to this already lengthy post, one aspect that is crucial for the would be cult leader is separating their followers from the outsiders.

When I saw him begin pitching he was making a new website for the high IQ followers of his I laughed once again as I saw yet another piece of the building a cult blueprint in the making.

It has been interesting watching him tick off every characteristic of the narcissist who would be cult leader stereotype.

Closing this out, my condolences to Freakeao and his family for his attempt at devaluing you during this time of crises for you. My condolences as well to the greater part of the Blurt community who has suffered a great loss as there will be no more Blurtlatam, as they finally decided it wasn't worth restoring due to the continued speculations of the narcissist who would be king.

The next round is in Lucys hands now. He will probably regurgitate the same old tired lines of BS such as

Why would you ever choose to get in the ring with me

As though his ludicrous psychological and linguistic self professed mastery is anything to be skeered of.

Midwit this, libtart that, sycophant etc etc etc.

Yes, everyone who doesn't bow to the greatest is a sycophant of the thing that needs destroyed. lolol.

Or the latest, my account is now in the hands of a low IQ hacker.

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I strongly disagree with parts of this article... like cult leader... can you be a cult leader with 6 or less followers?

I strongly disagree with parts of this article... like cult leader... can you be a cult leader with 6 or less followers?

According to experts such as Margaret Singer, yes.

This was sarcasm. Blurt and sarcasm rly don’t get along i find maybe I’ll start putting a specific emoji when it’s sarcasm. I’ve never had these issues off blurt, maybe I just normally don’t connect to ppl who take things so literal all my friends are quite sarcastic and I guess I’ve also honed down my fb over the years too so it’s just normal we get each other. It’s like a whole new world here 😳I try to put lol or laughing emojis sometimes to define and let ppl know it’s not that serious but that doesn’t seem to work here either lol I give up

Been onto the narc thing for a good while tho... of course that’s just my opinion and for entertainment only....

The man who said he was a real man, the one who didn't like the extended mute function has used it so that no one sees my response. So on the one hand they want to sell that there is no freedom, and today he has chosen to block me so that they do not see my answer.

I called him out on the hypocrisy of using it himself a week ago.

My first thought when I saw the pic of those audio files was: How low can you sink? Scummy as hell! 🤮

I used to like the stuff on an alt account of his... Something with reloaded.

Sadly the psycho in him has won the battle...

One of the traits of narcissism is not apologizing when in the wrong (even when offered an olive branch to make it easier)

Another trait is wanting - needing - to belong to in the 'in group', the approved group -...the authority, the control freaks.

Did you also know that wanting to belong to those group is very much being in the matrix (many are not even conscious of it - 'self refection' is not very high up in the hierarchy of narcissistic traits).

Sadly the psycho in him has won the battle... much study have you done into psychology - psychopathy specifically ??.. interested in it ?

....if you're interested, my book 'caging the four' will hopefully be released next year - all about the psychopath, and how to contain them - approx 4% of the population nowadays ...(it's been a growing problem - ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution)

(life is soooooooo much easier for the full blown psychopath..many less ethical issues - i.e
don't be a sheep...

Posted from


if you're interested, my book 'caging the four' will hopefully be released next year

lmfao. Perhaps if he reads it it will be the epiphany he needs to get his thinking straight and understand you are the bless.

don't be a sheep...

I'm sure you meant that in the most blessed of ways, not trying to be coercive and use the shame of your exalted disapproval sway him in any way. I see that later in these comments, you hint there will now be an upcoming post designed just for him, so you can get your peanut gallery of cult followers to mock him as well while praising your superior genius.

I can't wait for your book "Everyone I dislike is Emily" to come out. Do let me know when it comes out. I'll do a series of posts on here with the theme narcissists in action, how to start your own cult while calling all dissenters low IQ, psychopaths, sheep, and if they blaspheme hard enough, Emily.

Your narcissism really showed itself on the retirement announcement of Blurtlatam by Freakeao. Your refusing to acknowledge he was saying it wasn't coming back and offering him your suggestive desire that in the future he should take 5 minutes out of his emergence to give you an update in the future was comical, mr. Smarter than 99% of the world genius.

It's fitting that the one front end that you liked best decided to not start back up because he was tired of dealing with your constant narcissistic attacks and speculations. Keep on sewing cult leader.



