Transforming How Blurt Operates In Relation To The Economic Monopolies Foisted Upon Our Nations

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This is going to be an extremely long post, even by my own standards. It’ll be so largely because I’m going to be adding several posts I wrote years ago that went ignored from one of the other social block chains. Due to the similarities, the ideas are also relevant here. More so in fact because there is no option for those of more stake to censor/censure and worse, negate ones investment with stake allocation property theft.

Before I share those ideas here, I’m going to share a few thoughts today on the forced dependence on monopolies that those who pretend to serve us corral us all into. So much that over the last many decades here in the U.S. (the supposed land of the free) we have seen growing legislation make criminals over citizens using their property in many ways outside of the forced monopolies.

They Pretend It’s To Protect Us (From Ourselves I Guess). All The While Allowing The Monopolies To Poison Us As They Use Slavery And Steal Openly Without Repercussion.

Before moving into the realm of crypto and the legislation that seeks to regulate one being forced into areas of lower profits to outright theft from the monopolies, I wish to target the basic right to food and water. Those who pretend to pass laws in our best interests once again in this most critical area of human rights demonstrate they have no issue with stripping us of our basic right to food and drink. Have no issue with slavery. As long as it isn’t practiced openly on our soil, that is. Unless it’s the penal system that has expanded to be the largest in the world. Once again flying in the face of the saying land of the free.

I’m going to share a video now of one of the worlds most corrupt monopolies, Nestle. They utilize child labor as well as deny locals in the areas they use this child labor/slavery access to clean water. They take their clean water, bottle it up in plastic bottles (which is part of a larger issue in forcing estrogen like chemicals into males causing the epidemic of lower sperm counts) and sell for massive profits.

I don’t wish to stray to far into the thousands of examples I could give here, as I wish this post to be one of solutions. I think showcasing the basic dynamics of the still present apparent legal models of slavery is enough to demonstrate how blatant they are in their disregard for basic human autonomy and rights. I wish now to move forward into how blatant they are in the segment of crypto, and how we are allowing this (as we do in all the ways they are enslaving us) by allowing them to keep our focus where they demand.

In the U.S. crypto has become so regulated with promises of ever more drastic regulations that we saw exchanges such as Binance choose to ban citizens here rather than conform. To further add insult to injury, the few fiat entry exchanges here are all renowned for stealing funds of their customers. This has been going on for years, since before my entry in crypto via Steem in 2017. I wish to share what is available to U.S. citizens.

Coinbase will be my first review link I share. They are the largest fiat entry/exit gateway available to U.S. residents. I also wish to note that when I joined in 2017, the amount of negative reviews was pretty close to what is showing now, which means that the site trustpilot I’m using to showcase this allows for bad reviews to be scrubbed as there should be twice this many bad reviews, many complaining of theft of funds.

Notice they currently have a 1.6 rating out of 5 with the non scrubbed amount of 7058 reviews.

Before demonstrating this is the norm here in the U.S. I need to point out the hypocrisy of the so called elected officials claiming these regulations are for our protection while allowing this theft of untold hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to go on now for so many years. It makes glaring the idea they not only don’t care, but have tacit approval to ensure that whatever legal methods us commoners have of escaping the treadmill of poverty they want us stuck in is fraught with peril and high likelihood of theft.

To further add to this we see Coinbase taking even more draconian measures. I reluctantly used them a few times after joining Steem to purchase some very overpriced Steem (close to 3.00 each then).

Because I used them 5 years ago, I’ve been receiving emails all year long about my account will be closed if I don’t do KYC with them. I considered it, but after reviewing their demands for KYC it left me noping out quickly. Here is a list of what Big Brother, erm I mean Coinbase demands.

  • State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

  • Taking a Selfie With The ID

I’m going to refer you now to the most intrusive bullshit they demand now. It can be found in Appendix 1 almost halfway down this page.

