Hmmm......What Key?😀...............My Actifit Report Card: Sept 22 2022

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Hmmm….What Key?😳
Mike my neighbor tells me one of these keys is for his house……….
Can you guess which one it is?😇
Mike and his son are repairing some of the facia boards and gutters on Tim’s off grid cabin. Winter rains can be hard on wooden structures!
Silvertop was up top all morning……. Up on the roof top that is!😊
I have several chores that need attention as well! I was caulking around our upper great room windows, and preparing to replace the upper facia overhang vent’s!😅
Fall solstice today, Silvertop better hurry with some of his outdoor chores Lol!🤣
Actifit Moderator Discord call at 11:00 AM…………
I paused my work on the roof.😇
Afterwards I refueled with Latte number two, and shared a Lunch burrito with the “Baby Mountain Lion”! 😻
Then I proceeded back to the roof!😊
As the Sun tracked across the sky following Silvertop up top, the temperature started climbing!😅
It’s always 10-15 degrees hotter up top, so by 3:00 it was time to break for today.
I headed up to the “High Ridge” ……..
Usually I don’t stop on my hike, but today a Fall breeze was blowing so I stopped up top just to sit for a few minutes, and enjoy!☺️
Happy Fall solstice everyone, enjoy the beautiful weather, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Daily Activity,Hiking,House Chores

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