Blurt Economic Indicators - 31 July 2022

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My weekly look at Blurt's economic indicators.

All rises and falls are relative to last week.

Blurt Economic Indicators

BLURT Supply = 468.1 million
Vested BLURT (BP) = 55.5% (+0.0)
BP Voting Capacity = 33.4% (-8.3)

Reward Pool = 1.942 million BLURT (+0.019M)
Recent Claims = 130.2 TRshares (-1.1T)

Vote Yield estimate (100k BP) = 30.3% APR (+0.6)

Author/Curation Yield estimate = 15.1% APR (half of the Vote Yield)

SWAP.HIVE:SWAP.BLURT Average Yield = 57.6% APR (BeeSwap)

You can also see the raw numbers on a blockchain explorer.


We are pretty much around a steady state for Blurt chain activity, so that any small weekly changes can make the metrics seem to oscillate. This week we see a slight reversal of last week's trend, but the numbers are quite small. What may be of most interest to voters is that the yield remains around 30%, with no sign as yet that it will drop back to around 25%.

Notice that I have added one new metric: the SWAP.HIVE:SWAP.BLURT Average Yield. The newly-incentivised pool gives users another avenue to earn passive income. As the liquidity increases, the yield will drop, but there is also a daily 1% bonus to offset this for long-term stakeholders. You can read more at BLURT Tribaldex Pool - Daily Incentive Rewards!.

Any questions, just ask.


I was going to remove these comparisons with other Graphene chains, but there continues to be talk of the relationships between the chains that these metrics below may help aid understanding the flow of coin trades.

A comparison with the other Graphene chains done using the DLease delegation rates.

Steem DLease rates: max 19% APR (average 15%)
Hive DLease rates: max 11% APR (average 9%)

Those rates have always tracked the profitability of each chain and have the advantage of being one simple number.

Steem debt is now well over its ceiling of 10% and hence SBD printing is now zero. However, the Dlease yields remain higher than the chain's vote yield.

We now have a BLURT price feed within the Blurt wallet, so I no longer need to give my weekly price comparisons. Instead, I shall show the difference between our BLURT feed estimate and the BBLURT price.

BLURT feed: $0.0061 (-11%/week)

BBLURT price: $0.0077 (+11%/week)

BLURT price is pausing at around the 30-33 satoshis range. Not as yet clear where it is heading from here.

Note that any swap pool price will not necessarily reflect open market prices. A swap price will only change when there is an actual trade; buying BBLURT will increase the price and selling BBLURT will lower it. There are no "open orders", so every transaction will have an effect. This is how arbitrageurs make their money: buying and selling price discrepancies across different markets.

I hope these numbers will give members some insights into how the Blurt economic system is managed and, more importantly, how each individual user can both benefit from and affect the whole chain.

Blurt Better!

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