APPENDIX 1: Verification Procedures and Limits
As a regulated financial service company operating in the US we are required to identify users on our platform. This ensures we remain in compliance with KYC/AML laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate, something that is necessary for us to be able to continue to offer Digital Asset exchange services to our customers. Coinbase collects and verifies information about you in order to: (i) protect Coinbase and the community from fraudulent users; and (ii) to keep appropriate records of Coinbase's customers. Your daily or weekly Conversion limits, Coinbase Pro deposit, withdrawal and trading limits, Instant Buy limits, USD Wallet transfer limits, and limits on transactions from a linked payment method are based on the identifying information and/or proof of identity you provide to Coinbase.
All U.S. customers who wish to use Coinbase Services are required to establish a Coinbase Account by:
• Providing your name and valid email address, a password and your state of residence;
• Certifying that you are 18 years or older;
• Accepting User Agreement and Privacy Policy; and
• Verifying your identity by submitting the following information:
◦ Name
◦ Physical address
◦ SSN (or ID # from gov’t issued ID)
◦ Source of funds
◦ Income/employment information (US only)
◦ Explanation of activity (US only)

All U.S. customers who wish to send and receive Digital Assets on to the blockchain are required to:
• Submit a copy of an acceptable form of identification (i.e. passport, state driver's license, or state identification card); and
• Submit a picture of yourself or a selfie from your webcam or mobile phone.
Notwithstanding these minimum verification procedures for the referenced Coinbase Services, Coinbase may require you to provide or verify additional information, or to wait some amount of time after completion of a transaction, before permitting you to use any Coinbase Services and/or before permitting you to engage in transactions beyond certain volume limits. You may determine the volume limits associated with your level of identity verification by visiting your account's Limits page.

Source of funds?

Employment verification?

I read elsewhere that some are now even being required to KYC using biometric measures.

Now I don’t know about you, but they can f**k off if they think I wish to deal with a company RENOWNED for being criminals as the parasites infesting my government look the other way.

Anyways, here are a few more before I move onto my previous ideas on block chain and freedom from these criminals devices.

Kraken has a rating of 2.3 from only 13 reviews. Seems they love keeping ones money and assets as well.

Binance U.S. (the split off Binance accessible to citizens of the U.S). They have a rating of 1.3 out of 5. From a total of 277 reviews. Once again we see the familiar theme of them deciding to keep ones assets and money.

I believe we have shed enough light on the fact that it is smiled upon from the elected officials and law enforcement for these criminal monopolies to steal from us commoners at will and there will be no accountability for it.

Can we say one more time these supposed elected officials have our best interests at heart, lol.

Of course here in the U.S. it can also be illegal for one to sell their holdings to another if it has any value if one doesn’t hold a money transmitter license in the areas the buyers live in.

Notice this man was convicted for the sole crime of selling Bitcoins with no money transmitting license. The Bitcoin in question was not stolen, was not used in any direct way with any criminal venture. The man was simply guilty of not paying for his permission slip and bonds necessary for selling his property to a person with cash who wanted to buy said property.

For Crypto, And Blurt Specifically, To Free Us Of These Mafia Style Monopolies, We Must Think Outside Of The Box.

In so many ways, to numerous to mention here in this already lengthy post it’s evident they wish us to be tied to their corrupt fiat system. They dislike greatly the idea that any of us can escape a position of scarcity and thus break free of their complete control of our enslavement.

In the world of crypto, because so many of us have been trained to view currency as a matter of experts, we have ALLOWED this monopoly to chain us to their controls.

We don’t have to allow this. But it will require each of us stepping out of our comfort zone. Require each of us to negotiate agreements on alternative stores of value that is in NO WAY PREDICATED UPON THEIR ILLUSORY PRINT ON DEMAND FIAT SCHEME.

