When Snakes Believe Others Can't See They Are A Snake

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I'm writing this (with a smile) in response to a couple of comments I received. The main author has a strong tendency to hit and run (insult then mute) as well as delete her often hateful comments to pretend she is all love and light, lmao.

Before I get to Opidia, I wish to address another comment from yet another (small1axe) who pretends they are Mr. Neutral. Evidently their idea of being neutral and peace and love and light is to take shots at the founders non stop, usually on Lucylin posts.

If Lucy takes the next step into developing a cult, I'm pretty sure Mr. Neutral will be positioning hard to be at the front of the line in followers.

Here is his latest supposed neutral comment.

( wait up ,.. let me take some ,. to let the oracle speaks true me , ,.. SNIFFF ! ,.AAHHh , o.k.)


Are there sides ? is there a fence ?
Is it practical to see the world like that ?
Divided , fenced of , parted in separate groups ?

I never put all that up ,..
Why do i have to conform to your deluded imagination
that takes borders division and any authority for granted .
Your unconscious made up will to have sides and so the imaginary need for protection .
YOU MY FRIEND ! .. are the up-keeper of war and suffer , by accepting and preaching about sides , fences and borders .

You are shoveling corpses on the fires in the dungeons of hell .
YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ,.. but burn in to eternity .
( waaa , damn ,.. need to lay down fro a while now , so exhausting this ,. did any good come out ? )



To see how absurd the pretensions of neutrality are, I invite any seeking a good laugh to peruse their comment history. You'll see exactly how neutral this person is, it just happens to be a coincidence that the detractors of the Founders are always correct evidently, lol.

Now on to Opidia, the foul mouthed coward who oozes so much venom one moment (and quickly deletes it) the next pretends love and light.



Her post seeking her revenge against Blurt Founder can be found here.


In it you can see her pathetically obvious design to curry favor from the whales who have been against the Foundation. Ones who until recently she had been against. She would have us believe that it is mere coincidence that the timing coincides with her forcing the Blurt core team to shun her for her activities here.

I think it pretty obvious that if the Core team were continuing to support her right now she would be happily still singing their praises. Here is my comment on her post, and her reply.

I hope you didn't blow out a knee rushing to the other side once your actions here on the chain could no longer be ignored by the foundation and witnesses. 🤔

If they're to smart to welcome you into the fold perhaps marky back at Hive? Prolly not.

Her reply

I have no problem changing my mind ( like we all do ? ) when i see what needs to be seen ( like we dont all do ) .. i dont run for the fake gold nuggets , i have nothing to win or take and i can careless what people think , especially you , defending the undefendable ...,but you know how to speech for sure ... but i understand you are trapped since you sucked Jacob Cock to get your 1M , have fun in the shit bucket side .

The thing about her ludicrous assertions is anyone can spend the time to sift through my activities and see for themselves that unlike her, I don't get on my knees.

That it is easily verifiable that I've had disagreements with my first delegation holder, michelangelo3 over the upvu issue. I never once allowed that delegation to influence my position despite it being contrary to his. Never allowed the fact that he is one of two people I have felt the closest to in all my time on blockchain.

And like adults, we were able to converse with one another over the topic and not have it devolve into some petty personal attacks.

It's also easily verifiable that I've spoken against the Foundation a few times, and never allowed the delegation from Jacob to influence my position.

I've noticed that when it comes to many of these attacks that are anti-Blurt founders, any shit that can be flung towards them or any who support them is fair game, no matter how easily verifiable the falsehood is.

There is no shame among these folks, no embarrassment over obvious lies.

You can see this again here from one of the financial supporters who seeks to unseat the founders.


Once again, I reiterate. One can easily look at the histories of those involved to determine the authenticity and character of those in question.

I laugh at the idea that I'm somehow beholden (despite it being verifiable on my own blog) due to a delegation that is valued a little over 1.00 a day in curation rewards.

I put in a lot of time that I don't have here for that little bit of value. To give a comparison, my rent alone is almost 2000.00 a month.

I spend hours here weekly that I should be spending elsewhere, largely because I feel an obligation from this delegation. I could literally make more than my weekly curation rewards in working one hour more at work and save hours of my time.

I do this because I have a love in my heart for Jacob, which is what drew me to Blurt when I was done with this whole social blockchain POS systems.

He is the real deal, and I appreciate what his intent was with Blurt.

I appreciate he was human, and jumped into this blindly with his partners to give us something that was different than what existed at that time.

I appreciate him for all his faults, and his strength of character that allowed him to do what all the complainers here won't. Which is move forward and create despite knowing he was walking into new uncharted territory.

It's likely my delegation will be ending with the next fork. What will not be ending, unlike with two face rage ho Opidia will be my support for Jacob and the rest of the team.

My support has been genuine, and despite the cost in time and friendly acquaintances will continue without that dollar something a day I get now, lol.

I had to laugh using my good friend michelangelo3 tool on all time votes.


So many who WERE those I supported the most I have been at odds with due to their positions of anti foundation. Some saying I changed, that my account was hacked, or that I'm on my knees for that 1.00.