Posted from

Now this feels complete.

Best wishes,


This is hilarious! 😂 You have to apply humor on that DH... It's the best technique! 👍

Yeah, mocking him is the way to go. It's his preferred love language. 😇

I just built an awesome GIF... I will save that one for later!!! ;D


I am astonished and overwhelmed over the patience and constant energy you put into this dumb MF... but I love it...

lmfao. Perhaps if he reads it it will be the epiphany he needs to get his thinking straight and understand you are the bless.

Yes, I am soooo looking forward to his awesome book! (cough) 😂🤣

I noticed many seem to avoid his so called master linguistic and psychological self professed mastery. I'm not one of them. He has done little but smear his non stop narcissistic temper tantrum over one of his initial encounters with megadrive for a long time now.

His latest casualty being one of the most respected members of the Blurt community (Freakeao) who I consider like a brother. His constant belittlement and sense of entitlement being the impetus for my friend to decide to hang up one of the most applauded front ends is an insult to all who love Blurt. He is little more than a shit stain on the Blurt project.

I had sympathy for him on Steem and Hive, thinking that he was always so combative to the point of looking like Don Quixote (I've been telling him that for years) because of being over targeted by whales abusing downvote buttons.

Then he comes here and revealed that is just his normal personality, that he will go scorched earth on anyone who doesn't see he is the bless and conform to his nonsensical whims.

He is little more than a joke with his over the top self worship, his demands all others understanding he is the final arbiter of all that is true.

It should have been a wakeup call for him when I wrote this and several commented they thought perhaps he himself had written it.


I come in long as you behave the way I demand.

I'm going to make some more memes for him... 😂

Sadly, you ignore my sentence about the audio files... With that, you have proved to all of Blurt what a psycho you are... No psychologist needed.... End of story.

Every word you write, you are writing about yourself...

Let me guess... We are narcissists, all of us except you?


I'm not sure you really understand much about narcissism, and what it is?

... if you have no narcissistic traits, for example - you'll have massive self loathing and poor self esteem issues.

If my reassessment of you responses was correct (your replies here are bringing that into into question), then you have healthy narcissism.
Ergo, you are narcissistic to some degree (it a spectrum, not a category).

Good luck being you, matey .

Posted from

If that's what you think, then you have very little experience in life with bad/fake people.
You know much about psychology, then ?

You do know that there's never an 'end of story'?

Intellectually untrue, and philosophically ridiculous - it's a linguistic trick that people try to use so as to try and avoid digging deeper.

(It's a form of psychological cowardice - a fear of self examination. It's one that leads to more self awareness, and reflection - which it often very psychologically painful....)

Good luck being you, matey...

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Come on ManLucy, you can do better than that, the speech you make is boring, it causes cramps in my sexual part. You no longer have arguments to gain followers in this social network. You are just someone with an inflated ego trying to force others to believe your lies. Your psychology sucks, as well as much of the explanations you try to give for the behavior of others. Everyone already knows that you are just a trained dog sent by your owners only to bark, because so far you have only barked. Neither you, nor your owners will have a chance to take control here.

Go try your manipulation crap somewhere else... It doesn't work here...

Have a lovely day! 🤙🌞

In what way do you perceive my reply as being 'manipulation crap'?

Posted from

Read the crap you write... Pick anything...

Still ignoring/suppressing those audio files psycho?


Well I was asking you for the specific point, wasn't I ? haven't addressed the question.

This is called avoidance, a strategy commonly employed by people who don't want to expose their own lack of cogent thought process, as it reveals much....

Why so evasive over a simple question ?

Posted from

It should serve as a warning to all who believe they are his ally. He gloats he was pretending the entire time he was in a supposed alliance with WTP.

He is definitely a narcissist building his own cult here.

5- Questioning and dissent are not tolerated.

6- The ends justify the means.

It’s not a cult lol he has about 2 actual followers, one of which, he hated about a week ago and 4 ppl that sort of laugh along with him for a bit of entertainment. A cult leader at least has some followers.


They are not a hater they are a fan. Lol anyone checking in on you all the time is a fan!

When DARPA came up with this program...
They were laughing all over themselves at the spectacle 🥓