This is obviously not an easy task to undertake. However, given the obvious signs in the last 2 ½ years they are purposely destroying every part of our economy, from the value of the fiat (inflation) to the destruction of much of the food chain as well as supply chain, IT IS IMPERATIVE WE ACT NOW WHILE THERE IS TIME.

Obviously crypto is only one facet of what we must begin preparing for. We must also begin preparing for food and other necessities being in short supply, as well as not much money in the hands of people.

But if we think ahead and plan strategically we can make an end move around the road of plunder and desperation these assholes have in mind for us.

So having said that, I wish now to share some of my posts from years ago on how we can implement unique structures that add value to ourselves, our loved ones and the Blurt Ecosystem as a whole.

Not bad, right at 1900 words before I began adding my old posts.

My first post I’m sharing was from a little over 3 years ago. I’m editing the word Steem to Blurt as it’s interchangeable to the ideas presented, as well as deleting the portions that aren’t relevant.

This Crazy Idea Of Investing And Gifting Blurt

Earlier this week I posted on why I believed Blurt was a solution to the fiat grip the owners of men have on the world. I talked of the ideas that are bound to us, that shape our approach to situations which will often determine the outcome unless something unforeseen intervenes.

During my time here I have been mesmerized by the sheer generosity of some in our community. Inspired enough to try on a smaller scale (within my capabilities) to emulate what I see of their usage of this gifting economy. Yet despite this, there was always one contradiction that always stood out like a sore thumb. And to fair, some of it was created by hucksters who pitched falsities to the masses to bring them in to fleece.
In my last article, I mentioned that the first chain that provided so many real life applications to the masses would prove that no alt is doomed to be tied to Bitcoin in valuation. If the demand becomes greater, it would by nature evolve past the confines of Bitcoin.

  • Despite talk of decentralization, everyone was waiting for a centralized source to do EVERYTHING. Most of the apps that were built here focused internally on those here. Preaching to the choir syndrome. (My understanding on this has evolved now thanks in large part to Rycharde confirming what I always felt regarding the illusion of decentralization as opposed to levels of dependency.

  • Despite all the talk of belief in Blurt, most seem content to obtain all of their coins through their slice of the reward pool. Even if, as for many, that sliver will be so small it will never amount to much unless you somehow gain notice from one of the few curating top stakeholders here. Good luck with that.

To be fair, there is a lot of personality conflicts here as well. Flag wars (not an issue at Blurt), equating those who dare use their stake as they wish as somehow violently violating the rest who want their slice of that reward pool. I can understand it sucks if you get hit as acceptable collateral damage. I bring this up because I see so many with hurt feelings, saying they will never invest in Steem because they were collateral damage. For those with this mindset I would say you do not see what is here in front of you. You have limited your view here to one of taking NOW and miss the bigger picture. (Also no longer an issue as the collateral damage issue is non existent due to the respect of property rights coded into Blurt).

Many also miss the bigger picture when it comes to giving here. Miss that the foundation of a stronger community is not only your personal stake, but the stake of all those you consider to be in YOUR community. Stingy with upvotes, stingy with giving, you fail to see that the beauty of this whole chain is through giving you become stronger. That's how communities that are more than superficial work.


Put Your Belief Into Action

I have seen many who joined when I did either drop off, or they somehow are still riding on part of the original delegation given to them when they joined. I really get that life can be difficult, and money scarce. But over a year or longer time, it seems to me if you really believed in this project, really saw it for what it CAN be, you would have found a way to go without a pizza here, a movie there, a coffee, something.

Last year I struggled hard (and continue to even more so now). Yet I was able to see the potential and scrape together 420.00 to invest. And despite what I bought being worth so much less than when I bought it, I do not regret it. I regret I couldn't scrape more money together to buy in. I get it's a hassle to deal with exchanges. I get that if one is looking at 10.00 here or 20.00 there it seems a waste after the exchange fees and dealing with exchange wait times that could change the price drastically by the time you get it through Coinbase.

I’ll return to this after adding my older posts to this quite lengthy post.