I didn't change, I'm still the same guy who stood up for much hated Haejin on Steem when most in my circles hated that guy.

The only thing that changed was I no longer found myself in alignment with you due to what I see as ludicrous, slanderous, idiotic positions. Especially the ones where pretensions of peace and love and light bullshit are being hoisted as a shield.

Own your shit.

My delegation is likely ending with the next fork.

What will not be ending is my calling your bullshit what it is, and mocking you for it.

Especially when you are so damn obvious about it.

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What I noticed here from Long stay here is, people here don't really have a spine. They are all spineless they don't feel shame when they are voted

All they care for is just the money.

Thanks for putting your views always

they don't feel shame

I sometimes read some of the crap they type and think no one can believe this obvious crock of shit. Then you look down and see the votes and comments of solidarity and outrage at the obvious lie and you jaw drops in shock. My favorite now is the claim of censorship, especially the one whale who used the mute himself and claimed it wasn't censorship because one could use Blurtlatam but when others use it then it is censorship.


Yeah, they are two face people. Saints in front of everyone, but evil behind. I don't think they have a life, or they might have necessary money lying around, that they trying to burn.
In short, they are just shit people.

Al i i read ,.. victim me , poor me , victim me .
excuses , cover-ups and deflections ,..
Don't call me neutral ,.. as i ain't a blank page like you .
I never ever claimed to be neutral .
Standing for free speech doesn't make me neutral .
Just because i don't see borders or sides doesn't make me neutral .

There is nothing neutral about longing for a more peaceful world .
Neutral is standing by and letting the lam get slaughtered .
So who is neutral around here ?



Ah ..do you see that faggot retard senile fuck came on my blog just to pick up a comment to make a post ..?
Like he has nothing else to do or need that much attention cause he didnt get much for a while ...or maybe he needs few bucks for his piss coffee ? or half a wig ?
Asylum turd waisting our time .


You're doing this all wrong. In order to ensure the FUD whales reward you, you need to make a post about what a

faggot retard senile fuck

I am, maybe would help if you add in some Founder this, developer that shit talking for extra credit. W'll get you up to speed on how to spit out your new narrative just yet. You're off to an amazing start though, one which highlights again the content your new benefactors who recently disliked you very much are looking to reward.

Love and light, love and light.

You're doing this all wrong. In order to ensure the FUD whales reward you, you need to make a post about ....

you actually telling me you make posts to make a buck for a piss coffee

LOL ... you bored creepy fuck
How is your prostate doing ?

We both know what I said, you definitely love proving your the dullest knife in the drawer.

"The way you throw so much shit probably isn't bringing that peace you talk of "
Nice comment of yours

Tanks 😇

You are fucking annoying with your blahblah bullshit , I didnt mute you , just got your stupid notification and i am whatever the fuck i want to be , light love hate ...you just want women to be like your old mum , always the same words you use .
You were just butt hurt with my comment and you are an old faggot who needs to post this shit for the community to support you in your psychological weaknesses ... you need indeed to have a life , time is ticking and i bet you already look like an old dry stinky sponge .... plus your posts are boring like you and now even copying lucylin style .. more i read you and more pity i have for you ... at least , tag me for something important ,unlike you , i do have a life .... ¯(°_o)/¯

Lololol! Holding that mirror up to your face when you wrote all that? because its a sad pathetic projection, especially the bit about the money, you use your voting power to self vote your comments and if you don't want people on your blog, stop blogging in a place where comments are always on. But we all know you're not here for the blurt you cash out, you're here to share memes, and only that, right?

You are fucking annoying with your blahblah bullshit

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I didnt mute you

You've muted and unmuted many on here, not just myself.

i am whatever the fuck i want to be , light love hate

I'll go with liar, schemer, thief, plagiarizer, back stabber, petty hateful shrew as the best descriptions for you. 👍

time is ticking and i bet you already look like an old dry stinky sponge

Hahahaha, there it is. Love and light, love and light, hahahahaha.

Have you heard of contemplation ?

2023 is going to be fantastic for you !

Awesome to hear. Maybe it will work out well for you as well.

I'm guessing you know that most hold you with contempt, especially your new temporary benefactors. You are of temporary use to them, they made clear before your abrupt reversal with venom their thoughts on you.

I remember early on in your time here, you were badmouthing my good friend michelangelo3. I knew then immediately the content of your character. He is an honorable man. Not long after, you went after another honorable person, elkezaksek.

Does it gnaw at you when you see good people who strive to do the right thing, who go out of their way to improve the lives of others? Does it gnaw at you when you lay your head on the pillow and you know you are little more than a vindictive mean spirited selfish person who uses others for as much as you can before discarding them, often while dripping vile putrid energy?

You betray all who are naive enough to trust and support you. Don't mistake those you ran to now as being so naive. They use you like a whore walking the streets, because that is the value you hold for yourself. Looking at others as a quick trick while pretending that love light nonsense. Believing you are getting the best from those you use, while degrading and devaluing yourself in the process.

Anything else to add ?
You ve emptied your colon enough ?

Lolol! Awwww, are you done calling him names because you can't form an actual rebuttal?