BLURT TALK: How To Keep Your Portfolio Alive In The Bear Market.

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This is the first bear market witnessed by so many newbies who got into crypto in the bear market and there is no doubt that so many sometimes get this sad feeling when they visit their portfolio in the bear market. This is simply because they see that the dollar or fiat value of their cryptos have drastically decreased and their portfolio is no longer whatit use to be. This is one reason many people stayed away from the crypto space and I really don't blame for it. Regardless of the level of experience or expertise, it would hurt when we see a reduction or decrease in what we own, but in the case of crypto, it's a bit different.


Firstly, you really don't have to feel sad or annoyed, especially since the units of each cryptos in your wallet haven't changed. You have to understand that the crypto world is really different from the fiat world, and so long you've invested in a solid project, you have no need to worry. If it was a Shitcoin however, you might wanna reconsider your investment option and make a switch to a project or value and great utility while you still can.

With that said, "keeping your portfolio alive in the bear market" is just a method to ensure the dollar value of the cryptos you hold remain the same or perhaps increase in the bear market. For instance if you owned $1000 worth of cryptos two months earlier and it had become $800, you can get it up back to a $1000 by buying more of the cryptos you own and you just keep doing this every time the market tanks. This may seem like a wrong decision, but the fact is that you're increasing your holdings or the amount of cryptos you own a that is beneficial to you in the long run.

This is the basis of the Dollar cost averaging strategy used by many in crypto space and it not only makes your crypto look more alive than it would have been if you just left it the same way or perhaps if you sold out of frustration, it would give you the opportunity of accumulating more cryptos at a cheaper price and also putting you in a position where you'll be making more profit when the market recovers.

Although, I believe the bear market is over but this technique could still be beneficial if implemented in the coming months before the market fully recovers. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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