Dan Larimer created Steem to make the entry to crypto easier, and it really doesn't get any easier than this. If you are tired of dragging along in life, you are going to have to be the change. You can't just rely on others to come along and do all the work. The work has been done, here it is. Your choice to grab on or not. You can grab on half assed and be content with drips that amount to crap (unless you are fortunate), or you can begin positioning yourself with a few hundred dollars or more and begin building something for yourself.

Every day most wake up and spend all their energy on building the dream of someone else for crumbs. What about your dream? The people whose dreams you are building could give a shit about your dream. There are so many communities here to help, if you can't find one that matches your heart you haven't been looking. Or perhaps it’s time for you to understand you could be a leader and start your own community to build your hearts visions.

If You Believe In Blurt, Perhaps It's Time To Start Gifting It?

As I posted recently, I binge watched some videos of Dan recently. Wanting to know what made him tick and all. I quickly became enamored with his idea of tokens being spread easily across the masses. There are so many ways we can take his idea and run with it. I posted many several weeks ago, and will focus on one I mentioned here.

Say (as an example) you make it part of your kids allowance. Every week you pay them part in Blurt. Lets say 3.00 a week since Blurt has been hovering around the .025 mark for some time.

That would be about 120 Blurt a week based on averages.

So in 52 weeks that would have been a total of around 5720 Blurt put into an allowance trust for your kid, all for an allowance you were paying anyway. But instead of the kid squandering it on a cheaper comics or a couple candy bars, they are sitting on the possibility of a nice future.

For this example, say you turn it over to them on their 18th birthday and that is 8 years away. How many Blurt would be in this account by then. Obviously Blurt will rise quite a bit in value by then ( I believe so anyway).

Without even calculating Blurt stake growth to keep vests from being eroded by inflation, without accounting for if the kid is voting and posting and earning that way this comes to 45760 Blurt over an eight year time span.

What will Blurt be worth then? Obviously as the value rises over that time the amount cited above would drop in what one was buying for the investment to stay within the 3.00 a week.

But suppose it was that amount once one accounted for stake growth, curating and posting reards.

Further suppose that the value of Blurt in eight years was .50 each.

This would give your kid a nice little nest egg of approximately 22800.00 U.S. on their 18th birthday. Enough to get a good start on an education (unless you wish to fund their education and create another account you add to separate from their allowance savings). Or perhaps a down payment on their home, a start on life typically reserved for rich families.

Not set in stone, but not out of the realm of possible either.

And seeing that played out above, what about you and your investment in you, or other loved ones. Why not 3.00/5.00/10.00 a week for YOU. Or birthdays, anniversaries etc for other loved ones. Events you are spending money on anyway. There is POTENTIAL here for all to rise up from being enslaved. How many here are frittering away 5.00 or 10.00 a week on absolute bullshit while saying they have no way out of this rut. The way is here if you will but grab onto it. The way for all you love, if you will but rearrange how you give to your loved ones.

Mass Adoption Of Blurt

Like many here, I sometimes feel exasperated when recognizing the fact that Blurt, like the other chains, has had little interest shown from outside its sphere of influence. Maybe more so for those like myself who are tech challenged and would never have gotten involved in crypto had it not been for Steemit and the ease of entry it provides.

Earlier this year, I noticed that most projects and apps that are built on the social blockchain seem to focus their services to catering to already existing Steem holders. It is this focus that I believe has been part of the hindrance regarding mass adoption.

I have some ideas on how Blurt could be utilized in a broader spectrum, but before I get to that part of my post, I wish to share a little on the founder, Dan Larimer. Being a crypto noob when I got there, I will confess to never having heard of him.

Confess yet again that until yesterday still didn't know much about him, other than he left the chain after building it. So I spent the better part of last night trying to understand who he is. To understand his vision regarding block chain, and his intent behind Steem(it). I found this video not only aligns with what I had already deduced, but also pulled me into a state of great respect for him as a thinker and a man who is willing to step forward where he sees a void and try to be the change he seeks.

