How to deposit in Blurt Blog with very low fee

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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is well and healthy. Today I will show you how to deposit from #Blurt Token Exchange. And giving step by step guidelines


#Probit Global You must have an account. If you do not have an account, you can open an account by clicking the link below.

Link:  Click Here


Transfer TRX from any exchange to Probit account. TRX Transfer Fee 1 TRX = 0.06 USDT. 

Then convert #TRX to #BTC. Then go to Blurt / BTC and buy Blurt token.


Then you go to the wallet. Click on the withdrawal button to token #blurt.


Give you're   #blurt blog username in place of withdrawal dress. A memo key is not required.

Then by clicking on the withdrawal amount, your amount will be selected. Click the withdraw button below.


This time, if you verify your mail and verify Google authentication, your blurt tokens will be deposited in the blurt blog.

 In that case, the transaction fee will be 0.1 blurt. If you wait for a little, you will see that the #blurt token will be successfully deposited.

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Interesting information !!! So can the BLURT token be exchanged on ProBit? You can confirm?

Yes, you can safely exchange #blurt tokens at Probit Global. I exchanged it myself and showed it with a screenshot. If you want to exchange #Blurt tokens then my post has a sign up link. If you want you can open an account. Of course, you have to verify the Step-2 account.

Probit Global sign up link:

Thanks for reply, I have a Probit account already, I will try to buy BLURT next days