BLURT TALK: Being Self Employed And Having A 9-5 Job (Analysing The Pros And Cons)

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In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of people who wish or perhaps prefer to be self employed than have a 9-5 Job. The reasons for this are pretty obvious and people are more inclined towards being self employed these days because of how possible and less stressful it could be in comparison to how it was decades ago. However, whether it is having a 9-5 job or being self -employed, both do come with pros and cons unique to them and I'll be discussing them here with the experience I've had in both systems.


Self Employment:
This system of earning is the oldest in the history of man and is adored mostly in the areas of having the freedom to do what you what and earning at a pace you feel comfortable and convenient with. However the cons of this system are that it could take alot of work to get to a level where a person attains financial freedom and is financially secure.
Secondly, there are no breaks or closing hours when self employed. So you are actually tied to the business 24/7 for as long as that business exists. The survival and growth of the business fully depends on the actions of one person, the owners and so the business is handled carefully to ensure growth and sustainability.

9-5 Job:
As for a 9-5 job, its pros till date are the fact that it provides more financial security than being self employed especially in its early days and doesn't require much money to run. There's no better feeling that knowing you'll earn a certain amount of money every month and every action you take at work is productive. 9-5 jobs are perhaps the most popular right now because they grant that financial security to employees but its cons like waiting for a particular time to receive earnings, being under the control and supervision of a superior and having all your actions scrutinised and not have time to do things at your own will are some of its undesirable features (not all the time however).

I'm currently self employed simply because the offers in my location for a 9-5 job are really low and not worth the time and effort required from me. I still find a 9-5 job really cool if only the pay is worth it since every other activity that fetches me income don't really consume so much time. Until then, I'm gonna be developing myself in every other area that would be beneficial to my future.

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I don't make a lot of money online, but I'd rather work for myself at home then work for someone else.

I know I could get paid more with reliable hours to pay my bills, but I HATE it. I want to do something I love.