Although in hindsight now well after writing this post, I do question whether his words are genuine from his heart given his penchant for building, cashing out and then leaving. Regardless, the words hold a value whether the man uttering them spoke them with conviction or not.

I wish to point out at approximately the 12:20 mark, he mentions the challenge for a successful system is getting enough people involved in the project. Around the 15:45 mark he says the purpose of Steemit after his initial attempt with his first chain was to make the barrier to entry lower. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to understand that while community projects and apps are great, they do not by their very nature get more people involved in OUR project. And this is OUR project. Not just Jacob and Ricardo’s.

Not just those who were mining at the start that grabbed a large stake. It is all of ours, and as such it is on all of us (that believe in this project) to put forth an effort to expand this project that Dan created for us, and that Jacob and Ricardo tweaked to make even better.

I also want to submit that the first chain that achieves mass adoption not only frees itself of Bitcoin movement, but probably becomes the standard.

Blurt For Business

There are many ways I can see Blurt being beneficial to businesses, giving them a unique edge on their competition. I will highlight a few of these ways.

  • Employee bonuses/compensation: Many sales companies give bonuses for such things as top sales, or for meeting or exceeding sales targets, safety targets etc. Offering part or all of the bonus as Blurt is a unique form of compensation that has an appeal unlike any other. I will get to the math on that shortly.

  • It can also be used for HR necessities, such as compensation at the end of training modules pertaining to either job duties/responsibilities to safety/sensitivity training. The payment would be a record of who was trained on what, and when. There are many more areas it could be utilized in house, but this should be a good sample to get your wheels turning.

As Dan mentioned in the video above, unlike gold and other valuables, Blurt is divisible. So a company could pay in decimals that is sliding dependent on the value of Blurt at the moment.

So for example, lets say a company has 40 employees and routinely spends $200,000.00 annually on training and bonuses. Instead of paying the 200k, they buy that much Blurt.

This would give them approximately 8,000,000 Blurt to work with as an initial starting point. Keep in mind that current vest offset for inflation is approximately 8 per 100,000 Blurt vested.

So initially this fund will start off just from vest earning 640 Blurt per day for just sitting there vested.

They could easily begin rewarding these bonuses for module completion with a percentage of that and actually not only sustain it without ever touching the original investment, but actually grow it if they only pay out 80-90% of the growth.

The unique aspect of this being, while normal currency bonuses are tied to inflation, the value of Blurt is not only inflationary, but speculative as well. Subject to possibilities of scarcity if it becomes mass adopted and it is in demand more than is easily obtained. What begins as perhaps a one Blurt bonus worth .025 could easily become a .25 or .5 or perhaps even a 1.00 bonus as we have already seen on the other chains. Or if in real demand an 8.00+ bonus when looking at Steems historical all time high. One that can compound on itself as well.

None of this broaches the ideas of whether the employees choose to open a Steem account or elect (if offered) to have the company hold it for them for a percentage of the SP growth. The first option adding more users directly into out project, the second indirectly.

It is not uncommon for stores of all kinds to offer in house cash as a reward for purchases. Blurt, due to its fractional nature, would be a unique reward program for loyal shoppers. Using a sliding scale dependent on current values, the store could go one step further and offer items that the Blurt could be redeemable for as grocery stores are known to do.

This would actually circulate probably a decent portion of the Blurt back into their initial start up fund, while offering loyal shoppers who wish to maintain their position within our project a chance at POTENTIAL growth unlike most retirement funds offer. Simply for being a loyal customer.
The possibilities are endless here, really.

Blurt For Everyday Living

This concept of expanding those involved in OUR project works in our everyday lives as well. You have kids, make it part of their allowance. We all have people in our circles with birthdays and other holidays and occasions we gift to them on. Why not start giving Blurt as a gift? If you believe in OUR project this gift could be the life changing gift so many people dream of daily.

I hear so much about this being a gifting economy, and have made it so here within the community. It seems apparent to me that it is now time to make it a gifting economy outside the immediate community and expand OUR project. While I have no business contacts to make a pitch to, nor a business at the moment to utilize many of my ideas, I nevertheless believe they are solid ideas that would do much to bring both adoption as well as demand.

So many possibilities are open for us to pull more people in to OUR project. Our project is one of abundance and we need to love those who aren't part of it yet enough to share our abundance with them.

Closing Thoughts

I mentioned above about returning to the topic of how the exchanges and governments are desperately trying to corral us into narrow entry and exit points. I wish to touch on what would be an awesome way around such corralling.

I’m not even sure of how this would be set up, as obviously it would need to be something independent of any persons control so no one could be charged with crimes for the act of allowing peer to peer exchanges take place without government skimming and involvement.

However, if such a system could be set up that allowed peer to peer exchange that INCLUDES fiat from community members I believe we would see much explosion in use.

I know for a fact that over the years I would have bought much more in increments of 5.00 here, 10.00 there if all of the exchange hoops and headaches weren’t being foisted upon myself. I know this is the case for many of us.

Obviously this wouldn’t help in the OFFICIAL valuations as it would be an unrecorded velocity. However, if demand began heating up that the selling markets on this system proposed couldn’t handle, it’s a fact that others who don’t mind exchanges will scoop up from them to profit from the arbitrage. Which would then be recorded.

I think the idea of an official recording such as that plays right into these dictators hands and at some point there will simply have to be some barometer of value that is not tied to the printing press fiat monopolies.

There is simply no good reason (other than government mafia) why I can’t buy an item another legally owns, such as Blurt. Nor a good reason if I wanted to sell my legal product of Blurt to someone who has money wishing to buy it that this can’t be done.

If such a system for exchange could be created by a developer who understands how such a thing would be created, it would free us of much corruption and unnecessary hoops designed to be failure points along the way.

So these are just some of my thoughts on mass adoption (I have so many). Small practical ways that if implemented would see an explosion is use and value.

I thank all of you who have taken the time to read this super long article. It contains 2318 new words, as well as 2722 words mostly used from two previous articles I wrote a few years ago, with some minor changes to make it more relevant.

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I m nabel 1st Pakistani witness
I like to read your articles their is hive mafia now nestle mafia interesting post lol

I also want to bring here many of other people's to join blurt you can visit my post how i am promoting blurt in Pakistan
I will be thankful if you can vote for me
Once again thnks

I go with some of your suggestions but see that there are problems with the existence as internet-persons and the moral talks on the platforms which might weaken the idea to gift my son with some blurt or other cryptocurrency, for example.

I might talk about it in a post of mine, still not sure if I am going to write it.

How is physical labor going for you?

How is physical labor going for you?

It's rough, so my apologies I can't respond with the mental acuity I would prefer, so will be returning to do so in a day or two. Thank you for asking, and sharing your thoughts on my own.

:) I think I did not say very much to return to.


Wow very nice post ,I like it

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This is full on great info thanks for taking your time to write this up and share with us all @practicalthought I have learnt a lot here :)

Thanks for the kind words and for finding it informative.

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Holy smokes. I just got a chance to skim over this post. Certainly need to give it some more time. Not kidding, several posts in one. The topics you cover about the state of affairs in the real world and the blockchain world couldn't be more accurate. I too am a big believer in spreading the blurt around.

The difference between a thriving economy and a horrible economy is a large and functioning middle class. I really think that needs to be a focus for many here on blurt. Growing the middle class. The more 100,000 blurt accounts we have the better, especially when the price gets up over 10 cents. That is when you will really see people here content with earnings then attention to come and participate and invest will explode. I'm gonna becoming out in by the end of the month a program to help grow the middle class, I hope it does well :)

I'm gonna becoming out in by the end of the month a program to help grow the middle class, I hope it does well :)

I'll be anticipating what you come up with. Because the middle class is definitely what makes a thriving economy that is less dependent on the good will of the monied interests.

Exactly. I'll try not to make you wait too long. But I've got a habit these days of building suspense. hahaha

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Crypto is very similar to old company scrip money ;-)
(just join and login to read the whole article)

Penn State had the only state scrip that didn't crash - they hated being forced to use USD ;-)

Hahaha, yes. It also is very much like the anti-bank sentiment that was so prevalent back in the 1840's I believe it was. They new not to trust the bankers even then.

Edited to add:

I meant the anti bank banks that were prevalent i want to say around the 1830s-1840s. Joseph Smith (LDS founder) was the most notorious for running one, but there were many back then as there was still much anti bank sentiment. The anti bank sentiment was aided greatly by one of the few presidents I think had the nations interests at heart, Andrew Jackson. Of course it was more evident back then when the parties in power were granting the charters for banks, making it obvious that there was a buddy system in place. I believe I read at one point there were many thousands of different papers acting as currencies. Which obviously led to many bankruptcies by loans that weren't paid back, fraud committed by the bank owners etc.

I seem to remember that the feds finally passed a law taxing state banking heavily enough it put most of the anti bank banks out of business.

I could have some of this wrong. I read about this stuff decades ago in a book I recommend everyone should read.

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I was going to gift my 18yr old godson a blurt account and still havn't got round to it. You've reminded me now. Must get round to it soon.

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haha, that's a good idea. I'm also willing to onboard my little 4 years boy, so I'll share at least his drawings and some videos with him. ☺

That's awesome. Make sure to introduce him when he is here so we can give him a warm welcome. :)

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Well I took my time to digest this, and I must say you are right about the ideas behind the verification process ..

My Opinion!!!!
have never been comfortable with this process of Blockchain or Coinbase verification process, let me use Nigeria as an example,

there is no regulations or what so ever to ensure your digital assets is safe even after the verification process, the government has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.
as at last year it was band in Nigeria so no bank or government approved business is using crypto as a means of payment.
so what ever happened during transaction of trading, can't be reported.

the system is already corrupt and I believe the means of verification is just to manipulate the process of Blockchain technology.

Talking about BLURT Future
sometimes I think the token is being circulated by a small circle,
what makes blurt unique is the blogging aspect without down ⬇️ vote, and which lots of individuals see it as a simple means to get into the Cryptocurrency world, which give them freedom of expression.

there shouldn't be a reason to get stingy with upvote.

lots of individuals will want to focus on blogging to earn the token rather than buying the token to invest,

My Point!!!
Blurt future is great and I believe that and I encourage community to support there members, encourage them with upvotes so they can spread the good news..

have never seen a platform as amazing as Blurt, but why hold the votes for the whales, when you can spread it among your community to grow.

Thank you for such a well thought out reply.

I agree partially with your statement when you say

but why hold the votes for the whales, when you can spread it among your community to grow.

I believe in many instances there is a logic to spreading it among both which I try to do.

There are many whales here that do so much for smaller accounts that when coupled with my appreciation for their kindness to my own account it just makes sense to help them become stronger. Each day they get stronger is another opportunity for them to shine as they do for so many accounts that appreciate their hand up (not hand down).

There is also much wisdom in helping smaller accounts grow stronger. This unique system is built to make each of us stronger the more we help our neighbor be stronger. I don't think enough understand that yet despite years now of this system existing. I believe by talking of these things while demonstrating what we are saying will slowly help many free themselves of the scarcity mindsets those who would farm us install on us.

Blurt is the perfect answer for this, by doing away with the stake nullification tool that the other chains have. The respect on property would allow so many ways for each of us to use Blurt to help our children, our neighbors, employees for those who have them etc.

realmente fue larga. Hay una de las frases que reflejan la realidad actual de Blurt. Y es que se necesitan muchas personas interesadas en el desarrollo de Blurt y en la inversión monetaria, personas que realmente deseen ver prosperar este lugar. A penas nuestro recorrido comienza. Veo como en la ultima semana se ha hecho mucho ruido con nuevas iniciativas, inversores, proyectos y actualizaciones, Por lo cual la tendencia parece ser positiva.

was really long. There is one sentence that reflects the current reality of Blurt. And that is that there is a need for many people interested in the development of Blurt and in monetary investment, people who really want to see this place prosper. Our tour is just beginning. I see that in the last week a lot of noise has been made with new initiatives, investors, projects and updates, so the trend seems to be positive.

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I'm glad, I finally get to read your review again after some time has passed. Yes, although it does make my eyes hurt a little looking at the screen.

Maybe I can't sum it all up, because most of it is beyond my knowledge. But one thing is for sure, I agree with you that no one is successful alone in a community. Everyone will be able to build himself, if he wants to build togetherness in society. The concept of give and take is one of the keys to success, because with it there will be a reciprocal bond. Despite all the interests that everyone brings, that social interaction should not be ignored. In principle, all people in society are equal and should have the same desire to strengthen society as a whole. This is what sets Blurt apart from the rest.

Thanks for the enlightening article.

I saw very early on at my time at Steem how few understood the magic of this economic model.

Which is that the more you give to others through upvoting your stake the stronger they potentially become (unless they are always cashing out) and if they hold the same respect for you then by default their continuing support of your work will grow stronger. We literally have an incentive to want those we care about to grow stronger as in a longer vision it will come back to one. A great example of karma being built into the economics.

I've mentioned (to continue on this thought) many times my dismay at how few folks here upvote the curation accounts such as the Rcornell and Blurtlatam. Yet for many folks those will often be the largest single votes they will consistently receive on their contributions here.

Bring stingy on those accounts as an example means those accounts means the accounts helping them grow the fastest will be default grow slower than they could be which in turn means their ability to give more vote for the same weight is a slower process.

Sadly even those with lots of power only have so many votes to give, only so much time to read/curate.

I think it a fact that if we as a group grow to understand out neighbors success is in many ways our own success it would go far to many showing an appreciation and gratitude that should in my estimation have been the default position even without the karma built into rewarding others.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this topic. I believe it very important as we are largely trained to view resources as something scarce and difficult to acquire and retain possession of. It doesn't have to be this way here, and the more this is discussed and then practiced to give real life examples the quicker we can shed the chains of slavery and scarcity those who farm men and women like animals placed upon us.

Most people understand that making money is more important than social interaction. In fact, our good relationships with other people become the basic capital to obtain long-term profits. This then creates problems for everyone when they get less reward than expected. These people tend to think that when they make a post, someone else will naturally come over to give a gift. In the end, only disappointment was found.

In my view, in addition to financial capital, everyone must have the strong social capital to achieve success. This condition is not much different from the conditions in real life. Where people will not care how great and strong we are financial, because our true value lies in relationships with other people. Maybe we also often see how the condition of a large store with all the necessities available in full, suddenly has to go out of business, just because it doesn't know how to deal with other people. Meanwhile, the traders who initially sold on the roadside were quickly able to build large shops. Even their stalls are always awaited by customers, sometimes not because of the quality of the products, but because of their friendliness and comfort.

Social relations cannot be separated from the transaction process, some give and some receive. For a person who likes to give, he does not even feel deprived. People who have a receiving mentality will always be happy if someone gives something every day. People like this never even think about sharing it with others, because they feel they still lack, maybe even always feel lacking. In real life, I often meet people like this.

I believe that if the economic concept based on social relations reciprocity is implemented properly, then in the end everyone will achieve progress in a strong relationship. Not only financially, but also socially.


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